‘Hung’ Star Thomas Jane Says He Turned Tricks with Men as a Teen, Then Chose to Be Straight

In a new interview with the L.A. Times, Hung star Thomas Jane says he worked as a hustler and turn tricks with men to make ends meet when he first moved to L.A.:

Jane Hey, you grow up as an artist in a big city, as James Dean said, you're going to have one arm tied behind your back if you don't accept people's sexual flavors. You know, when I was a kid out here in L.A., I was homeless, I didn't have any money and I was living in my car. I was 18. I wasn't averse to going down to Santa Monica Boulevard and letting a guy buy me a sandwich. Know what I mean?

You're a lot more open to experimentation as a young man. And for me, being a young artist and broke in Los Angeles, I was exploring my sexual identity. And probably because of my middle-class, white blue-collar upbringing, I would have never had the opportunity to confront some of my own fears and prejudices had I not been hungry enough to be forced to challenge myself in that way.

He says the experience "blew the doors off of [his] conventional upbringing." Then, he says, he chose to be heterosexual:

And then you actually have a choice, and I chose to be a heterosexual guy because that's what my DNA dictates and my nurture dictates that I am…I don't know. I think up to a point it's a choice. But I'll tell you what — it's not a choice until you're open enough to experience both male and female sexuality. Until you've tasted the food, you don't know whether you'll like it or not, as my mom always said.

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  1. hugo says

    I would strongly encourage Thomas Jane to include that part of his history into his role on ‘Hung’. I mean, if he’s back to being a hustler, why not do it the way he used to? Pretty, please?

  2. Rick says

    Correct to say that most people have some attraction to either gender and are perfectly capable of responding sexually to either gender……and therefore correct to say that up to a point, there is a choice.

    And this is a GOOD thing, if a culture has transitioned from a Puritanical, sex-is-bad mentality to a liberated, sex-is-good mentality.

    It frees people from living in boxes and allows them to find their own particular comfort level that may involve varying degrees of bisexuality…or may not.

    When we start touting this idea rather than being threatened by it, then we will see REAL change that brings about something better than just “tolerance”, which is all we are going to get otherwise.

  3. Jesus says

    I would be that small minority of men who is not capable of responding sexually to the opposite gender then, Mr. Jane.

    I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. Vagina happens to be the latter.

  4. Married in MA says

    This was his personal experience… perhaps he is bisexual. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. This whole ‘choice’ question is beginning (or already has) to get tiresome. I don’t think it’s a choice, but what if it was? Who cares who I choose to love (and/or have sex with)?

  5. Rick says

    @Aaron Tell me, in all seriousness, how does one get an erection, even, much less carry out intercourse, if one is really and truly repulsed by the idea of sex with someone of a certain gender? It is simply impossible to become aroused to the point of being able to have sex with another individual if you truly have no attraction at all to them.

    Many of you have been conditioned to tout the “born this way” “it’s either gay or straight with no in-between” idea out of fear that not doing so makes you “guilty” of making the “wrong” choice, but if you continue to do so, you are only entrenching yourselves in the old paradigms and preventing progress.

  6. RDUB says

    VERY poor word choice in describing his experience. All the uninformed/ unenlightened people will grab onto here is “Yeah, when I was desperate I could hook up with dudes, but then CHOSE to go back to being straight”. Not helpful.

  7. Rick says

    @RIN Hey, it’s bad enough that half the guys on this site secretly are turned on by me…..now you too? (LOL)

    Seriously, though, my approach to this whole subject is empirically based; if it were not, then I would not have a convincing case intellectually. I am simply looking at the data that researchers have provided and adding to it the anecdotal evidence that we all know about (from prisons and other environments where men are deprived of access to females).

    Did you know that half the actors in gay porn films are “straight”? Now tell me, how on earth does a guy pound another guy’s butt if he is repulsed by that butt and by the very idea of what he is doing? It is just impossible without some degree of arousal. Physically impossible–for men at least–to fake an attraction, though perhaps not for women.

  8. justme says

    You choose your behavior, not your orientation. You can discover your orientation, or aspects of it, as you grow older, but your orientation doesn’t change and it’s not a choice.

    Your behavior, though, doesn’t have to conform to your orientation. I’m absolutely a carnivore, but that doesn’t mean I’m incapable of enjoying a salad. I’m not religious, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never been to a church service.

    Gay men having wives and children has happened since the beginning of time, as has straight men having sex with men for any number of reasons. And then, of course, there’s also the varying degrees of bisexuality.

    In other words, nothing new here — except for the candor.

  9. FreddyMertz says

    huh?…so he gave it away for a “sammie”? Heck that’s cheap, I need a GOOD pizza and GOOD beer before I let a man get to my nether regions. lol

  10. FernLaPlante says

    Because, @RICK, “a hole is a hole.” It’s the same way gay porn actors can have sex with women. You get fluffed and do your duty. It’s not uncommon for people to be attracted to both sexes, especially in their youth. It’s not as cut and dry as you are making it out to be. Are you telling me that you have never EVER gotten an erection just from being drunk and horny and with someone who, although unattractive, was just there. Or gotten one from sliding down a rope in gym class or wrestling etc. Or from a dream that was not sexual at all?

    Jane is being candid but I wish he didn’t use the word “choice”.

  11. ccandideinnc says

    I chose to marry a woman and have children with her. I remained married to her 15 years, at which time I realized I was repressing my fundamental sexual urges. So my sexual organs can work with either sex. So what? It never made me heterosexual. Did I choose to be gay at some point? Hell, no. I chose to repress it for a long time, though.

  12. ynot says

    Oh just stop getting all worked up about the choice business. He was discussing his own reality as he saw it. It was an incredibly brave thing to do to open up about this past that many young men have lived in Hollywood, and I commend him for the honesty.

  13. Aaron says

    @Rick Your saying that there is a gray area is just as much of an opinion as someone else saying that there isn’t. I’m not denying the existence of bisexuals but he said himself that he is heterosexual after trying sex with men. He said he’s hetero. Stop making him bisexual. And stop telling us all that we should be freer in our sexuality when you know nothing about it. You, Rick, can go out and have sex with whomever you like. And You, Rick, have a bisexual agenda!

    And I’ll answer your question with some questions. Do you think prostitutes are always attracted to their clients? And what about the need for Fluffers in porn? When did I say I was repulsed by sex with the opposite sex? I’ve done it. A bunch. Had fun. Don’t regret it. But that does not a bisexual make! The ability to have sex with both sexes doesn’t make you bisexual. The equal desire or close to equal desire to have sex with both sexes makes you bisexual.
    I didn’t choose to be attracted PRIMARILY to males. I just am. He never mentioned being actually attracted to the men he let buy him sandwiches.

  14. Francis says

    Thomas really isn’t a very good speaker, at least in this situation. One can somewhat see what he’s trying to say but he doesn’t do a good job getting the point across. Plus, his knowledge on sexuality is very ignorant.

    As Aaron put it, he chose to be gay for pay. That doesn’t make him gay. What it does make him is a guy is a romantically/emotionally/mentally straight, but sexually bisexual.

    His problem is essentially saying sexual activity=sexual orientation. That we all have a choice to have sex with either sex and being with one sole gender is a choice to be exclusive with only men or women. What people like him don’t get is that not everyone is bisexual, some people just like the opposite or same-sex. And that doesn’t make them “not open”—-that’s just their immutable sexual orientation. Sort of similar to Anne Heche, and people think sexuality is a choice, because she’s bisexual to a certain extent and is now with a man after being with Ellen.

    And that goes for you too, Rick. No, bisexuality clearly isn’t something to be threatened by, it’s totally a legit sexuality. But the bottom line is, not everyone is bisexual. And stating that everyone can just freely choose bisexuality is incorrect.

  15. Jerry says

    Personally, for me was not a choice. Definitely born that way, earliest memories and motivatuions were same sex. I am not saying that applies to everyone, but yeah, no choice on my part. I certainly would not have “chosen” that hell of a closeted adolescence, high school and college years, I would have been banging any chick that would have had me.
    Great if you can choose, even better if you are happy with your choice.

  16. Rick says

    “As Aaron put it, he chose to be gay for pay. That doesn’t make him gay. What it does make him is a guy is a romantically/emotionally/mentally straight, but sexually bisexual.”

    @Francis Now that is an interesting observations. Because one thing I have observed about “gay” men over the years is that they seem closer emotionally to their female friends than they are to any other gay man. In fact, most of them seem to me utterly incapable of truly loving a man because they don’t really like men as people at all, but like women instead…..and feel more emotionally bonded to them (ergo the whole diva phenomenon and the objectification of men that is so characteristic of “gay” male culture).

    And what about cultures in which the concept of “romantic love” does not even exist? What would that make this guy then?

    And one more question. If gender is just a “construct”, as so many of you claim, then how is it that you justify responding emotionally to an individual on the basis of their gender rather than in a totally gender-neutral way? Shouldn’t emotional response be totally independent of gender if gender is not “real” except in a purely physical sense?

    See what happens when one tries to make self-serving arguments? They can be punched full of holes, with little effort.

  17. Rin says


    erections are largely sexual, but people can get erections for a number of reasons. There are things I find oddly erotic, but I wouldn’t want to actually do them. I could have sex with a female, because sex is sex is sex. Do I fantasize when I’m home about chicks? No.

    Women say this stuff all the time: I’d do Olivia Wilde, I’d do Megan Fox, I’m bisexual…and then they still end up with dudes–not because its convenient, but because they want dudes.

    It’s unfair to the actual lesbians who are going out on a limb to date a bisexual that they can be replaced by your natural urges.

    Yes, I’ve read Kinsey, I’ve read the protocols, I’ve seen the tests they give out…I understand the basis of why they say this stuff, but…I think by and large most people are gay or straight with a few true bisexuals who get shafted by those people who claim to be bisexuals but just have the occasional fantasy.

    I just think its unfair to people who are of a persuasion to give them the wrong idea by playing out their version of doing drugs–Ellen Degeneres was made to look like a fool by Anne Heche when she took up with the first penis out of town.

    Unfair, unfair. Glad she found Portia.

  18. says

    Sounds like he’s talkingout of both sides of his mouth “I chose to be a heterosexual guy because that’s what my DNA dictates and my nurture dictates that I am…” Does not sound much like a choice….

  19. Francis says

    Another thing that needs to be stated is bisexuality is not a choice, either. Sexual orientation is not a choice, we don’t choose who our mind, bodies and souls tell us we are attracted to and connect with.

  20. sparks says

    I don’t like pineapples. I like pears. I could “choose” to eat either one.

    Here’s the thing. I cannot choose to LIKE pineapples, nor could I choose to hate pears.

    We don’t know what Thomas really likes, whether it’s either or both. It’s just a shame that ignorant people who think homosexuality is a choice, are the only ones who would read this and think he’s choosing to be heterosexual.

    His little story isn’t going to convince anyone of anything.

  21. Francis says

    Actually, Rick, I don’t see where you had a credible argument to bring to the table to begin with. So putting words in my mouth doesn’t really make anything you’ve any more valid.

  22. Hollywood, CA says

    I agree that Tommy’s choice of words may have not been the best, but I think his candor is pretty amazing. Most “straight” actors would view such an admission as a death knell for their career, but he’s being honest here.

    I think the main factor in this is his financial situation. People will do anything when they are poor and hungry. The female prostitutes who are paid to have lesbian sex are (shocker) not all lesbians. So I wouldn’t assume all the men in the sex trade are necessarily straight or gay… just sad.

    Now, if he said he came out here and was financially secure, and just decided to go there with another guy, then that’s a different story. I have a feeling that without the need for $$$, his bi-sexual encounters would have been few and far between.

  23. Rick says

    @Francis How am I putting words in your mouth? You stated that what made him “straight” was his romantic/emotional/mental preference for women. And the points I offered in the last comment were in response to that.

    So answer those points if you can (you or anybody else).

    Is gender a “construct” or is it not? If it is, then how can one have an emotional preference for one gender over the other? And how does this square with my other observations about how gay men objectify men and have trouble forming relationships with other men, at the same time that they seem to have no such difficulty forming deep emotional bonds with women?

    These are totally fair questions.

  24. bruce says

    A lot of men are like Thomas Jane. They are attracted to both men and women, albeit to varying degrees. His choice to behave only heterosexually is understandable and comnpletely justifiable on the basis that he is predominantly attracted to women.

    That and the fact that many men have reservations about the extreme promiscuity they witness on the gay male social scene. It’s a turn off when you see men act in such promiscuous fashions on the gay scene.

  25. Francis says

    When you write off any statement that you disagree with as self-serving and use quotation marks over the word gay, then you’re not worthy of a response.

  26. Paul R says

    @Rick: I know tons of gay men who live in essentially all-male worlds. All their friends, coworkers, and sex partners are men. They don’t like women and don’t like being around them—even (sometimes especially) lesbians. So I have no idea where you come up with the idea that gay only don’t like men. Ever heard the term “gay ghetto”? It arose because entire swaths of urban areas are gay men, though it’s becoming less the case these days because a lot of gay men have died and a lot of those areas are nicer than “straight” parts of town.

    As for straight men having sex with other men in porn, you clearly don’t know how porn is made. In addition to fluffers, there’s often straight porn showing. And a lot of younger straight men are horny all the time, and for many money is an even stronger incentive. I’ve messed around with several straight guys who were most decidedly NOT bisexual (they were usually drunk or on ecstasy) as well as some guys who were bisexual but later repressed it or decided that being gay would complicate their lives too much (in two cases it had to do with massive inheritances and extremely homophobic parents). And some would sleep exclusively with women, then become completely gay at a rather advanced age and never consider women again, as with some of the posters here.

    Sexuality is a broad spectrum that can change over time. I think that’s what this guy is (poorly) expressing. Stop making everyone bisexual.

  27. justme says

    Bruce, where does he say he was ever attracted to men? He only says he was attracted to eating. To expand on someone else’s prostitute analogy, there are plenty of lesbians who have sex with men for money who have never been attracted to a man in their entire lives. Prostitution has nothing to do with attraction and everything to do with survival.

  28. Steve says

    Bi. You can have your cake and you can eat it, too, but, when the chips are down you swallow convention. Hard to be Gay. Easier to be straight. Cowards way? Who can say. Bi, bi, folks.

  29. Charlie says

    He doesn’t really go much into what he did as an 18 year old hustler. My guess is he was willing to lie back and get a blow job for a few bucks. But he was basically straight. Fine by me. I just wish he would not try and make his experience the same as everyone elses.

    But actors really aren’t usually known for their brainpower. Of course, the goal here is probably just to stir up some media coverage. He is smart enough to do that.

  30. Rin says


    I believe you can love anyone, but you are sexually attracted to what you are sexually attracted to and that RARELY changes.

    However, I have noticed that IF you fall in love with someone that isn’t your “type” the attraction can follow. There are people that I just wouldn’t have been attracted to, but the more I was around them other things than the physical form played into it.

    Smart people are attractive. You can’t “see” smart off the bat so you aren’t necessarily attracted to them UNTIL they start talking or make you laugh.

    TJ got a gazillion cyber flirts just from taking a stand on here that one night…for all anyone knew he could be an old lady in Cleveland. Smarts are sexy.

  31. Rick says

    “When you write off any statement that you disagree with as self-serving and use quotation marks over the word gay, then you’re not worthy of a response”

    Translation: you cannot answer my questions without contradicting yourself; therefore you refuse to anwer (not that I am picking on you, mind you, because none of these other people can account for their self-contradictions, either)

    @Paul R I am not “making” anyone bisexual or anything else. And you seem to contradict the idea that I am with your previous statement (i.e. Sexuality is a broad spectrum that can change over time).

    As for the question of gay men not liking men, I am talking about the prevailing gay culture that one sees evidence of on this site every single day in which straight women are regarded as “icons”, men are objectified and any kind of masculine behavior reviled (at the same time it is found titillating)…….you want one small, random example of that, just from today? Look at the story about the straight wrestler who took it upon himself to start a virtual crusade against homophobia–it got 3 comments, presumably because most of these people just could not bare to make a positive comment about a man when they would have been gushing over a similar action by Lady Gaga or some other “diva”.

    And your example of gay ghettos does not contradict that idea, because these are generally not true “communities”, but rather aggregations that form for the sake of making impersonal, promiscusous sexual activity easier to engage in…..and the very impersonality of these encounters and the very low rate of relationships of any substance being formed (which we all know about) are evidence of what I am talking about…….Liking SEX with men is not the same thing as liking men as people….

  32. says

    I think different people experience their sexuality in different terms, and express that using different terms. And I do understand that the right tends to make the idea of choice into a weapon to use against our equality. However, I think we’d be wise to turn on them and say “So what if in some cases it is?” Certainly, being a fundamentalist Christian is a choice much more so than anything related to sexuality tends to be, but we do not deny them equal civil rights because of that. Why should this be any different?

    I guess I just see a lot of keen defensiveness around this issue, and I do understand where a lot of it comes from, but I also know first hand that I have identified a lot of different ways throughout my 45 years, and have no idea how to parse out nature v nurture, but I do know in my case it IS a good bit of both going on.

    And yes, I do know women often have a much more fluid experience of sexual orientation than a lot of men do, but I find it unfortunate when people are attacked for speaking from their own honest perspective in describing themselves and their paths. Seems like we give our opponents WAY too much power if we start policing political correctness about describing something that may well vary from one individual to another.

  33. RC says

    @RIN: My life experience puts me in total agreement with you.

    Regarding Rick’s views – reminds me of an experience I had when a woman I worked with, who had connections with the ex-gay movement, decided she needed to have me “changed” and I found myself the unwanted focus of people who wanted to make me straight. The only thing they managed to do is convince me that the ex-gay movement is a obsessive, stalking cult with an unhealthy interest in other people’s personal lives. Rick’s view’s were just reminders of the ancient stereotypical chestnuts that these people tried laying down on me, in fact, his views are rather lockstep with theirs. Such as gay men are utterly incapable of loving other men, that gay culture is nothing but sex and objectification, etc. The folk that were desperately trying to get me to go hetero were also of the opinion that the world would not be perfect until homosexuality was eliminated and they were also not above coercion to get me to attend their meetings and get me to pair off with some women they had lined up for me who apparently dying to have a homosexual husband. In that respect, I was told that they would go out of the way to spread the word that I was a homosexual and I would become socially isolated (oh-no!) and that if I continued to be gay, I would eventually commit suicide. All in all, just a nice bunch of people (not).

  34. Swine says

    Yawn — this is such annoying babble. Was he just gay for pay or did he have some fun w/men for free? I’m not gettin’ his babble at all. Is he just trying to get some desperate PR for his show? His hotness is def starting to fade out big time.

  35. wtf says

    @Rick: wow you are SO full of $hit! Gay ghettos are all about sex? Um, no. They were about finding a place to live where you could be yourself and not GET BEATEN ON THE STREET. Where you could walk down the street with your BOYFRIEND or LOVER and NOT GET BEATEN ON THE STREET.

    You perpetuate stereotypes that we’ve been hit over the head with for DECADES and guess what? ENOUGH! Just SHUT UP WITH YOUR LIES. Because we don’t want them. How dare you degrade my love? The love for my BEST FRIENDS who are, yes, GAY MEN, and my partner, who I LOVE. IF YOU THINK BEING GAY IS ONLY ALL ABOUT SEX THEN YOU AREN’T GAY. Being gay is about WHO YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH, YOU IDIOT.

    I just want to smack you upside the head for being so EFFING STUPID.

  36. JWL says

    Dont waste too much time on this, this is his way of making up for some of the anti gay remarks about the show and not wanting gay sex to be involved at all with Hung.

  37. Paul R says

    And to support WTF, my ex and I lived in the Castro for 17 years and never had sex with anyone else—and were very much in love. We split in February and I’ve not had sex since. So much for rampant promiscuity.

    As I’ve said in other posts, I think Rick (aka Jason) is best ignored.

  38. Rin says


    I think the problem here is that you are under a greater misunderstanding of HUMAN culture and have placed it upon GAY culture….

    Lady Gaga is a musician. She makes music. Pop stars in general and musicians in particular are revered. There is something about music that is universal and speaks to people. Were she Lady Gaga school teacher she would not have a huge “gay following” as you put it.

    Wrestlers have never had the pull or influence of rock stars or actors. Note: “stars”.

    I’m not sure that gay men are so “in love” with women as they are humans that respond to music as humans typically do. Music can make you sad, happy, feel sexy, angry…

    Can pro-wrestlers do that?

    I have a lot of gay male friends. I care a lot about human rights. I care a lot about changing the world for the children who have to live in it some day.

    Do I think my gay male friends go home each night and worry about me and mine? No. Am I “one of them”? No. Like most groups people are fundamentally insular and wary. Does it mean that I will stop working for human rights or being interested in the struggle of human equality? No, that would be pretty bleeping selfish.

    I’m just a chick who can be fun from time to time. You have nothing to worry from women like me, Rick.

    Well, except if we were both ever in the running for dating Chris Hemsworth then you would have to have tasters make sure your food was safe. 😉

  39. says

    I realize I’m the odd woman out here, but in my own case I identify as a lesbian because I emotionally bond with women much better than I do men and have had consistently better relationships with women than I have had with men. I suppose many people would therefore describe me as “bisexual,” but that label doesn’t really fit, either, cuz I don’t feel a strong attraction in general toward either sex on a physical level, but do become physically attracted to people with whom I’ve formed a relationship.

    I guess my point is mostly to agree with those pointing out to Rick that there IS more to it than just sex for lots of people, and to make blanket statements otherwise is unfair and grossly stereotypical. However, to those arguing that one is necessarily born either gay, straight, or bi, and that anybody who says otherwise is “ignorant,” I would just like to point out that for at least some people, the labels don’t really fit, and I don’t think people should be disrespected for speaking honestly from their own experience, even if it doesn’t match up with your own.

  40. get real says

    If people are born gay, how come they can’t say,”I’m having a gay boy, or I’m having a lesbian baby. It’s ridiculous! By the way, where’s my rights? And I’m a single straight female-shouldn’t I be able to get something extra for not overpopulating the earth, and because I don’t have two incomes? If someone is bi, can they marry a man AND a woman? Give me a break! You’re not special!

  41. Hank says

    He may not be the most articulate guy, or the most up-to-date on the queer community’s conversation about identity. But he is being frank about his same-sex experiences and how he views them, and he doesn’t come off as a homophobe. And that’s pretty unusual for any public person , let alone an actor.

    Some of us may feel we are “born this way” and it’s that simple. And we are free to say so. But it’s not ultimately useful or realistic to attack someone who’s speaking frankly about his own experience and his own understanding of that experience, just because what he says seems off-message from “born this way.” You can’t police the rest of the world’s reality to make it fit your social-marketing agenda.

    In any case I find “born this way” at least as philosophically and tactically problematic as anything Thomas “Trade” Jane is saying. Rather than affirming as primary that there is nothing with being gay, or with having gay sex if I want to for whatever reason, “born this way’ tends to become a victim position, that shrugs and says “I can’t help it.” And so it doesn’t directly confront the sinner/addiction model promoted by the jesus people, who are the main enemies of gay rights and dignity in this country.

  42. Hank says

    Oops, the beginning of the third line of the last paragraph of my previous post should read: “nothing WRONG with being gay,….” Kind of an important point…

  43. Willem says

    My humble opinion, take it or leave it. —
    I’ve always felt that sexual preference in engrained into the DNA somehow, and we all fall on a spectrum. Whether your 100% gay or 100% straight, or maybe 70/30, or 60/40, or even 50/50, who knows. Some people seem to be able to engage sexually with both, and some i’ve heard can be sexual with one gender but only feel they can love another. There are so many different things, and we haven’t even begun to understand the reasons behind them.

  44. NwYrkr says

    Willem, I think your point is extrememly accurate. Isn’t that the point of either Kinsey and other sexual behaviorists that there is a spectrum from totally same sex orientation to totally opposite sex orientaion and all degrees in between and that we are born with our behavior already coded at some point on that spectrum.
    I also remember a number of years back about research showing that gay men had a larger hypothalmus gland than straight men and that yes we were born that way.
    I do not beleive that who a person is sexually attracted to is a choice, it is not nuture it is nature. Just as some people in Mr Jane’s position might choose to get a job flipping burgers or parking cars or pumping gas because the way they were born is that they, either gay or straight, could not under any circumstances hustle themselves sexually to strangers and would take any job no matter how menial to support themselves because that is the way they were born.

  45. Paul R says

    @Willem and NwYrkr: exactly. I could no sooner have sex with a man or woman I found unattractive than I could fly to the moon of my own volition. Other people are different or more desperate, able, and perhaps horny. Everyone has a different view on sex.

  46. Alistair says

    in 1988 at the xxxxxx hotel in Cape Town, I met TJ with a fat old South African director. My friend had been the barman there and the owner of the hotel was a well known business man in Cape Town, and a lech you could drink all night if you let him grope you (while his wife and kids were tucked up in bed). We sat out side and drank in to the morning and TJ was honest about FXXXing said fat director for a part in the movie he was making. You see someone always knows something Tom.

  47. Way says

    @ Aaron. Your comment hit the ball out of the park. You nailed it.

    Most people are so confused and misinformed about human sexuality. The problem, as I see it, with Thomas James blabbing about his early Hollywood days is that for most people, sexual orientation is not a choice. It chooses you.

  48. db says

    He really needs to shut up. He didn’t “choose to be heterosexual” he was heterosexual. Letting someone blow you for a sandwich doesn’t make you gay it makes you a hooker.

  49. michael furie says

    i get to choose how i identify myself and so does Mr. Jane or anyone else. personally, i believe that the emphasis on whether who i desire sexually is a choice or not hurts the struggle for equality and freedom of expression. we are letting “the other side” pick the battleground. we feed into their rhetoric of choice = sin and, while we are not responsible for creating that soul crushing idea, we do choose to stay within it when we engage on their terms. i don’t personally give a s**t if it is a choice or if i was born this way. i am what i am, i like what i am, and you better believe if offered a choice i would pick this. i believe our efforts would be more effective if we spent our energy getting us to love and accept us and leaving “them” with no debate partners. of course this is an oversimplification, it is a comment on a blog, but the basic idea is very important.

  50. Scott says

    I’ve always loved Thomas BUT I have to agree with a lot of you…..nobody chooses their sexuality; nobody does. He was gay for pay and nothing more. Damn, now all my hopes are dashed.

  51. Billy says

    Don’t know if anyone is even watching this thread anymore. I’m looking for a list of porn actors who are strictly gay for pay. I prefer to watch gay/bi men in porn and want a list so I can decide if it’s a video I want to watch or not. Google searches have not been successful. thanks guys!

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