NH House Panel to Vote on Repealing Same-Sex Marriage Tomorrow

New Hampshire's House Judiciary Committee is set to take up repeal of the state's marriage equality law tomorrow, the AP reports:

NhThe Judiciary Committee will consider a subcommittee recommendation that the House pass the bill repealing the law that took effect last year legalizing same-sex unions. It also would establish civil unions for any unmarried adults competent to enter into a contract.

Opponents say the bill doesn't replace gay marriage with the civil unions law in effect before gays were allowed to marry. They say it takes the state back to a time before civil unions for gays.

A recent WMUR poll showed that only 27 percent of New Hampshire adults support repealing same-sex marriage, while 50 percent strongly oppose repeal.

Jeremy Hooper at Good As You reports that anti-gay activists in the state began a major push on Friday to call lawmakers regarding the repeal legislation.

Contact info. for the House Judiciary Committee can be found here.