1. Zlick says

    Yeah, things have changed alright. Gosling is one of the few actors who have charmed me enough with his talent and hotness that I want to see everything he’s in. I missed Crazy Stupid Love, but will rent the DVD, and am hell-bent on seeing Drive while it’s still in theaters. He is teh awesome. And – – yeah, he gives me a bad case of the vapors!

  2. Dan says

    The only movie actor who turns my crank. Full stop. Body is perfect, face is handsome/interesting (as opposed to Ken doll). Guy is brooding silent perfection in Drive. Can’t bring myself to watch Crazy Stupid Love because my head will explode if I see him faux-naked in that locker room.

    Love him.

  3. Rowan says

    Er, but he isn’t good looking. Compare him to people who are physically good looking like Matt Bomer to Johnny Depp and he isn’t a patch on them. Fact.

    But in terms of attraction? Well that is a whole different ball game.

  4. Rob West says

    RYAN GOSLING: ‘I’M A PRETTY WEIRD-LOOKING GUY’ We should all be so weird-looking.
    Next to Depp he’s currently the most daring Actor. Check out “All Good Things” and “The Believer”. He has a natural charm and appeal.

  5. wtf says

    lol he IS weird looking, especially in person. But he’s an exceptionally nice person and he has a BANGING body. (which is where all that “mysterious” sex appeal comes from DUH) anyway. He’s an ok actor – at least he takes risks!

  6. gr8guyca says

    It sounds like he was the gawky, geeky outsider at high school and college. He was the guy who couldn’t get a date on Saturday night. He hasn’t quite accepted internally that he is now very hot.

  7. Jay says

    Not weird, Ryan. INTERESTING. You’re interesting looking.

    Actually, I think guys who are interesting looking are WAY sexier than guys who are just classically good looking. Guys who’ve always been beautiful — especially if they were also beautiful in adolescence when the rest of us were legitimately weird looking — tend to have a vacant, boring quality to their faces. Then, as they age and no longer have their looks to coast along on, they lose it altogether because they realize that they lack real substance.

    I’ll take a guy like Ryan Gosling (or his gay equivalent) any day of the week.

  8. Mark F says

    If Ryan Gosling is “weird-looking” then I’m good looking!!

    His face may not be the sexiest, but it’s sexy in a different way. And it doesn’t hurt that his body is really sexy!! :)

  9. Brian says

    Apparently he forgot about the year he spent playing Young Hercules. I definitely wouldn’t call that character a “weirdo, freak, psychopath, nerd, outsider character guy.”

  10. Bob R says

    I don’t find him weird looking. Admittedly, there are a lot more physically attractive guys out there, but Gosling is a keeper in my opinion because of his personality. He has an aura about him that makes him very likable, both physically and on a spiritual level.

    I’d be very proud if he were my son, son-in-law, or if a were a lot young, by partner in life. I’d be very happy to come home to Ryan every night and love every bit of his “weirdness”.

  11. Rick says

    Agree with most of the comments here. I saw “Drive” yesterday and at certain angles, his face really does look kind of “weird”.

    But the first time I saw him on the Charlie Rose show, I fell in love, even without having seen one of his films (I have made a point out of seeing all of them since)–I didn’t even know who Rose was interviewing until near the end of the interview, so I was totally unbiased when I saw it.

    It’s the persona, the voice, the “coolness” factor,and the UNUSUAL looks that make him so sexy in a way that no other Hollywood actor even comes close to, although there are plenty of others that are more conventionally good-looking. Pretty faces are a dime a dozen, but they don’t translate to sexiness most of the time.

    Of course, you all know he was raised a Mormon, right? Don’t know if he still practices it and, if so, with how much rigor, but just thought I would throw that in there before some of you overdose on him…..

  12. Lily says

    He’s right. I don’t find him attractive or sexy at all. Not a good body. Sloping shoulders and large hips. Don’t find him good as an actor either. Blank expression and marble-mouthed. Weird in every respect.

  13. Steerpike says

    There’s something completely repellent about ‘perfect’ faces, particularly if it’s clear that there’s nothing happening behind them but vanity and a very low IQ. The hottest, most magnetic men I know are by no means the ones who look that good in photographs, and the prettiest guys I know are mostly worthless little bitches. Look at Zak Efron: an absolutely flawless, passionless, dead, machine-made face.

  14. Dan Coleman says

    Ryan is without a doubt a hottie. I have every one of his films on DVD. You can have closet case Bomer and the others. I’ll take Ryan any day. AND… Johnny Depp is a versatile actor, but good looking? I don’t think so.

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