1. SeaHorse says

    Yes, he is right. If you want to have a religious anti-gay education you SHOULD take your kids out of public schools, damn right. Get into private hate schools where you belong.

  2. Tyler says

    God’s schools don’t work that’s already been proven. If my child isn’t going to learn everything history, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then I don’t want them in that school. People like him shouldn’t be allowed a voice and to use liberal media for their propaganda.

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    @ Mike, et al.: While we know that Thomasson is hysterical, we need to acknowledge the inclination of thoughtless evangelicals to take his ranting lies as gospel. Clearly, Thomasson has zero regard for truth. His implication is clearly that hearing anything positive about homosexuals is like a pill that will turn all children gay — to the horror of their parents. I think it fortunate that such extremism is so easily unmasked: every time they enjoy “We Will Rock You,” they celebrate the success of a gay man, and gay people have written many hymns and patriotic songs. It truly pays off that we are everywhere.

  4. says

    This man is an example of the ring-wing, fundamentalist, tea bag, ostrich-type of people who use history for their own purposes. They pick events from the past which they like, enhance or change or ignore facts, and then propose that the rest of history be denied. History should be impartial and regarded from all angles; they want to use it as a tool to advance their agenda. Such misuse of history was employed by the Nazis, Communist parties and the Fascists. It is now being used in the same way by this man.

  5. Bart says

    Thank you Randy Thomasson. God’s school? Devil’s school? People like this defeat their own position by being wacky idiots, laughable buffoon. Each time they open their mouths stupid fall out.

    How about public school, where all sort of kids go, even those like mine, raised by two men. The kind open to everyone and exposed to a world that isn’t just about what people like Mr. Thomasson and his idiocy believe it should be.

    And yes, Mr. Thomasson, please home school your kids. The schools in Californa are overcrowded as is.

  6. Steve says

    Let’s all save Randy from himself. He needs savin’ real bad. And don’t say, “The devil made me do it!”. We all know that the devil is just negative ego in disguise…

  7. says

    I got a message from below
    ‘Twas from a man I used to know
    About a year or so ago
    Before he departed
    Is just as happy as can be
    I’ll tell you what he said to me
    He said, “If ever you get heavy-hearted

    Pack up your sins and go to the devil in Hades
    You’ll meet the finest of gentlemen and the finest of ladies
    They’d rather be down below than up above
    Hades is full of thousands of
    Joneses and Browns, O’Hoolihans, Cohens and Bradys
    You’ll hear a heavenly tune that went to the devil
    Because the jazz bands
    They started pickin’ it
    Then put a trick in it
    A jazzy kick in it
    They’ve got a couple of old reformers in Heaven
    Making them go to bed at eleven
    Pack up your sins and go to the devil
    And you’ll never have to go to bed at all

    If you care to dwell where the weather is hot
    H-E-double-L is a wonderful spot
    If you need a rest and you’re all out of sorts
    Hades is the best of the winter resorts
    Paradise doesn’t compare
    All the nice people are there
    They come there from ev’rywhere
    Just to revel with Mister Devil
    Nothing on his mind but a couple of horns
    Satan is waitin’ with his jazz band
    And his band came from Alabam’ with a melody hot
    No one gives a damn if it’s music or not
    Satan’s melody makes you want to dance forever
    And you never have to go to bed at all.”

    — Irving Berlin

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