1. vocino says

    If a disasterous career as a politician is a reason to jail said politician as Newt says of Tim, Barney and Ben, then his disasterous career as Speaker of the House would land him a life sentence!

  2. TampaZeke says

    If the Democrats are responsible for the financial crisis then why in the hell was it BUSH who signed TARP? If the financial crisis didn’t happen until after the Bush administration then why was it BUSH who had to sign the EMERGENCY legislation to try to save the country from utter financial collapse?

    And I notice that Gingrinch didn’t suggest that any WALL STREET execs or Corporate CEO’s should go to jail. Funny that.

  3. MikeMick says

    When Gingrich was in Congress he always ducked debating Frank directly because he knew Frank would mop the floor with him. And not just because that helmet hair of his can get into the corners.

  4. say what says

    Barney Frank responded


    Frank said Gingrich’s anger over his and Dodd’s role in the financial meltdown was absurd given that Republicans were in charge of the House and — excerpt for a brief period — Senate, from 1995 to 2007.He noted that he worked on reform legislation on mortgage in his first year as chair in 2007.

    “It’s interesting, the charge is failure to stop Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay from deregulating,” he said. “This notion we caused the problem that started while they were in charge even by Gingrich’s standards is very odd.”

    Added Frank: “I wish I knew that he was willing to listen to my advice, I would have given him some: I would have told him not to impeach Clinton, I would have told his successors not to go to war with Iraq, and I would have told DeLay not to go on the dance show.”

    Frank speculated that Gingrich’s comments were borne out of frustration with his campaign.

    “He’s been having a bad year, you know — this self-styled intellectual leader of the free world struggling to stay ahead of Michele Bachmann in the polls is unsettling him so he talks even sillier than he sometimes does,” he said.

  5. Bart says

    Newt will likely be the Vice-Presidental candidate (Republicans seem to like snarling, ball-less snapping turtles as their VP choices) which is good for anyone over the age of 35, who remembers that this vile bobblehead was disgraced and run out of Washington. Those of you who are younger, look it up. He’s smart but when intelligence is used as a weapon, it’s dangerous and that’s Newt.

    If I were Chris Dodd or Barney Frank I would defile this guy in the press and sink him even lower in public opinion, because even if it backfires and it raises his admiration within the Tea Party insane, all the better. Newt is an also-ran who has tried over and over to destroy this country and what it originally stood for: freedom and liberty.

    He should go back to Fox News where he belongs and this little piggy and oink and whine from the sidelines.

  6. says

    With all his morality issues, having the 1st wife sign divorce papers while being treated for cancer, committing adultery with wife number 3 while still married to wife number 2 and the issue while a congressman of his pac and the book sales, this lardass mf should be careful who he points fingers at, oh, there are also the two tiffany charge accounts for $500,000.00 each with no interest.

  7. Xavi says

    Gingrich is a liar. The media has absolutely followed the FED’s open market activities and is acutely aware of its ballooning balance. In fact, Bloomberg News filed a Freedom of Information Act request last year to obtain the names of financial institution that were recipients of the Maiden Lane II and III AIG bailout.

    In addition, the FED and its Federal Open Market Committee have operated within their mandate to directly acquire MBS and long-term US Treasury securities, as they have in massive quantities since 2008.

    Gingrich may have qualms about congressional support of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but he should be blaming other members of the GOP, not Barney Frank.

    Gingrich is a fool.

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