1. Sean says

    The main reason I’ll be supporting Obama for re-election next year is the Supreme Court. We don’t need more Roberts and Alitos and Scalias.

    We need more Sotomayors and Kagans. And the only way we’ll get them is to re-elect Obama.

  2. albert says

    Sean, you are absolutely correct! Obama’s reelection is the only way we’ll get some balance back in the federal judiciary, after all the years of the benches being stacked with rightwingers.

  3. anon says

    SCOTUS declined to hear the case, which requires 4 justices, so only at most 3 wanted to hear this case. It’s not at all clear if any of the 4 liberal justices wanted to hear this case. Also, we don’t know the makeup of the fifth circuit court and how the ruling went down, particularly what dissent, if any, was made. This is probably an example of a low priority case simply not being worth the court’s time.

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