What Happened To Republican Rep. Phillip Hinkle’s Teenaged Gay Paramour?

Kameryn_gibson_on_gay_porn_site Remember Kameryn Gibson? He's the broke 18-year-old from Indiana who posted a Craigslist ad soliciting "sugga daddies," and somehow landed himself a towel-draped Republican pol of such overwhelming skeeziness that, when it came time to do the deed, Mr. Gibson couldn't perform. Well. It seems Mr. Gibson is broke no longer.

On Top Magazine reports that Mr. Gibson is now performing for two gay porn studios, CocoDorm and ThugBoy, under the name of DeJuan Diamond. According to the mag, Gibson's talent agency, Flava Works, has released a statement which reads, in part:

It is no secret that many Republicans are closet homosexuals, while at the same time preaching anti-gay messages and protesting gay marriage. Now with DeJuan Diamond starring online … Republicans will be able to enjoy the men they love right from the comfort of their home or offices.

Witty! Vicious! But, hey, Kameryn, if you're reading this: Please don't take Flava Works PR braggodocio too seriously. What you're doing is fine, but it ain't activism, and as happy as your new associates are to rep you now, they probably won't care much in five years. Do yourself a favor, and use this brief reprieve from unemployment to get a degree or some vocational training, or just to do some serious thinking about what you want out of life. You've got some breathing room now. Use it wisely, or you'll be back on Craigslist in no time.


  1. Rob says

    Wow, scathing much? This is incredibly judgmental. Perhaps Towleroad can make such comments if the blog didn’t post links to NSFW pics and have a model fix.

  2. ravewulf says

    I think it’s sound advice. Not everyone stays on to do porn as a career and just because a studio is interested in you because of a Republican scandal doesn’t mean they’ll stay interested in you.

  3. Mark says

    Great commentary! Maybe if more older gay men had the courage to held guide younger gay men by giving them sound, life-affirming advice certain realities in our community might be different.

    Unfortunately too many gay men deem anything that might curb or suggest responsibility to themselves or others when it comes to their sexual behavior as oppression, bigotry or homophobia.

  4. Brenda says

    Actually, Penn Bullock is a young gay man himself and his opinionated, righteous blogging is a breath of fresh air.

    I think it is extremely important to tell young people that a porn career is a detrimental career if you lack other training and education because when the money runs out and the studios have no use for you, you end up back where you started but with an added headache: internationally distributed nude pictures and videos of you in sex acts that prospective employers abhor.

    The limited opportunities for black gay male porn stars in a white-run and deeply racist gay porn culture is even more reason why this advice is important.

    Flava Works is actually run by a white gay man who underpays his black performers in a way that exploits them in relation to other white gay male stars.

    So Penn Bullock’s criticism was spot-on and I would’ve gone farther!

  5. anon says

    I’m not sure a porn career carries the risks it did in the past, but you can’t escape the exposure like before (with everything online). The technical sides of the entertainment and fashion industries probably would not care, nor would a lot of left leaning charities (though don’t get a criminal record). You would have to do a lot of explaining at any job interview though. (In some states/jurisdictions, lying on a job application can be a crime.)

  6. Karl says

    No one here is judging him for using his sexuality. It’s a fact than gay porn careers last a very few years. If you think we shouldn’t talk about that because it might keep people from doing porn, that’s your selfishness talking.

  7. not a sunday school says

    If you are going to complain about the poster at least get his name right, it’s Brandon K. Thorp.

    And Kameryn is now getting the kind of exposure he needs to find his sugga daddy. If exposure in On Top Magazine doesn’t do it there is always IN MY BOTTOM to look forward to. Who says a porn career can’t last?

  8. Reggie says

    If you think so poorly of Andy, as to suggest him for the creepy GOP lawmaker, what are you doing on his site, Marc C? Do you normally spit on the floor of the person’s home you visit? Leave Andy out of your bitchy remarks. I know some people live to just cause “trouble” wherever they go. But this site has been home to many who appreciate Andy and what this site offers, a few posters excepted. Don’t piss in the common pool. It says too much about your upbringing.

  9. princely54 says

    If one is offended by the editorial comments on this post, I don’t think one is being realistic. Porn jobs are not careers for MOST of the guys in it. Yes, there are those who do end up in it for a long time (more behind the camera than in front of it at some point) and they are to be commended, but they are exceptions.

    Being in a porn IS not activism (if, indeed that’s what the man is looking to do; I have my doubts) and it will serve him better to take that money and make himself more valuable in a way that is long-lasting and can help him sustain his life beyond the couple of vids this job will provide.

  10. says

    One could probably argue that porn is, in its own way activism. But more importantly: did Kameryn ever really claim to be an activist? And if not, is it fair to ding him for not being one?

    More to the point: I find the author’s attitude toward porn and those who take part in it offensive. True, it’s rarely a lifetime career (though there are exceptions), but let’s not use that fact to make negative assumptions about Kameryn’s intelligence.

  11. Robert says

    Well, he can kiss that Senate candidacy goodbye, for one.

    It seems to me that he (Gibson) is leveraging his modicum of notoriety to earn some money. I took the post’s commentary to be a warning to him ‘make the most of what you make, because it won’t last long.’
    This is most likely true. At the risk of sounding ludicrous, he might consider a good trade school – say, plumbing. People will always need good plumbers.

  12. Paul R says

    Some of you need to get a grip. The commentary goes out of its way to be realistic, not condescending. (Aside from the comment about activism.) It’s clear that this kid doesn’t really want to work (he’s looking for a sugar daddy), is using his age and notoriety (he’s doing porn), and may not be exceptionally bright or even gay.

    Not to mention, porn pays crap. Very few performers get more than a few hundred dollars a movie. You have to do live shows or work as an escort to make decent money as a male sex worker. Like modeling, it’s one of the few fields where women get paid a lot more. There are always homeless and hungry gay or questioning youth, gay for pay guys, and plenty of others who will do such work.

    And by the way, porn is still a major blemish on your past. We live in a very uptight, hypocritical society.

  13. Brenda says

    Whoops! I thought Penn Bullock was writing here on weekends. I just noticed that Brandon Thorp was the writer. I stand corrected on the name. But my defense of Brandon’s writing STAYS THE SAME. We need good, rich opinionated writing on this site!

  14. Your Mom says

    I’m not really sure why so many here think that once the bloom of youth is no longer a part of your rosebud, a career in the adult industry is kaput. In-front-of-the-camera “talent” can certainly parlay that into something behind-the-scene like directing, producing or finding more “talent.” And let’s face it, we’re talking gay male porn here so the longevity of someone on camera is much more diffuse and longer-lasting than straight porn. So bollocks to Penn for his knee-jerk judgmental assessment.

  15. gwyneth cornrow says

    I liked the cautionary aside. It was refreshing, as other comments have noted. I wonder whether this new economic consciousness is inspired in part by the demonstrations on Wall Street.
    Also, @Your Mom, this isn’t necessarily the case for porn stars of color, who tend to get chewed up and spit out by the smaller “niche” studios more quickly than white ones.

  16. says

    Hey Brandon,

    If this guy was “Caucasian” would you have said the same thing? you know this part

    “use this brief reprieve from unemployment to get a degree or some vocational training, or just to do some serious thinking about what you want out of life. You’ve got some breathing room now. Use it wisely, or you’ll be back on Craigslist in no time”

    Would you?

  17. billyWingarten says

    Ssomeone should put Hinkles head on a gay porn picture.

    it would be hilarious seeing him going what he wants anyway.

    And send it to his wife. MF

    Weak people, often secretly gay, try to be macho by hating their own kind.

    Its all about the cult of masculinity. Note that the 3 most homophobic churches – Vatican, Southern evangelist, and Mormon treat women as second class citizens.

    And of course they see gays as a threat to their own masculinity, or exposing their lack thereof.

  18. JCF says

    Is there anyone who read the thread title “What Happened To Republican Rep. Phillip Hinkle’s Teenaged Gay Paramour?” who DIDN’T immediately guess “porn”?

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