1. D.R.H. says

    Sorry, Ricco, but I think you mean fat, slovenly, mouth-breathers are a dime a dozen. Show me a place in America where guys like these are a dime a dozen, please! I’ll move instantly.

  2. Jeff says

    Dudes – be gentle… The gay community, and gay porn in particular, created these smiling hairless twinks. Someone obviously forgot to send out the memo that it’s Butch Dixon and Hairy Boyz these days…

  3. Brian says

    I for one am glad to see them smooth and lean, to each his own I guess. But I am surprised that it’s a sea of white skin, especially in a pr photo. At least hire a few token guys of color for the photo shoot to show at least a passing familiarity with the changing racial composition of the country.

  4. Frozen North says

    Director’s Assistant: “Token black guy to the front please!”

    They’re hot and all. Or at least one form of hot. But I don’t get why some people think comments like, “No chest hair, I’m bored now” are somehow redeeming or superior. Sorry, but if they all had chest hair, I’d think the marketing campaign was just as uninspired and boring.

    Frankly, if you are only into chest hair, or facial hair, or whatever, then you are just as limited and shallow as any chicken hawk.

  5. Eric26 says

    Brian actually brings up the one good point. Instead of body snarking like other commenters he sees that almost all of these boys are white. I guess non-white people are just toooo ugly to greet people at a crappy clothing store.

  6. new-new says

    Blah. Eurocentric standards of beauty. Blah. A couple of people of color in a disproportionate sea of whiteness. Yet some think I’m crazy when I continue to harp on about how standards of beauty are constructed within our society. Just a preference my ass.

  7. Michaelandfred says

    Works for me! Although since my local store(s) has a hugely diverse staff, as diverse as the community here in Miami, I am surprised that they didn’t reflect that in their advertising. My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday when we saw someone with an Abercrombie shopping bag. As pretty as these boys are, they haven’t changed this image in years….perhaps that’s why they’re market share is falling so much lately.

  8. Stephen Q says

    Reminds me of those little books we had as kids where you swap the heads and bodies of different animals. You could swap the heads and they would all still be the same.

  9. Zlick says

    I suppose they’re trying to appeal to a certain purchasing demographic, and maybe clumsily at that. But yes, it’s a certain “type” both retailers are featuring. So? Cute, young-seeming (i.e, smooth), in-shape white boys. Not all-inclusive by a long shot, and why exactly should they be?

  10. scott says

    Why so many harsh comments? Can’t we just enjoy a little eye-candy without grousing that it doesn’t ring our particular bell? I’m always happy to see shirtless, smiling men.

  11. Andalusian Dog says

    Vast ocean of beige skin. Yuck.

    A+E is appealing to (young, white) men’s subconscious ideal for what their bodies and their society should look like: homosocial, mostly white, trim, hairless, and a vague whiff of sexual tension. In the end, it’s basically a fantasy world the Germans toyed with in the first third of last century, and it didn’t end well.

  12. says

    Funny….I didn’t even notice that there was no diversity amongst the men. And I generally go for a little color.

    In any case, all I could think about was that these poor young men have probably never known the gloriousness of a hearty, succulent cheeseburger passing their lips and filling them up inside.

  13. raphinou says

    @zlick – why should they be inclusive? because these companies are trying to get everybody’s money. they’re not just selling to one particular group of people. yes, their clothing might specifically be for the cute, young-seeming (i.e, smooth) and in-shape but you have east asian guys, black guys, latino guys, south asian guys, middle eastern guys, mediterranean guys, as well as your run-of-the-mill white, northern european guys, who are cute, young-seeming (i.e, smooth) and in-shape. if these companies are taking money from these other groups of people, these other groups of people should be included in the promotionals as well. ‘white’ is not the default skin colour anymore.

  14. Butch says

    I don’t see what’s wrong with commenting (negatively) on a commercial enterprise. I’ve personally gotten real tired of the way-too-perfect types who are supposed to set our hearts aflutter.

  15. PaulR says

    Just to point out, there are at least 8 black guys in the bottom photo, which is a higher percentage than the population at large in the US.

    The appeal of A&F completely escapes me. I guess that they’re suppose to look like handsome young college guys, but that’s not what they look like — they look like gay porn models.

  16. Steerpike says

    I like the A7F boys…amongst others. No reason to dislike someone for being anone shape of colour or another. Some guys just don’t have hairy chests. On the other handm, the guy who runs the company is a FREAKY person with the strangest, quasi-fascist obsessions and a complete inability to accept that he’s 61: he looks like a melting waxwork of Gary Busey: check out the article: it’s fascinating:

  17. chad says

    I don’t understand how any red blooded gay boy can look at these guys and not appreciate the beauty.

    They could certainly be a lot more diverse but they are no less attractive because they all look the same.

    Shirtless happy men are a good thing.

  18. Paul R says

    Actually their models are usually more attractive. Sure, all these guys have nice (homogeneous) bodies, but with a few exceptions their faces are nothing special.

    Maybe I’m just saying that because both shots seem so, umm, gay, and aren’t even trying to sell clothing. And I’m really tired of guys above a certain age wearing A&F clothing and hoping it makes them look young. Do they have different PR packets for different demographics?

  19. eric says

    a year or two ago the Sarasota newspaper ran an interview with a local lad who became an Aberzombie catalog model and got shipped up to NYC to put on display in the flagship 5th Avenue store. He had to chose his words carefully, but essentially he hated it. Working in just jeans and flip flops made him feel cheap and ridiculous. Constant objectification working as a greeter, and a model, hurt his self esteem.

    I feel sorry for these guys. It’s a rotten way to earn a living or tuition.

  20. Keithy says

    I don’t like A+F. When I go shopping for clothes I don’t want to be aroused thanks. If I want to be aroused, I’ll watch porn or go some place where I can pick a guy up.

    Also, when I shop for clothes, I don’t want to feel bad about my body. I’m considered good-looking but do not have a 6 pack body and am a little older than these guys. Normally, I have a good self-image, but A+F makes me depressed about my body. So I avoid it.

    So thanks A+F, but I don’t want to be made to feel aroused and/or bad about my body when I’m making decisions to spend money on clothes. You lose because of your cheap tricks to manipulate me. I’ll spend my hard-earned dollars elsewhere and urge everyone else to do the same.

  21. Gregv says

    Like Joe, I don’t tend to notice people’s race, either. But when I stop to look at it after the comments, my thought is this:
    If a commenter doesn’t travel much and lives in Duluth, he may wonder why there’s such a lack of blonds; if he lives in Detroit, he may think there are fewer black guys than he’s used to; and if he’s never left Honolulu, he might wonder where all the Asians are at.
    The Hollister photo looks to me like, ethnically-speaking, it’s pretty proportionate to the make-up of the USA as a whole.
    I could understand far more clearly why someone would say the group is not diverse in regards to age (100% of them appear to be within a tiny range of about four years of each other) or body type (They’re all of similar height and weight and could easily pass as a college volleyball team.
    OTOH, not every retailer is aiming to sell to every type of person. This is obviously appealing to a metrosexual, hairless, athletic frat boy type.
    I’ve never seen the shirtless greeter thing (and it did get my attention). But I do need some new jeans, so yeah, I’ll be stopping in on Black Friday.

  22. Redebbm says

    I use to have a thing for and aspired to be one of these guys. I think grown out of that. I prefer my men hairy and beefy and aspire to be that now. Still hot guys though.

  23. antisaint says

    Pass. All the supposed eye candy in the world wouldn’t cause me to be caught dead spending the kind of money they expect out of a customer in this stupid store.

  24. Ricco says

    They are a dime a dozen D.R.H. And so too are fat, slovenly, out-of-shape men a dime a dozen. Naturally we won’t see them in an ad, nor would we want to. What I want to see are men who don’t look like God rolled out the cosmic dough and used a cookie cutter. I want to see men who while muscular and ripped, and good looking, still have interesting faces that are distinguishable from other men. Men who stand out.

    It’s bad enough when white people think that all Black people look alike, and have trouble distinguishing one Black person from another, but it is just TOO weird when your own race begins to look alike.

    You don’t think these guys are a dime-a-dozen? Well, talk to any modeling agency, and Hollywood or Broadway producer, any porn talent scout, and they will all tell you these guys can be found anywhere.

    Go to any gay club in America, walk on any University and college campus, the community college campus’ too, over six thousand, and you will find these clones every where.

    Like I said . . . Dime-A-Dozen!!

  25. Contrarian says

    From a pure business and marketing standpoint, I don’t get it. Our country, and perforce the shopping universe is more diverse than ever in terms of race and ethnicity. This brand is in a 1970 time warp of preppy white boys. Also, itsn’t it simply good business to market to straight men and/or their girlfriends who make up the largest share of the public? I find it difficult to believe that straight high school and college guys aren’t turned off by so much male skin on display.

  26. Rich says

    I don’t think marketing created our ideal of what is physically beautiful. When one is in the presence of these gentlemen, one realizes very quickly what physical beauty is, strikingly and without anyone telling you. They are gifted with beauty and all of the trappings that come with it, and the pain of seeing it go. I wonder if it is hairy men who complain about no hair or hairless men? I’m sure most of these guys have some hair but shave it because they prefer not to have any. I’m hairy but I prefer not to have it nor be with men who have it, so I remove it. If you ever shaved your privates, I’m sure you noticed how rather liberating and sensitive it feels.

  27. St. Theresa of Avila says

    The vagaries and conceits of American mall retailing never cease to amaze me. I’m sure their clothes are made in the same Asian sweatshops as Old Navy’s yet sell for 3X as much. I admit the armies of Aberzombies are cute, but it wouldn’t make me waste money on their clothes.

  28. Kevin says

    There are actually a LOT more guys of color in these photos than I expected, but the practice of lighting the shot so everyone appears whiter is out of control here.

    They did that in my high school photos too…all us black and Latino people were shot to look like 4 shades lighter than we are in real life.

  29. bro-mosexual says

    the US population is about 15% black, which is approximately the percentage of black guys in these two photos. people on this site are so eager to bring race politics into every conversation that they didn’t even notice that the evidence doesn’t support their line of reasoning.

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