Police Officer Assaulted During Brawl at Ft. Worth Rainbow Lounge

Fort Worth's Rainbow Lounge, the site of a 2009 Stonewall-style police raid that made national headlines, was the scene of a brawl late last night during which a law enforcement officer was assaulted, the Star-Telegram reports:

RainbowloungeAn on-duty Fort Worth police officer was assaulted during a fight at the Rainbow Lounge early Sunday but was not injured, police said. The brawl was reported at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday at the lounge, 651 S. Jennings Ave. Four men were arrested and accused of offenses ranging from public intoxication to resisting arrest, according to the reports.

A 22-year-old man was taken into custody and accused of assaulting a public servant, the reports said.

Fort Worth officer assaulted at gay bar [star telegram]


  1. mitchblair says

    Damn! I wish I were there. My boyfriend and i were across the street at another gay bar. (yes, there are three gay bars in this country ass city).

  2. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Back in in my day – it was known as the 651, a country-western gay bar. Cops would come into the bar, check ids, run license plates in the bar’s parking lot and hang out side in their swat car waiting to pull anyone over for DWI. The bar would typically clear out when the word got out, by the bartender, that the cops arrived. That was in 1989.

  3. Arco de Cielo says

    It should say ALLEGEDLY assaulted. But everyone knows that the last alleged assault of a law enforcement officer at the Rainbow Lounge was a complete lie, and that all charges were dropped against the alleged perpetrator of the assault, who was in fact a victim of assault a the hands of the police, and that a settlement in excess of $200K was paid to the man who was falsely accused and factually assaulted. The false accusation of assault was made by a TABC agent, who was trying to create a justification (or at least a diversion) for an unauthorized inspection (i.e. raid) on a (gay) bar. The officer was dismisssed. So take this kind of allegation with a grain of salt.

  4. Setting Things Straight says

    Just as was suspected–inaccurate reporting. The incident didn’t occur in the bar, the people involved weren’t patrons of the bar, and the police may or may not have been ‘assaulted’. This account from the comments section of teh FWST, from self-identified GLBT community leader David Mack Henderson:
    >>Turns out, the story is misleading on several fronts, but that’s in large part due to the fact that reporters only have access to an online media portal with scant information on weekends. So here’s the real scoop, whether it fits into anyone’s preconceived notions or not. Two men who are dating were at the Rainbow Lounge that night. The bar closes and they leave as does everyone. Each of them have family and friends that don’t want to see them together. These groups show up to take each of the men home and the groups get into the brawl – NOT the two men, who retreat together. The brawl takes place across the street from the Rainbow Lounge (the two men have actually headed back to the now-closed club’s front door for sanctuary.) Bar owner JR Schronk is the person who actually calls the police about the disturbance happening across the street. Since he has made the call the club’s address shows up on the PD blotter. By the time FWPD arrives one of the arguing groups has left, though the one remaining has several agitated persons angry that the police have become involved in what they see as a family matter. A confrontation ocurrs between one of these persons and a police officer to the level that the officer felt the need to subdue that friend/family member. Some in the already charged crowd felt the action was excessive and temperatures rise. More police arrive to disperse the crowd and calm the participants, however, several persons continue to escalate matters. One person apparantly throws a punch at an officer. Understandably, several arrests result. BTW, a good number of the participants in the melee are straight and were not at the Rainbow Lounge at all that night, rather, had showed up at closing to gather one of the two men who were dating and trying to go about their lives unencumbered by the prejudices and opinions of their friends and family. David Mack Henderson, GLBT community leader.<<

  5. Ambrose says

    The Star-Telegram seems to be going out of its way lately to satisfy the hunger of local homophobes for “the gays are getting out of control” narratives, and feel very little responsibility to check their facts before publishing reports that appear to confirm that narrative. Vi z. their shamefully flawed reporting on the Kristopher Franks/Dakota Ary incident. Conversely, events that suggest the existence of a local anti-gay backlash get little coverage at all: They showed little interest in covering the follow-up to that story that suggested Franks was the innocent object of local right-wing rage because he request that school administrators’ act in conformity with their own policies by intervening against on-going harassment by a group of his students. They failed to even cover the story of a local teacher’s misuse of a campus-wide email to preach against GLBT folks and her administrators’ inadequate response.

  6. Mark M says

    What the hell, “Setting Things Straight?” Is this Romeo and Juliet relocated to modern-day Ft. Worth?

    Two families so enraged over their loved ones seeing each other that they track them down to the gay bar and start a confrontation. Sounds completely bizarre…