1. says

    Straight out asking him if he’s gay would seem too obvious maybe? Instead he just so happens to mention that he’s straight during the interview. But then maybe I’m just being cynical :). I don’t really care or know if he’s gay or straight. If he is gay though, he’s very unlikely to come out right now.

  2. sleepy bear says

    don’t really care whether he is or isn’t. but his answer, “it’s not a coincidence…” seems a little coached to me.

  3. MikeMick says

    @ T — What you said. Christ, leave them ALL alone. Why is anyone’s sexuality our business, unless they’re closeted power brokers trying to stuff US back into the closet.

  4. Jeff B. says

    The headline here is misleading. He says “definitely not” to whether Gus Van Sant or Dustin Lance Black made a pass at him.

  5. Sam says

    Why would he come out when teen girls queerly still crush over him? Give him 5 or so years and he will come out after Twitlight is over.

  6. 99% says

    Normally, I would side with the “Leave him alone” threads, but really? When Taylor speaks, all I hear is the ghost of Liberace.

  7. Troy says

    I am so tired of actors lying about their sexuality. Even obviously gay actors like Lautner refuse to be honest about it. It’s all about $$$, and it looks like very little has changed.

  8. Brian says

    I think GQ’s question to Taylor may be the most homophobic I’ve read in a long time. Regardless of Taylor’s sexuality, why would they think these two highly regarded gay men would make a pass at a barely legal age Taylor. Oh, right, because we’re all predatory pedophiles. And yes, I know it happens all the time in Hollywood, casting couch, etc, but really have you ever seen that question asked of an actress dining with a famous director?

  9. Lolalai says

    “I think GQ’s question to Taylor may be the most homophobic I’ve read in a long time. Regardless of Taylor’s sexuality, why would they think these two highly regarded gay men would make a pass at a barely legal age Taylor. Oh, right, because we’re all predatory pedophiles. And yes, I know it happens all the time in Hollywood, casting couch, etc, but really have you ever seen that question asked of an actress dining with a famous director?”
    You make a very good point BRIAN.

  10. MikeMick says

    Gents, not to be unduly rude, but whether he sounds like Liberace, and regardless of how sick you are of closeted actors, why is it any of our business if he bats for our team? If the kid leaves us alone and doesn’t make homophobic remarks, let him have his life. Same for Tom Cruise, who I personally think is a platinum-plated asshat. Has he ever run us down in public? I just hear about him defending himself.

  11. Geez says

    “let him have his life”??????????

    WTF are you talking about?

    That we should be quiet and shouldn’t comment Taylor’s bearding? We shouldn’t discus his gayness?

  12. ohplease says

    Are there still people who think that acknowledging that a public figure is obviously gay — whether that figure wants you to or not — is so vile that it can only be reserved for the most vicious enemies of human rights? I don’t understand how you can hate gay people that much. Didn’t that self-loathing thinking go out of style in the ’90s?

    All together now: There’s nothing wrong with being gay. There’s nothing wrong with telling the truth. There’s nothing wrong with telling the truth about being gay.

    Maybe Taylor Lautner doesn’t want to tell the truth about his being gay, but that’s his problem, not mine. If he wants his privacy, he can quit his public job. Until then, too bad for him that the world isn’t deaf, blind and stupid.

  13. TPOWW says

    Compared to this guy, Channing Tatum has range.

    We’ve already got Tom Cruise & John Travolta. We don’t need yet another horrible gay actor.

    Plus, he looks like a very pretty monkey.

  14. gomez says

    what kind of interviewer asks if van sant and black made a pass at him?

    a classless and homophobic one, that’s who

    also, he didn’t say “definitely not” to being gay

    lots of fail up in this piece

  15. alex says

    Exactly, MikeMick. I believe the only people that should be “outed” are those in positions of power that are working against the LGBT community. Due to his marketability, Taylor Lautner is in a position of power (which saddens me about our celebrity-obssessed culture). But, he has never done anything homophobic, so he should be “left alone”.

    Also, please remember he’s only 19. I grew up in a very religious/homophobic family. It took me 29 years to get strong enough to break free from all of that and accept who I am.

  16. jaragon says

    Taylor does take a pretty picture but now that his first starring movie bombed he should concentrate of finding a better starring vehicle… an indie movie in which he plays a gay kid might be a good idea

  17. Pickles says

    So other than thinking he “sounds” gay, where is the evidence that Taylor Lautner is gay? He could be. Yes. In fact, I think he might be. But I don’t know that and I have no evidence that he is, nor have I seen any.

    I don’t have any idea really but I’m just surprised at how sure some folks are.

    If you have evidence beyond the superficial, why not just reveal it?

    We’re supposed to be living in a time where we don’t put the some kinds of pressure on young men to “butch it up” (regardless of their sexuality) and yet the fact that this young man has a high voice (?) or some other such superficial characteristic has convinced gay men that they just KNOW he’s gay because they can tell.

    So all gay men have a tell? Only gay men have high voices? Feminine mannerisms? Like only gay men ever?

    Maybe some of you know differently but in my experience, there are plenty of bona fide straight men in my personal life whom other folks THINK are gay based upon superficial characteristics like their voice, clothing or choice of activities

    If we can now know for certain that a man is gay based upon physical characteristics (as opposed to sexual desire for or activity with other men) then we really can’t criticize straight homophobes who claim that gay men have a tell.

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t scream about people assuming that all gay men are effeminate or that all effeminate men are gay but then use those same criteria to make assumptions about who is gay.

    Again, I don’t know if Taylor is gay. he could be. But I do know that he says he isn’t and that should be the end of it because no one is benefited (least of all the gay community) by gay baiting people about coming out of the closet.

    Visibility is important and being out is very powerful but homophobia is REAL and the fear of the repercussions of coming out are real and none of us has a right to demand anything of a complete stranger (regardless of their vocation) unless they are an elected official or servant of the public with political power over out rights.

    I mean at some point you have to put up or shut up. Show folks the actual evidence of Taylor’s homosexuality or accept that he might be gay and may never come out (like millions of men before him and I’M SURE like some of you who regularly post on this website).

    How exactly are we as a community helped by badgering actors and other performers to come out?

  18. true that says

    I will not cry for the lad — gays pay cash too and the is he or isnt he since he turned 18 and got buff makes him fodder for chatter …. that is called ENTERTAINMENT

  19. true that says

    @pickles well both Lance Bass and especially Neil Patrick Harris have better lives and careers since Perez Hilton pestered them out of the closet …. the differnce is that THEY were out socially in Hollywood and playing straight to the public still …

    You know other than a sensative soul and beauty … there is no indication that he is gay other than he has traits associated with the stereotype

  20. philip says

    This whole thing is sad and pathetic. So every good-looking Hollywood actor has to state on record if they are straight or gay? What about mediocre-looking actors? Oh no! They can’t be gay!

    The truth is, if Taylor Lautner looked like Jonah Hill(fat guy in Superbad) we won’t be asking these questions.

  21. Ealan75 says

    I don’t like the question that Australian GQ puts to him about his dinner with the Black and Van Sant. So what- They’re gay, he’s cute, so of course they had to make a pass at him. That is so incredibly disrespectful to both those gentlemen and to Lautner.

  22. Ealan75 says

    Also, I have to say- Taylor Lautner does not seem gay. He doesn’t “ping” on my gaydar at all. Ever. Really he seems like a boring str8 guy.

  23. Rick in Cincinnati says

    @ Pickles: I agree with your sentiments. We berate straight people for relying on stereotypes yet we turn around and do the exact same thing. I have a straight friend who is comfortable with his sexuality, is married, but his mannerisms make him appear to possibly be gay. So just because my “gaydar” goes off when I see certain guys, I don’t know if I’m actually accurate unless I ask.

  24. Belvedude says

    A good friend has confirmed to me that Lautner is in fact gay. He was spotted with Brian Singer. Also this kid can’t act!

  25. georgiaguy says

    I think I remember him kissing his male co-star from the Twilight movies at the MTV Movie Awards. Come on out of the closet already!

  26. macmantoo says

    LOL. I’m sure he’s somewhere right now with his legs in the air. The question should have been “whose your daddy?”

  27. OberonOZ says

    @Georgiaguy Robert Pattinson left the stage and surprised Taylor in the audience by kissing him. It felt like a stunt that was set up and certainly not one that Taylor initiated. I dont think its any kind of proof of anything except the length MTV will go to when they stage their lame stunts. That said, Taylor certainly could be gay. Not that it really makes any difference to me as the chances of me meeting him are minimal so I dont really care :)

  28. Anthony says

    Let me reiterate what someone else has also pointed out here – the headline of the article is FALSE. He did NOT say that he is “Definitely not gay”. Taylor was asked if either Gus Van Sant or Dustin Lance Black made a pass at him during their dinner together. To that question, he replied, “Definitely not”. Come on Towleroad, you can do better than this.

  29. Tom says

    I’m kind of confused about the term, “obviously gay”…what exactly is “obviously gay”?

  30. Me in Md says

    What everyone seems to be ignoring is the fact that he is Native American. Depending on which tribe he is from it is possible that he is from a homophobic culture. I say this as someone married to a Navajo knowing that her family could’ve taught mine how to ignore the big white elephant in the room. And I come from a WASPy family that had diplomas in ignoring the obvious…

  31. Bryan says

    I’m not gonna 100% say I’m sure he’s gay because I don’t know him, but he does ping my gaydar a bit. But I’ve been wrong lots of times, so…*shrug*

  32. says

    Gay, straight, bi, or questioning, I really don’t care. The kid is boring, can’t is cardboard & leaden and can’t act to save his life. His 15 minutes are about to expire so he should savor it while he can.

  33. jamal49 says

    God, leave the kid alone! Unless he starts acting like some raving evangelical who bad-mouths LGBT at every opportunity, I’d say that he’s entitled to be left alone. He’s a nice-looking guy who’s just getting started in life, who is kind to, and respectful of, his fans and I wish him a long, successful career.

  34. Mrs Patrick Campbell says

    Taylor is a very nice little loquita, nothing like the usual hardened nasty hollywood homosexuals like brad pitt, jon hamm, harrison ford, tammy cruise, etc etc etc