Zachary Quinto to Play a ‘Gay Ghost’ on ‘American Horror Story’


Zachary Quinto describes his upcoming guest role on American Horror Story:

"I play a gay ghost. It's basically like my (gay) character on (the former VH1 series) 'So NoTORIous' (above) and my character from 'Heroes' mixed into one."

He says he considers Sylar in Heroes his break-out role:

"'Heroes' really changed the game for me in a way that nothing before it had. That job came out of a really lean period for me. I felt a lot of limitations and, of course, they were all self-imposed. And they were able to find an outlet in that role in 'Heroes' and that really changed my journey creatively and professionally."

And says he's not worried about being typecast as a gay character:

"I've played gay characters before. I've played straight characters before. It hasn't shaped my relationship to my work and they've all been interesting characters."


  1. ohplease says

    All these years after Anne Heche, are we REALLY still going on about how announcing you’re gay is a publicity ploy that’s a one-way ticket to stardom?

    Of course, this is also post-Rupert Whatshisname, when we’re still saying how nobody should announce that they’re gay because it’s an instant career-killer.

    Enough of this nonsense. It’s 2011. If you’re still relatively young and/or relatively new to your career — or even, sometimes, if you’re not — it’s just not a big deal either way. And we all know this now, so, please, let’s give it a rest.

  2. Nicole says

    Ha, ghosts in a sauna! Looks like FX has done it again with another great show and I’m set to watch it with the DISH Network subscription I get as an employee. I’m lucky because DISH is keeping FX unlike Directv who’s struggling with negotiations to keep FX and National Geo to name a few.

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