1. Steve says

    Not just Romney, but all the candidates of the Republican Party running for President are fake… bad glass, trying to make it as diamonds. Diamonds shine brilliantly and can never be mistaken for glass. Don’t vote for glass. Vote for Diamonds. They are real, they never lie.

  2. Mark says

    Romney is gross. He’ll say anything to get elected. He flips from opposite ends of a political point depending on the wind. First he’s pro-choice and now he’s anti-choice on abortion. First he was for universal health care and now he’s not. Blech!

    And, the guy, who’s worth $200 million has nerve to say that he’s “unemployed” and “middle-class” doesn’t like the Harvard elite even though he’s a Harvard grad, his kids are Harvard grads, and tons of members of his staff are Harvard grads.

    He’s vile and the likely Republican nominee. He’s the perfect choice for the plutocrats who rule us.

    Both parties are corrupt. So, it’s just a matter of lesser of two evils. Which party doesn’t want to exterminate us or take away basic human rights.


    It’s sad to see how our country has degenerated into something out of dystopian sci-fi movie where multinational corporations and the ultra wealthy control everything but that’s the case.

    The way that the Fox News crowd talks about the wealthy it’s as if they were talking about royalty. When did America stop being a society that rejected the yolk of monarchy and happily but it around its throat?


  3. Redebbm says

    Republican Party: Help people get Healthcare? Never!

    Meanwhile the rest of the industrialized world enjoys Healthcare benefits that doesn’t make them sick when they get the bill (and most they never get a bill).

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