1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Do they even teach history in these countries? If not for “American Imperialism” they would be speaking German, or Japanese or possibly Russian while laboring in a slave economy.

    The American system is far from perfect, but it’s body-count is far-less-than the benevolent mercies of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Tojo or Mao.

  2. Max says

    What percentage of all these “protesters” have bank accounts with major banks? Perhaps pulling all of their money out of the major banks would have a much larger impact than parading signs around the world on sunny October days. Again, it’s not about the banks per se; it’s about socialism.

  3. gomez says

    @max. “socialism”, drink! and do tell, what is socialism and why is this about it?


  4. Fruit-for-Peace says

    I just returned home from participating in the Portland, OR peace rally and march that included the “Occupy Portland” group. I’ve been participating in anti-war events for over eight years, and up until now it has definitely been a crowd of mostly 40 years old and over. Today I saw more 20-somethings than I ever expected to see. The youth are sincerely FREAKED OUT about what they are going to be inheriting.

    I saw plenty of signs that DID say, “I moved my $’s OUT of a bank and INTO a local credit union!”

    Roman citizens probably used to say something similar to, “If it wasn’t for the Roman Empire the barbarians would still be speaking barbarian!” 😛

    You are correct about it being about “socialism”. Wall Street wants to SOCIALIZE their losses, and privatize their gains. People are getting tired of them getting it both ways.

  5. Max says

    Good question, Gomez. At least someone is bothering to ask!

    I’ll let the socialists answer for themselves:

    That’s the URL at the bottom of all those pre-printed protest signs. If you’re still playing the drinking game, I’d suggest using very small shot glasses while reading through their website.

  6. bill says

    Why’s it so surprising that Senegal would have protests, too? People have minds all over the world.

  7. Bill Perdue says

    As the Occupation movement grows and matures it’s focus is beginning to shift. It’s becoming much more political as it dawns on people that the rich wouldn’t be able to steal all that wealth if they didn’t have boatloads of political prostitutes in both parties, the courts, in state and federal legislatures and in executive offices.

    That realization will make life much more uncomfortable for rightwing Democrats, Obots, Republicans and Teabaggers and that’s a good thing. They can sweat it out while millions of Madame Defarges knit.

    The next step will be the realization that corruption and prostitution are so prevalent in both parties that there’s absolutely no point in trying to vote out one set of prostitutes out just to replace them with a new set. We need to start with a clean slate, replacing the government of the rich with one that’s only accountable to working people – a workers government.

    Going after Wall Street, the rich and management at home and on the job is important but so is going after the two capitalist parties that caused the current depression, that refuse to end unemployment or stop foreclosures, that murder GIS and civilians in awful numbers and who deliberately retain DOMA and refuse to pass ENDA, among their many crimes.

    Bill Clinton is the worst of them. He’s a gazillionaire, partly from selling pardons to drug gangs and partly from megabuck speakers fees paid by corporations as a thank you for NAFTA, deregulation and DOMA. He got rich making the rich richer.

    We should also begin to focus on Congress, the courts and the White House that lodge the political and judicial enemies of working people like the New York, Florida and California State capitols and Governors mansions where governors like Cuomo, Scott and Brown are plotting new attacks on unions.

  8. Max says

    Bill Perdue’s run-on manifesto is a perfect example of what I’ve been saying.

    – “focus is beginning to shift”
    – “a workers government”
    – “two capitalist parties”

    Bait the masses with populist anger at Wall Street, then switch to a socialist revolution. That’s what this is really about.

  9. SteveC says

    Democratic socialism is preferable to our current capitalist system. Scandinavia comprises of socially democratic nations – where you are allowed to make a profit but everyone has a home, a job that provides a living wage, free education, free healthcare. Thst is a far fairer, more democratic system than the capitalist fiasco we have in the US.

  10. Lexxvs says

    The global is not that global if it is as true as the one cited for Argentina. Nothing of the sort is happening here, and the links given in the original article are for other local movements having other requests other than the original “Occupy” movement, and even those are not mentioned as such in the papers neither it’s likely that it will bother anyone soon. So, don’t BS please. Whatever it is, the truth always.