UPDATE: Courage Campaign Files Complaint, Requests Investigation into ‘Stop SB 48′ Tactics

Stop48 Earlier this week, a gay man caught a volunteer promoting Stop SB 48 – which would repeal the California law requiring gay history to be taught in schools – by saying the conservative measure protects children from molesters.

Now California's Courage Campaign wants an official investigation. Why? Because lying to obtain petition signatures is illegal.

As such, yesterday, Courage Campaign filed a formal complaint with the California Attorney General, District Attorney, and the Oceanside City Attorney on behalf of Max Disposti, who witnessed the events, requesting an investigation (and possible prosecution) into signature-gathering tactics used by Stop SB 48 volunteers. Alleging that SB 48 could expose children to sexual predators is simply unacceptable, and Stop SB 48 campaign and their volunteers should be held accountable. We’ll keep you informed as this proceeds.

You can read the complaint – and co-sign it – here.


  1. says

    Please sign the petition no matter where you live. We can’t let the H8ers get away with this. Geez, I would have been so proud to hear about other gay people when I was in school. Thanks.

  2. Dale says

    Surprise! Evangelical Christians lying? Lying is not one of the commandments. So they are just being concerned citizens.

    [sarcasm off]

  3. L'Herbs says

    Man, we are all OVER the kick-ass court cases! Without being prematurely optimistic, I’d say chipping away little bits of the bigot foundation is going to reap rewards exponentially. As more and more cases are ruled in our favor (even the small ones), more and more precedent gets set and THAT goes a LONG way. Huzzah!

  4. EdA says

    Actually, lying IS one of the Ten Commandments — Thou shalt not bear false witness.

    But you’re right — nobody would expect honesty or integrity from Christianists who claim to love Jesus more than anything but who kick him in the crotch on any possible occasion. (See Matthew 25:41 on.)

    These sociopaths claim to have “found Jesus.” Assuming that they actually believe what they claim they do (highly doubtful given their actions), they’d better hope that Jesus doesn’t find THEM.

  5. says

    Not one News organization in San Diego County picked up the original story. I don’t believe, overall, ANY News organization covered this story, only gay blogs. Gays and gay issues remain non-grata with the News until something drastic happens.