NOM Welcomes Gay Congressman Jared Polis’ Son into the World


Over the weekend Penn posted about the arrival of Caspian Julius, the son of Congressman Jared Polis and his partner Marlon Reis.

The National Organization for Marriage immediately attacked:

"We have no clue whether it was a planned motherless family or whether he and his partner stepped in to give a motherless child a family—since he will not say."


  1. says

    You mean like how Maggie Svrivastev “Gallagher” welcomed her bastard son Patrick into the word, whom she conceived via a drunken fling with a man she wasn’t even in a relationship with?

    yeah. exactly.

  2. JB says

    @Little Kiwi … I understand that you’re trying to point out Maggie’s hypocrisy, which I totally support. Calling her son a “b****d” is way not cool, though. I was born out of wedlock myself, and I hearing the word “b****d” is as hurtful to me as hearing the word “f****t.” Leave her child out of it, the same way we’d like them to leave Rep. Polis’s child out of it.

  3. says

    JB, that’s my point. I’m not calling her son a bastard, SHE is – think about it. This is a woman who had a child out of wedlock who has spent her life calling out others who have children out of wedlock, and condemning the children of LGBT people.

    You’re missing the point of why I said what I said – i’m following NOM’s own logic and thinking.

    hurtful, isn’t it? exactly.

  4. JB says

    Kiwi, YOU are the one who typed the word “b****d” into a comment and hit the post button. As far as I’m concerned, that word is as hurtful as “f****t.” Please don’t use it, whatever convoluted point you might be trying to make.

  5. Karl says

    To be perfectly clear, the anti-marriage crowd believes using a surrogate or sperm donor is a great sin because it “deprives a child of biological parent(s)”.

    Other great sins are divorce, contraception and use of the HPV vaccine. They oppose the fundamental concept of individual sexuality.

  6. says

    JB, i won’t apologize for using NOM’s bigoted stances against them. You’re angry at me when you need to be angry at NOM. NOM deems all children born out of wedlock to be bastards. That’s why I said what I said. Maggie Gallagher had a child out of wedlock with a man she wasn’t even in a relationship with, and she has spent her career condemning other non-traditional families.

    NOM is against LGBT parents, and against single mothers. I’m not the one who thinks their children are bastards, THEY are – that’s why i used that word. attempt to discern nuance.

  7. mike128 says

    I agree with JB. If you want to call Maggie names, that’s fine. But don’t use degrading words toward her son, who, as far as I know, has nothing to do with this.

  8. dazzer says

    I’m with Litle Kiwi on this. Sorry about that JB – I know words can be painful, but it’s not Little Kiwi who is causing you this pain. He’s pointing out a hypocrisy – he’s not adding to it. ‘Bastard’ is an old, legally accepted, religiously accepted word. It’s only relatively recently that it has been so loaded with ‘moral’ outrage. For many centuries (9th cenury to mid 19th century) calling someone a bastard was merely an acknowledgement of the sins of the father as a legal description of their rights to own property.
    People like NOM for the last 150 years have worked hard to make it an insult of the person him/herself rather than a comment on the legal status of the individual concerned.
    I know this explanation wont help you with your anger, JB (and I apologise for this) but Little Kiwi is making an incredibly strong point and his use of the word is essential to his argument.
    Again, apologies, JB, but you need to vent your spleen on NOM rather than someone who wants to make your life better.

  9. Legitimate usage says

    “….he and his partner stepped in to give a motherless child a family….” Those bastards!!

    See, that use of the word would be abusive, but to use it as an adjective, as Little Kiwi did, is merely descriptive, even if usually taken as derogatory.

    “The lucky little bastard now has two dads!” could even be celebratory!

  10. Robert in NYC says

    Next NOM will be pushing to force widows and widowers with children to remarry and unmarried mothers like her former self. There’s no end to this mad cow’s madness, disgusting vile creature that she is.

  11. Rin says

    @Dazzer and @Kiwi

    There are various ways of pointing out hypocrisy, the way that was chosen was one that hurt another poster’s feelings. He asked that the word not be used and instead of respecting it, the word choice was defended.

    Here’s how it could have been said:

    Maggie Gallagher had a child out of wedlock, making her a hypocrite for her strident stance.

    Cursing is the crutch of the conversational cripple. It needn’t be used. It is used because it is easier. Ellen Degeneres made a remark once that clean comedy is harder to do because it takes real wit to come up with something funny that isn’t hurtful.

    Yes, Maggie is a horrid old cow, but there is no point in calling her child names even to point out the goose vs gander scenario.

    You might as well call her fat, ugly, blah blah blah.

    The point is that how NOM chose to phrase the birth announcement was mean-spirited. Why roll around in the mud with them with the high ground feels that much better?

    Many of these FOF and NOM type organizations HAVE to believe in “marriage” because many of the people involved have horrible marriages so when they decry divorce and make fun of homosexual marriage it makes them feel better about their own crappy situation.

    A child was born. It should be heralded with gladness. They are missing out on joy. That is their frickin’ problem, not Jared Polis’s.

  12. Jay says

    As someone who was conceived outside of a marriage and whose birth certificate has the name of a man on it that I am no blood relation to…

    I have called myself a bastard my entire life even though my mother was married when I was born. I guess, technically, I would only have to be labeled a bastard (child born out of wedlock) if I admit the truth that the bastard (offensive person) on my birth certificate isn’t actually my father.

    That said…I have used bastard…and faggot…to describe myself mainly because those are hurtful words when used by others…and…giving them energy gives others power over me.

    If Maggie’s child grows into adulthood and still feels the pain and shame associated with his birth, that would be sad. But that pain and shame would only be because he would chose to follow the unenlightened path of his mother who has a narrow view of the world and ascribes to the concept of sin as a correction tool. Hopefully, somewhere along the way, he will see his mom’s stance for what it is and realize she is wrong about a great many things.

    I’m sorry Little Kiwi (whose posts are usually pretty awesome) is chosing to respond to someone who is expressing how using that word makes him feel. Kiwi is focusing his attention on Maggie…but all action has consequence. The consequence is that JB, perhaps Patrick, and many others feel abused. Slinging mud is never an exact science. Often, some of the mud goes astray of the target.

    However, I do see where Little Kiwi is coming from: In todays world, bastard has lost much of it’s meaning (with respects to illegitimacy). Our culture has started to evolve into something that has fewer restrictions and proscriptions on it. Churches are losing influence. Children born to unmarried parents happens so much more frequently these days that many of the children do not know the first definition of bastard, only the second (offensive person). In fact, many of their parents don’t know the 1st definition of the word either.

    But Maggie does. Maggie is WELL AWARE of that term. Her neo-conservative, Ozzie and Harriet belief system most assuredly has that in it’s list of terms to describe bad people. But like any true morally imperfect being standing on a crumbling moral high ground…using that term against her and hers will have weight. She may remain in denial (hell, my mother slapped me once for calling myself a bastard…she was in such denial that she chose to believe that since she was married at the time of my birth that washes away the “sin” of not having married my billogical father)…but people who may know of Maggie but may not know of the circumstances of her motherhood…may find it interesting to learn of this dichotomy.

    JB, I’m sorry the word hurts so much. I hope some day you can find a way to take away it’s power. Based upon your posts, you may have no choice but to identify with the 1st definition of the word, but you certainly are the opposite of offensive. Hopefully, you can find a way to live more in that embracing light.

  13. KennyL says

    I pity the children of these NOM activists. My two kids would take our motherless family over their bigoted family any frickin’ day of the week. In the end, their own children are going to find their idiot parents to be a disgrace.

  14. Mary says

    I would imagine that for children born out of wedlock the real problem is not the stigma of illegitimacy or the pain of being called “a bastard,” but the difficulty of growing up without the benefit of a father.

    As for Maggie’s hypocrisy, her giving birth out of wedlock occured when she was 18 (1978) and was not the famous political activist/writer that she is today. I’m not sure what her political or social views were back then, but its very possible that she became a social conservative years later. And partly because she had the expereince of being an unwed mother. This would mean she was someone who learned from mistakes and tried to stop others from making the same mistakes. She wouldn’t be a hypocrite for this unless she became an unwed mother WHILE she was preaching how wrong this way to everyone else.

    And when I say “mistake” I’m referring to her actions in having unprotected sex, not to her son himself. No child is ever “a mistake.” Every child is a precious gift – and this includes every gay child also.

  15. says

    look, to those who were offended by my use of the term “Bastard” – I apologize.

    but my point remains the same. i’m not one who uses the word, nor am i one who cares about whether or not a child is born out of wedlock.

    NOM, however, is. Gallagher/Srivastev had a child “out of wedlock” and has made a career of demeaning single-mothers, LGBT parents, and anything that aint “traditional.”

    like when they got Tyree to be a spokesperson. REALLY? All this talk of “children need a mother and a father” and they choose to focus on The Gays?

    Tyree had a straight father….who bailed and didnt’ raise him.

    the stats are nearly 70% for back children born to single mothers in america.
    again, why is he choosing to focus on the gays? the gays didn’t stop his father from fulfilling his “duties as a father”.

  16. Andalusian Dog says

    What an excellent record of how the comments on this website enjoy a legacy of devolving into besides-the-point, tit-for-tat, pissing contests.

    @Little Kiwi was lexically correct in his usage of the word bastard, and I take him at his word on the point of style, though unnecessarily defended.

    To the larger point: NOM has just thrown down the gauntlet to new parents about their kid. To paraphrase the immortal Palin (seriously, will she ever die?): pick on me all you want, but leave my kids out of it. Does this mean that Jared Polis now has right-wing sanction to start some sh*t with Maggie G.? Let us pray.

  17. Just_a_guy says

    I pity children of the far right. It’s not healthy growing up being taught hate. My siblings and I are examples of that: You either spend your young adult years struggling with your parents’ and your own taught hate (gay or not), or worse: swallow it hook, line, and sinker–and use your life-commitment to hate to break up the larger family (all in the name of “family values”). Yuck. Stop forcing your hate on the world, Republicans.

  18. Just_a_guy says

    Madge complains about all the personal public insults she garners. But she never hesitates to dish the same to others–but worse, bc she considers her opinion to represent valid moral voice.

    I’m proud of Jared and his family. They’ve got one lucky kid. Who knows, maybe they’ll give us a Clinton-style legacy?? :—)

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