Police: Slain Gay Scottish Barman Most Likely Knew Killer, May Have Been Sexually Assaulted

A few more details have emerged in the death of gay Scottish barman Stuart Walker over the weekend. Walker's body was found beaten and burned in a rural area outside Cumnock in Ayrshire in Scotland early on Saturday.

Stuart_walkerPink Paper reports:

Strathclyde Police previously said they were investigating the possibility that he was attacked because of his sexuality, but now, Divisional Commander John Thomson says the victim’s lifestyle is the "main focus" of his inquiries. As Walker’s body was found partially undressed, Thomson said a sexual element to the crime had not been ruled out.
The details were announced at a press conference in Kilmarnock police office, last night.

It was revealed that Walker – a former assistant manager at the Royal Hotel in Cumnock – had almost certainly known those who killed him. Thomson said: "I don’t think it was a random attack by someone who will strike again. I suspect Stuart may have known this individual or met this individual shortly before his death."

Initial reports that he was found tied to a lamppost were incorrect, police said. They still do not have a motive for the murder.


  1. Brian says

    It just sickens me to know there are people like this in the world who will stop at nothing to hurt someone else. This is a terrible crim and just sad.

  2. lessthan says

    The victim’s “lifestyle?” I’ve heard that one before. That is what bigots say when they mean, “He got killed because he was a homo and he probably asked for it.” I fervently hope that “lifestyle” was not really what Divisional Commander John Thomson said.

  3. Chuck Mielke says


    Sexual assault and anti-gay hate crimes may, also, be different things. There must be credible evidence to connect the two; knowledge of the victim’s self-identification is insufficient.

    As far as what the Scots Police Commander said, let’s anticipate the most favorable: a neutral meaning of “lifestyle;” Commander Thomson may be able to say what he meant, but I will leave the mind-reading to others. Let me put out the question this way: How would anyone imply that the crime may be connected with the way Mr. Walker lived without using the term “lifestyle”?

  4. Bobby says

    Regardless of what details get cleared up later on, it remains that this young man was beaten and then burned to death. And that just makes me sick, as well as extremely sad.

  5. Acronym Jim says

    “but now, Divisional Commander John Thomson says the victim’s lifestyle is the “main focus” of his inquiries.”

    I understand what you’re trying to say Chuck, and I too am awaiting more details. That said, the words of the commander as reported in this story smacks of blaming the victim. I remember all too well the circumstances regarding Matthew Shepard’s murder. He to “knew the individuals or met the individuals shortly before his death.” The psychotic bigots gained his trust and lured him to his death.