Tim Tebow’s Man-on-Man Victory Kiss


Denver Bronco and Focus on the Family spokesman Tim Tebow planted a wet one on Demaryius Thomas during his late game rescue yesterday against the dolphins. Thomas caught the first of two touchdown passes from Tebow that positioned the Broncos for the win.

It's not the first time Tebow has shared a special moment like that with another man.

You may recall Tebow had a kiss with University of Florida teammate Tony Joiner that got the college football world talking a few years ago.

It's doubtful Tebow's PDA means his Bible-driven views have changed. Presumably as a result of controversy surrounding the 2010 Super Bowl as he made for anti-gay, anti-choice evangelical group Focus on the Family, Tebow is forbidden from talking about same-sex marriage with the press.

Though if he wants to keep making anti-homophobia PSAs like the screen shot above, we'll keep pointing them out.


  1. Javier says

    Great to see Tebow doing so well in the NFL. Yesterday’s victory was another confirmation of Tebow’s talent. I also admire him for being a great inspiration for Christians everywhere. Tebow just doesn’t talk about Christ, he lives the life of a follower of Christ.

  2. enough already says

    There would be more than a dram of ironic justice in it if Tebow were to be the first active American football star to come out of the closet.
    Can you just imagine the reaction of the hateful christians?

  3. keith says

    in the clip i saw this morning, the first thing he did when the team won was to go down on one knee and cross himself.

    while his alignment with FOF is troublesome due to their unrelenting hatred under the guise of “morality”, i also think it’s pretty unlikely he plays for our team.

    and if believing in an invisible sky fairy gets you through the day, then i say go for it. personally, i dont get it at all, but it seems to work for millions.

  4. Turtle says

    Most of the men I know are straight. Absolutely none of them kiss each other for any reason except as a kindness, a light peck, to an older relative. No straight men I have ever known kiss each other to express joy, excitment, exultation, anything. They will grab each and hug and jump up and down. But no kissing.

    But then again, I don’t watch sports. Feel free to enlighten me. I guess it could be a common thing for straight-identified football players to kiss each other to express happiness or celebration. Right?

  5. johnny says

    The only straight men that I know that kiss on the lips are two extreme new-age tree huggers that think it’s cool to do for some reason, probably left over from some men’s group stuff, talking stick, drumming, you know….

    It bugs me a little, because that’s just not something I’d do with anyone that is not a love interest. Call me old fashioned, I don’t care. Plus, anyone ever hear of herpes? Cold viruses? Flu?

    Tebow: “Nope, I’m not gay, I just like kissing guys on the lips.”

    Me: “Yeah…right. Not gay. Not homophobic.”

  6. Javier says

    “But then again, I don’t watch sports. Feel free to enlighten me. I guess it could be a common thing for straight-identified football players to kiss each other to express happiness or celebration. Right?”

    Where were you when NBA superstars Isaiah Thomas and Magic Johnson would mouth kiss on the court during games? It’s not as rare as some of you claim.

  7. Rick says

    @ TURTLE I do follow sports regularly, especially football, and it is virtually unheard of for two guys to kiss each other on the lips. A few years ago, a kiss to the forehead became a sort of mini-fad in football, but then faded, and butt slaps have always been common. Ditto for piling on and even hugging, when something big happens.

    But kisses on the lips? Absolutely not.

    Tebow is as gay as he can be and all the religious BS is just a cover-up. He has never shown any real interest in women, despite having thousands throw themselves at him as a superstar college quarterback–in fact, when he was asked about it at SEC media days a few years ago, he looked uncomfortable about being asked and hemmed and hawed his way through the answer.

    I have visions of him coming to a very bad end at some point, heading up some “ex-gay” ministry and then being exposed some day as a fraud, the way so many of the rest of these people have been…..which is a shame because he could get so much more mileage and be so much more usefu–and happy–if he would just accept himself and be out as a star gay athlete.

    A real tragedy in the making, if you ask me..

  8. jason says

    Well, it’s refreshing to see a man kiss another man for reasons other than wanting to get into his pants. It’s actually quite refreshing when such affection is not all crotch-oriented as the gay men’s movement keeps insisting it must be.

  9. jason says

    Rick, Rick, Rick,

    Stop insisting that a man is gay because he kisses another man on the lips. Do you similarly insist that all women who greet each other with kisses are lesbians? I doubt it.

    In fact, I believe that Tim Tebow now represents the new concept of the emancipated male. He appears to be far more emancipated than the sex-obsessed gay men and homophobic straight guys who keep looking for validatioin of their respective agendas.

  10. Chuck Mielke says

    You know, it’s possible to make too much of a kiss. Much the way we made (make?) way too much of men slapping each other on the ass at sporting events. I would imagine Mr. Tebow has some difficulty rationalizing his pleasure in kissing other men on the mouth. What it means is anybody’s guess. He may be straight, and he can live that way. He’ll never be homosexual unless he starts actually having sex with men. He’ll never be gay unless he identifies himself with that word. It’s his life, he deserves to live it in his own way. Hopefully, he’ll quit attempting to force his choices on everyone else.

  11. jaragon says

    Jocks always get emotional on the field, kissing, hugging, grabbing each others butts-it’s a safe place for straight men to show of their love for each other and what is wrong with that?!

  12. TANK says

    @WTF: Tank doesn’t like to be rude, but why don’t you shut your big mouth? Where do you come off telling anyone here what to say or not to say? You’re not the site owner. Show a little bit of class, you moron. Catty bitches like you make this otherwise great site a real pain at times. And I bet you’d be down on your knees in about two seconds if you ever met Tebow in person, so stop pretending you don’t like the big, beefy studmuffin! Hey, just keeping it real!

  13. JWD says

    Is anyone surprised?? Anyone?? And no, just cause they kissed on the lips doesn’t necessarily mean they are gay and even id ge was I wouldnt care like he seems to, but why would you speak out so much against homosexual acts and than kiss another man on the lips, hypocrisy much.

  14. Tom Cardellino says

    Man alive! Judgmental much? And especially lacking any personal knowledge. Focus on the Family is a certified hate group and that’s born out by what I’ve seen and read that was authored by them and their fearful minions. But Tebow’s point in making that “infamous” ad was to state his own life story. Disagree with its implications, as do I, but why pile on this guy? At the age he was when he made that ad, I certainly made some major misjudgments as to with whom I associated. Many of us are not iron-clad at that age as to what influences make their way into our literally still-developing brain. He who has not sinned may want to throw the first stone, but what does that say about your respect for the human frailties of “others?”

  15. Joe H says

    During Sunday’s NFL Blitz on ESPN, a bewildered Chris Berman, usually a favorite of mine, openly wondered why anyone would dislike such a fine young man. This came after yet another 10-minute Tebow love-fest on ESPN, hyping the young QB. Berman even intimated that there is something wrong with anyone who hates Tim Tebow.

    Today on ESPN.com, and equally reality-free zone when facts get in the way of worshiping star athletes, writer Bruce Jacobs picked up on Berman’s question and sadly conceded that Tebow is of course hated because he is a Christian.

    I’m not sure if this willful ignorance is intentional, but the good folks at ESPN probably know full-well why some of us hate Tim Tebow — and they are coming dangerously close to politicizing their brand. I hate Tim Tebow because of his extreme, Bible-thumping self-righteousness, the damning things he said in the past against others, his pointless self-insertion into the political realm with an anti-choice Superbowl ad, and his alliance with extreme groups like Focus on the Family who spew anti-gay hatred without shame. Note to ESPN: Tebow has aligned himself with extremists, which means some people will hate him.

    So the next time ESPN heavily promotes Tebow as an all-American role model (which will be in 5 minutes), I’ll have to wonder if they are showing their alliance with that God-fearing, straight, red-state, Nascar crowd — and their disdain for the rest of us.

  16. TANK says

    @JOE H: Hey, Tank admires a guy with strong convictions who can express them clearly and concisely, but I have to say, I don’t get your hate for Tebow. He does a lot for his gay fans, of whom there are many, such as wearing a dark jockstrap under his see-through white pants, posing shirtless and sweaty all the time, not hiding his impressive man bulge under a little towel when out on the field, and in general, being cute. Yeah, he can be annoying at times, but I don’t think any of the queens around here would kick him out of their bed, if you get what I mean. People who say that their political correctness outweighs the pull of their secret erotic desires aren’t being honest with themselves… and that’s how Tank sees it!

  17. Michael says

    There have been rumors he’s gay for a long time. He used to live with his boyfriend in Gainesville. I didn’t think much about it until a couple of years ago in an interview he said he didn’t date women due to his morals yet, um, the bible doesn’t actually state this so called moral. It was then it was obvious he is gay.

  18. billmiller says

    These guys work together as a team/family and love each other. I’ve seen hundreds of dudes kiss, not that I would not mind being on the receiving end! It is a shame that he is so messed up in his thinking though…

  19. Just how gay is he? says

    I’m not a sports fan. I don’t follow Tebow. But my gaydar is going off. He wants to kiss boys. Too bad he has to throw a pass before making a pass.

  20. Bill says

    I’ve got lots of straight, male friends. Despite the testosteronal rush of sports excitement – one would be hard pressed to envision any of them planting a wet, juicy lip-lock on each other’s mouths as a result of a “winning play”. Just ain’t gonna happen. (Oh, unless of course that might be the particular individuals wholly, natural inclination and in the thrill of the moment the individual “forgets” to hide what Focus on the Family doesn’t want the rest of the world to see. I’m just saying.)

  21. Rin says

    @Turtle and @Rick

    I don’t think you know enough straight guys. The more alpha dudes on the football team at my undergrad did it all the time…unfortunately…its sort of a homophobic gesture for many. :(

    I hope he wasn’t being homophobic but… who can say?

  22. just_a_guy says

    It reminds me of the pictures of the femmed-out Taliban-fighters. WHen you are subscribed to a culture SOOO fiercely forcing oppression based on gender and sexual orientation DOWN YOUR THROAT…it starts to SHOW. This is Tim Tebow EXPRESSING (presumably unconsciously) the force of the oppression HE HIMSELF has been perpetrating.

    Ironic and thoroughly apt. We will see more kissing of men by Tim Tebow, whether or not he’s gay. At least we will until he quits his gay-hate gig. It’s inevitable and a natural expression of his physical being rejecting his mind-fu**ed hate. He’s conflicted about his hate–whether he knows it or not… We can SEE it.

    Tebow, be a real man and cut the gay-hate. But u don’t need to stop kissing guys on the field; I don’t mind.

  23. Rick says

    @Jason Believe me, if that is what this represented, I would be right there with you. The fly in the ointment of your argument, though, is that, in very public ways, young Mr. Tebow has aligned himself with the homophobic Religious Right.

    I think Rob and Bill have it right in this instance–I don’t really need to elaborate on what they said here.

    And I think you know that the analogy with women is invalid–women have long been allowed to kiss each other and dance with each other in this culture without it having lesbian overtones. Not so with men.

    We share the same goals, I think–and if Tim ever does decide to accept his sexuality and kiss a guy unapologetically in public….and at the same time, denounce rather than endorse (and hide behind) the Religious Right, then he will, indeed, be a hero. Until then, however, he just remains what he is…..

  24. darkmoonman says

    Anyone who voices that much hatred of gays is actually terrified because he himself has homosexual feelings. Not that this makes him any less dangerous and destructive to gays and gay rights.

  25. paul says

    Saying Focus on the Family is “Anti-Gay” kind of makes them sound like they don’t like gay people. I’m pretty sure they love gay people, but don’t approve of their lifestyles. Kind of like you might not approve of this post but that doesn’t make you anti-paul. Or maybe you don’t like me, which would make you anti-paul. And that’s ok.

  26. Meh, who cares? says

    So he kissed a dude, who cares? The guy does nothing for me whatsoever. Do I hate him? Of course not. Life is WAY too short to expend energy on hating someone who doesn’t give 2 shits about you in the 1st place (He obviously doesn’t know most of you, so why expect him to care whether or not you like him?)

    And who cares if he suddenly comes out of the closet? Would we, as a gay community, not accept him with open arms? This is the problem with some Militant Gays… they become the exact thing they oppose. They fight hate with hate, instead of keeping a calmer, cooler head.

    I don’t know, I love football for the sport of it, but way too many gay guys think entirely with their dicks.

  27. Brian says

    You know people are blowing this WAY out of proportion… if you watch the video of it, it happens LESS then a second and he turns his head. Theres NOTHING gay about it. Trust me, i really dislike this guy 100% and wouldn’t normally defend him, but seriously, this is nothing worth attention.

  28. jack says

    I think that one of the reasons a lot of straight guys play team sports is so they can share intimacies with other men.There is a whole lot of homoeratic behavior in sports.There is nothing wrong with that. However, there is something wrong when at the same time they preach their anti gay venim.

  29. Mk says

    Hahah tebow is gay. But I’ve seen barkley kiss that old ref in the mouth. It was just awkward you know. It just happened that way, I dont think they planned it. Kinda like here to be honest. It just the way it happened. Or… it could be love lmao

  30. t says

    tony joiner also kissed him

    maybe they know something we don’t


    maybe its a tender way of demonstrating affection, respect, or gratitude?

    either way, BRING IT!

  31. d jones says

    It’s disgusting how your site would turn this into opportunistic fodder for your readers. I doubt Tim has any homosexual tendencies, and thank God for that! It’s amazing how you will latch onto anything to try to justify your lifestyle as a normal alternative. I think you do that because you know deep down that it is anything but normal, to the contrary, you are at dis-ease in your soul with it.

  32. d jones says

    Now adays if somebody states their preference for heterosexuality, they are ‘forcing’ their choices on other people. Something is wrong with that pictures. The majority of us will never accept your lifestyle as normal or even alternate. We will condemn it as deviant, aberrant, and plain wrong. Deal with it.

  33. Raven says

    Nice to see it. I hate hate and I hate white bigots trying in every way they can MEDIA mainly to disturb and push everything they hate as abnormal. Right on! Kiss again!

  34. jack says

    Less than 60 years ago conservative bible belters would have condemned this pic as promoting both homosexuality and miscegenation. There bible opposed both. Since then the U S Courts have declared anti- miscegenation laws as unconstitutional. Now the poor bible thumpers only have homosexuals to kick around. And they are scared sh**less that they may soon lose that. Poor things, what are they to do? They can’t go back to condemning divorced and remarried folks because most of their hereos are divorced and remarried.

  35. Bobby says

    It’s obvious Tebow has never read the Bible or simply isn’t concerned with this tidbit.

    5 “And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. 6 But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.[b] 7 And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.

    He’s just another hypocrite cashing in on the idiocy of other hypocrites.

  36. Thomas says

    Some one should talk to the guy he kissed and see if there was tongue. And how long did this last. It would just be hilarious if his victory kiss was just a full on throat invasion.

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  39. says

    Mr. Tebow,

    I’m a conservative Christian minister, and after years of reading the Bible cover to cover I have found:

    1) Sodom & Gommorrah: attempted gang rape and ill-treatment of strangers is evil.

    2) Leviticus 18 & 20 and Romans 1: forbids perverted married HETEROSEXUAL men from fornicating with the same gender.

    I still have never discovered a statement in the Bible which states that two people of the same gender cannont enter into marriage.

    The argument of many people (even non-religious people!) has been that Adam & Eve are God’s model for marriage – but that is clearly false since God approved a variety of marriage structures in the Scriptures:

    Other Marriage Type 1): Polygamous marriage. God, in the Bible, has never outlawed men from having multiple spouses (except specifically for the high priest of Israel, bishops and deacons) and in fact God SANCTIONED polygamy by issuing Biblical Laws on dealing with children from such marriages. Many holy men of Scripture had multiple spouse, including David, Solomon and Israel himself. Yet this is not the “Adam & Eve marriage model”.

    Other Marriage Type 2): The Levirate marriage. God struck Onan dead for refusing to impregnate his dead brother’s widow. Why? Because the marriage custom of the day was that if a married man dies without children, his brother must marry his widow and produce ofspring for his dead brother. The Bible actually states that Onan pulled out of his brother’s widow and ejaculated on to the ground to prevent the widow from having an heir. Yet this is not the “Adam & Eve marriage model”.

    Other Marriage Type 3): Incestuous marriages. At certain times incestuous marriages were lawful to God. For example, Adam & Eve’s own children, and the grandchildren of Noah after the flood, would have been required to marry one another to populate & repopulate the earth. Yet this is not the “Adam & Eve marriage model”.

    Other Marriage Type 4): Arranged Marriage. This happened both in the Bible and throughout world history – not just in the East and Middle East, but throughout Europe and even early America. Love had nothing to do with these marriages; they bound Houses and families together for political and financial and societal reasons. Yet this is not the “Adam & Eve marriage model”.

    When God created Adam, the Biblical record states, “It is not good that the man SHOULD BE ALONE.” The prevention of loneliness is the BIBLICAL FUNCTION of marriage. Gender has nothing to do with it.
    -Rev. Jim Cunningham

    King James Bible Ministries Int.

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