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Jon Stewart Asks Why the 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests are Unworthy of 'Tea Party' Respect: VIDEO


On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart asked how "Occupy Wall Street" protests are not worthy of Tea Party respect.

"They probably don't even masturbate to the Constitution."



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  1. A few fat-asses with muskets and misspelled signs demanding Obama's birth certificate: respectful press.

    Thousands protesting the actual organizations that created the mess this country is in: derision and condescension.

    Posted by: tranquilo | Oct 6, 2011 9:33:41 AM

  2. what respect from the msm and nonconservative pundits? The tea party has been raked over the coal as wealthy racist inbreds. As far as I know the tea party rallies didn't result in violence with the police.

    I agree with point the banks should not have gotten any bailout money. If they are mad at anyone it should be the ones that gave them the money. our money

    Posted by: ousslander | Oct 6, 2011 11:14:19 AM

  3. 1 ; the money wasn't given it was lent and repaid with interest, the most recent estimated cost of the bailout was something like 25 billion primarily because of AIG, a relatively inexpensive way to have avoided the total collapse of our financial system, for that foresight I do have to compliment Bush & co.
    2; the tea party is funded by incredibly rich groups like the koch brothers, hence their respect in the main stream press bought and paid for by their benefactors. it is only on shows like Keith olberman's and internet blogs do you see their true colors.
    3; OWS will grow. Remember the students and workers in 1905 St Petersburg only had a general requests ( bread, jobs and to talk directly to the Czar) before the Czar's troops opened fire on them in front of the Winter palace and we all know, or should know, how that turned out 12 years later.

    Posted by: NwYrkr | Oct 6, 2011 12:12:51 PM

  4. Tranquilo, I totally agree: there's nothing more evil and disgusting than fat people. I'm glad to see somebody else gets it. Thankfully, the poverty experienced by the Occupiers keeps them skinny, good and beautiful.

    Posted by: justme | Oct 6, 2011 12:33:11 PM

  5. "An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics."-- Plutarch

    "Money! It is money! Money! Money! Not ideas, nor principles, but money that reigns supreme in American politics."-- Robert Byrd, former WV Senator.

    The truth about the OWS movement will be distorted and outright lied about by the media because the media is corporate owned, as is our government, the politicians and the judiciary from the village council to the White House. The owners of America created the Tea Party and it is a tool they use to promote their agenda. The OWS is a threat and you are probably right NWYRKR, it may grow. But the corporate owners know history, too. They will do all they can to prevent its growth and they have the mechanisms in place to accomplish that.

    If revolution comes, the victory will probably end in a cementing of our already existing and so far benevolent fascist state. Fascism is growing in America and it is wrapped in the flag and carries the cross, just as Sinclair Lewis predicted.

    I don't see America moving in the direction of socialism, because of years of conditioning and an inbred fear of a socialist/communist state. As Steinbeck observed: "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." Every American is just one lottery ticket away from being wealthy.

    Posted by: Bob R | Oct 6, 2011 3:14:53 PM

  6. They may be part of the 99% and yet they can't get 50% of the vote!

    Rallies are fun, voting is inconvenient.

    Posted by: legal issues aside | Oct 6, 2011 3:38:17 PM

  7. You just gotta love John Stewart.

    Posted by: Bobby | Oct 6, 2011 4:24:04 PM

  8. Bob R,

    Incredibly insightful. I am curious as to other reflections you might have on the current and pending situation in the States, as I am an American resident in France where "Socialism" works pretty well. Also, what are your thoughts as to the media undercoverage (or should this already be clear to me?)

    Posted by: Larry | Oct 6, 2011 7:06:44 PM

  9. @LARRY- I have many thoughts and many reflections on what our current state of affairs are regarding our political system and economy. I am disabled, so I spend a lot of time reading blogs and books. I am frequently accused of being long winded as well as opinionated. I really don't want to use up a lot of Towleroad's space in what would really be a personal exchange that would probably bore everyone to tears.

    I would like to set up a personal correspondence, if that sounds favorable to you, especially since you are living in France. I'd have as many questions for you as I'm sure you might have for me. Is there someway we can contact each other privately? Perhaps I can open an email address just for a one time exchange, that way neither of us would be exposed to cranks or trolls.

    As for the dearth of media coverage of OWS, it's simple really, almost all our major media is corporate owned. If there is no coverage, they hope the movement will just fade away. George Carlin states it best here:

    Hope to hear back from you soon.

    Posted by: Bob R | Oct 6, 2011 7:32:28 PM

  10. Type "Occupy Wall Street anti-Semitism" into YouTube, and then you will see why the protesters are not worthy of respect. Typical racist liberals.

    (Not that the banks are excused...)

    Posted by: Max | Oct 6, 2011 8:47:44 PM

  11. Monday, 8am, OccupyOhio will be starting a stand-in at the State House for those of you living in Ohio.
    Hope to see a lot of you there.

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Oct 6, 2011 10:08:24 PM

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