1. Jaxxy21 says

    Matthew will never really be gone when he is the hinges that hold the equality fight for all those who are still marginalized in the united states. RIP sweet man. You live in many hearts.


  2. stevenelliot says

    So very sad! I continue to think about this young man to this day. 13 years ago. Left to die, tied to a fence. Beaten. Called names. Tricked into his situation. If the fundamentalist christians had any heart, theyd acknowledge that this is exactly how their savior was treated in his final hours. And they would weep alongside us.

  3. says

    Matthew Shepard’s tragic death gave a face to the extremes of suffering that the LGBT community can be subject to. It came before a time where people felt morally obliged to highlight injustices and crimes impacting us. Anti-gay crimes and gay teen suicides were simply not deemed newsworthy, even though they clearly happened in significant numbers.

    That the Matthew Shepard story made the news at such a time demonstrates the brutality of his death, but also the beginnings of a realistation that something in the national mindset was deeply rotten and had to change. And attitudes are changing… but not fast enough for my liking.

  4. JaneTheCommentator says

    More than 8 years ago — ABC did an expose
    that PROVED that Matthew Sheppard was
    killed as a result of ‘a drug deal gone bad’ —
    and his murder was NOT due to homophobia.

    (One of his killers was an ex-lover of his.)

    abcnews DOT go DOT com/2020/story?id=277685&page=1

    Matthew Sheppard was NOT killed due to his being gay
    — he was killed due to his being a campus drug dealer.

  5. TyInTenn says

    I am certain this is a day she has relived over and over so many times in her life. It is not “how” he died, for you insensitive asses who say he was killed for some other reason. This was her/their child. Since none of us were there (including ABC News – and in case you haven’t caught on, you can spin a story any way it needs to be spun), the point being he was gay – like many of us; more importantly, he was someone’s child. We should all mourning his death.

  6. snowisfun says

    METHEW Wayne Shepard is what his name should be. While his Oct. 1998 killing is unrelated, the fact is that 2 months before his death in Aug. 1998, a drunk MW Shepard committed misdemeanor assault&battery on Cody bartender who reacted by decking him temporarily k/o him. The next day, Matthew (METHEW) Wayne Shepard made up story of being homosexually raped by 3 to the Cody police. He ‘dropped’ the charge when actually only the police can decide whether to pursue or drop a charge after medical tests came up negative by saying that alcohol impaired his judgment & he had no memory of what happened. Matthew Wayne Shepard did this hoax & in Oct. 1998 he shouldn’t have been in Laramie-he should’ve been in a Cody jail as there was enough proof for a jury to have hopefully convicted him of misdemeanor assault&battery + falsely reporting crime. Other things which have been told of Matthew Shepard is that he used Meth (possibly ecstasy) & he feared having AIDS. So Matthew Wayne Shepard is a METHEW Wayne Shepard.

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