1. Sam says

    I missed this episode. Now I’ll definitely have to watch it tonight.

    (Yes, I still watch Real World but only when somebody from the LGBT community is part of the cast.)

  2. Francis says

    This years’ real world pretty much sucks because there are two LGBT cast members, but three OPENLY homophobic cast members. Nate, Ashley and this dude Zach. All three from small town areas, and carry small-mindedness with that. MTV shouldn’t have allowed these individuals on the show, and the fact they’re getting support messages on twitter about how they are being made to look bad for their “beliefs” shows MTV is not doing their job to send the message that anti-gay attitudes are unacceptable. The show should air some sort of PSA about gay suicide prevention or a message against anti-gay hate before any episode where there is homophobic content.

    Seems like MTV took the most contentious of social issues in America today and decided to cast people who would turn it into a huge drama within the house.

  3. Trace says

    What’s the name of the show?
    Oh, that’s right.. “Real World”. I think MTV has done a good job of showing that this kind of bigotry stills exists and still exists in our youth. I have been surprised by the actions and comments on the show but it serves a purpose. Just like last night, I really got a sense of why pride is still important. You can’t just sterilize everything on tv and expect things to go away.

  4. Brian in Texas says

    The sad part is if you watch the “aftershow”, (which is obviously taped after the entire season was filmed) it shows that the homophobic cast members didn’t grow or change at all. Which is the whole point of the show.

  5. LincolnLounger says

    It’s unfortunate that Zach is so closed-minded. Frank is certainly not doing the LGBT community any favors, however, with his erratic, annoying behavior.

  6. mike says

    this is where my prep-schooled WASP brain gets all confused … is it a hardcore insult, or is it just meaningless trash-talk?

    An African-American woman with whom I work recently joked to me that she was so angry with her teenage son (15yo and took one the family cars out for a joyride) that she threatened “to beat the black off of his ass.”

    I thought it was a hilarious way of putting it, and isn’t Zach’s comment in that same vein?

  7. JJ says

    I like Nate. I don’t think he’s homophobic at all. He acted childish and silly in that one episode – I think he realized how he was acting and is already starting to come around. I wasn’t as much offended by Zach’s “beat the gay” comment – I was more disturbed he would say he was gonna beat up a 105 lb girl.Real toughguy. PS – Shaving his pits, shaving his legs, tweezing his brows? can he really take himself seriously when he says “You act like a girl?” Sounds like someone is projecting.

  8. JJ says

    also, Zach and Ashley are just rude. You don’t have to share the same beliefs but show some respect/support. If a jewish roommate invited them to a gathering that was important to them for example – would they be so dismissive of the person? I hope not.

  9. Chitown Kev says


    It’s not the same thing.

    Your co-worker said that to her teenage SON (and your co-worker was nice…I can just imagine what my Mom would have said).

    That’s one of those things where you have to be a) inside the group or b) an honorary member of said group to get away with saying that.

    Exhibit #1- Alec Baldwin and his problems with uptight queens.

  10. Mary says

    Perfect proof that despite the progress gays have made there is still a double standard. Would it be acceptable for someone to threaten to “beat the Christian out of you?” There would be howls of indignation against a remark like this.
    Chitown Kev raised a valid point about how comments against a group may be acceptable by a member of the group (although even here there is a limit.) All others should refrain from insults.

  11. princely54 says

    I haven’t watching this car wreck of a show in almost ten years…until last week. I got to see Zach, I think, visit his first gay bar. And I have to say that I was dismayed with how ‘today’s youth’ was so closed off and tight to even the IDEA of homosexuality. (All Zach could do was grimace when he saw anyone kissing and would essentially yell, ‘I’m not gay!!’ to EVERYONE who spoke to him.)

    Since the days of Pedro Zamora it seems to me that not only the show, but it’s participants have devolved. I was shaken to be shown that the other ‘kids’ of that long ago season in San Francisco seemed so well behaved and, at the very least, polite about the subject (with the exception of Pus, er, Puck; but what’s to be said about that guy?)

    I think Sean Penn put it best when he described this show as the ‘Theater of The Unformed’. Nobody on this show struck me as ready for the real world.

  12. Christinak3 says

    Zach is such an idiot. Period. End of story. How can someone be so closed off to homosexuality and so against it when it’s so open now. People go throughout their whole lives being scared to come out because of people like Zach. It is truly very sad.

  13. elle says

    This shocks me to the core that MTV a supposedly modern and forward minded entity would allow such a disgusting individuals even be considered to be in this show. clearly they are just looking for a ratings boost. also the comment ashley made when she was discussing with zach the pride volunteer work that sam and frank were doing for the 300 armed forces who were marching, she says that she didnt think (or know) there were 300 gay people in the army. that makes me sick. Also the fact that Zach has no mind of his own when it comes to his homophobic attitude, he had to ask his friend if it was ok for him to go to pride. i am sorry for the rant but i am so incensed by this blatant disregard for equality and basic human rights.

  14. Paul R says

    In 1993 I got into the semifinals for the SF season of this crap show. I’m so glad that I dropped out and that Pedro helped raise awareness of real issues. Oh, and I’m glad I’m not in jail because I would have murdered Puck.

  15. says

    I have become a big fan of this show. It is obvious that the producers clearly knew what they were doing when they cast this season of the show; the close-mindedness and ignorance of some of the cast members is sickening. But it’s also important for everyone to see that this type of personality is quite prevalent in the United States. Outside of NYC, San Fran, LA, Miami, and other major cities where GLBT people are out and a normal part of the city’s culture, this type of hatred towards homosexuality is pervasive. It might be a shock to some GLBT persons who live in areas where they are openly accepted and consequently very sheltered from these types of attitudes to see it; but it’s an unfortunate reality of our great United States of America.

  16. Jeffrey Dunivant says

    He’s from my hometown (Brighton, Mi), there is a gay bar/or was the last time I was home. The Gaston flag is a dead giveaway. He needs to get a good beat-down by a gay man; then we’ll see how tough he is!

  17. John says

    This brings to mind the classic scripted show, “All in the Family”, way back in the 70s. The show featured a non-apologetic bigot, as well as both progressive and clueless characters. Most viewers “got it”… knew that Archie’s rants were crazy, and thus it helped to move society forward. Some viewers identified with Archie, and those people didn’t “get it”. But, all in all, I think it opened minds.

  18. Tyron says

    Looks like the big butch stud can’t stand the fact that the little lesbian girl doesn’t want to take a ride on this joystick. The guy is decent enough looking that the probably doesn’t get turned down often by the ladies – but when it finds one that isn’t obviously not interested in his “charms” it’s an affront to his manhood. And you’d think that after 20 years “Real World” (which isn’t any more real than any other reality show) would have died a natural death.

  19. Drew says

    Im actually kind of shocked by many of your comments. I mean, do you ever leave your city condo? ever?

    The rest of the world not living in a gay mecca is exactly like that this show portrayed. Maybe MTV should be applauded for snapping you out of your fabulis gay bubbles.

  20. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Just MTV trolling for ratings and attention for this tired old POS show. Sam was being petulant to threaten to throw the paddles over the wall. I can’t believe people over 18 actually watch this.

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