1. RyanInSacto says

    @Jerry: Do you know what the margin of error is on that? It’s +/-3%. It actually puts Cain (43%) and Obama (41%) in a statistical dead heat. Remember when Bachmann had the “big mo” and when Rick Perry had the “big mo?” Listen to this big ‘mo when I say that October 2011 is a little bit too early to talk about November 2012 matchups between an incumbent president and any one of the vast array of candidates seeking their party’s nomination. Also, Rasmussen is an awful polling organization. That is all.

  2. Name: says

    It doesn’t matter if Cain is leading by 20pts nationwide. It only matters who is leading in the first 5 primary states to vote. Whoever is winning after those 5 states will go on to be the GOP nominee. My money is on Romney.

  3. Paul R says

    Polls keep shifting so much because the GOP doesn’t have a viable candidate—and everyone knows it. Primaries start in a few months, and none of the announced candidates stands a chance of winning a national election unless there are dramatic changes to one or both parties, the economy, etc.

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