AFTAH Explains The Real Tragedy Of Penn State Scandal

Yesterday, the president of Americans For The Truth About Homosexuality, Peter LaBarbera, issued a press release in which he explained the real tragedy at the heart of Penn State defensive coach Jerry Sandusky's serial rape of an untold number of pre-adolescent boys over an untold stretch of years: Some of the victims may grow up to be gay.

Wrote LaBarbera:

Thus, how many boy victims of homosexual predator Sandusky will end up believing that being homosexual (“gay”) is “who they are”? How many will struggle with sexual identity issues? And how many will be told by LGBT advocates and liberal-minded people just to “accept being gay” as “who they are” because they were “born that way”?

Let's remember: LaBarbera and his allies believe that unrepentant LGBT folk will spend all of eternity basting in a lake of fire. Furthermore, LaBarbera believes that even the grossest sinner can gain entrance to eternal paradise should he feelingfully repent before he croaks. Which means LaBarbera believes something like the following: 1) Child is born; 2) Child is raped; 3) Child's sexuality is scrambled by said rape; 4) The creator of the universe is angry at both adult rapist and child rapee; 5) Adult rapist repents; 6) Child rapee does not; 7) Rapist enjoys happiness forever, untouched by pity for his erstwhile child rapee, who spends all of eternity convulsed in unspeakable agony.

Furthermore, Peter LaBarbera believes that "God is love," and that secular society is immoral, cruel, and heartless. He is, in other words, very confused.


  1. says

    At my blogroll I keep a ever-changing/ever-active contributor named ¨Dastardly Dads¨…two-three times a day the ghastily story changes that reports abuse, sometimes lethal, of the REAL CHILDREN OF HETEROSEXUALS (or whatever these monsters are)…I don´t enjoy reading the vile reports, arrests and outcomes of such damaged human behavior BUT I do think it is necessary to keep ones eye on the ball…the truth is that Petey La can make up whatever crap he wishes regarding LGBT people but the truth is far different than the disturbed sexual projections of a pitiful, disguised as a man, religious muckraker/bigot and deceitfilled coward…the truth/reality is, heterosexuals can be/are a very, very dangerous a emotionally twisted lot–I count him amongst them.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before some idiot used this tragedy to promote the idea that being gay usually is a result of abuse or a choice out of confusion.

  3. say what says


    1- witness sees 10 yr old being raped in penn state locker room shower ……leaves, calls his dad, tells Coach joe the next morining but never at any time thought of trying to stop it and or call the police

    2- Coach Joe upon hearing about said incident tells university president but never once calls the police

    3- University president upon hearing about it never calls the police

    All 3 continue to work with said rappist

    Local DA ends up missing after starting the investigation in 2005

    100s of students riot the night coach joe an abetter of child rape gets fired…destroying property even overturning a news van and braking windows but not 1 student gets arrested (while at UC Berkley peaceful student protesters protesting income inequality get beaten by cops with sticks and 39 are arrested)

    All that and Labarbera is worried that some of the victims of a child rapist might turn out gay????


    America is rotten to the very core of its soul and it isn’t “the gays”

  4. So Left I'm Right says

    @Say What — what you said! This screed from Porno Pete is so pernicious and vile, it brings me to the verge of wanting to commit violence against him, and I am an advocate of non-violence.

  5. Jexer says

    If a rapist prefers blondes… he PICKS blondes. Victims don’t become blonde because he raped them.

    If a rapist prefers boys that are fae/nelly/same-sex-curious boys… he PICKS them. They don’t become so because he’s raped them.

    Limp Peter LaBarbarian is a tool of satan spreading lies and deceit.

  6. MikeH says

    Well, what does that say exactly about the vast majority of child abuse causes which are overwhelmingly heterosexual? Amazing how some people are just obsessed with gay sex… more so than people who are gay! As Shakespeare wrote: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  7. RIck says

    I don’t really care what some out-of-the-mainstream zealot like this says–if anything, it will de-legitimize his claims.

    I did, though, tell my brother-in-law the other night when we were discussing all this that I thought there was a double standard when it came to molestations of children–that only those involving boys, rather than girls, ever turn into “national tragedies” that the media blows up into a huge event that should result in national soul-searching. And I told him that I thought there was a homophobic under-current that drives that phenomenon; that the “outrage” has more to do with the fact that male-male sex was taking place than with the fact that a child’s innocence was being taken from him.

    I truly believe that if Jerry Sandusky had molested 8 little girls rather than 8 little boys, that none of this would have happened. Not the firings, not the media frenzy, not the violence or the “candlelight vigils”, nothing. It would never have been anything more than a local or regional story that did not get more than a couple days of press attention/coverage.

    I say that not in defense of a pedophile or of pedophilia–just making the point that many of those in the mainstream media and in government are making such a fuss over this are doing so partly out of homophobic motives, whether they are fully conscious of it or not.

  8. says

    If there was really this all-powerful Christian god, why would he/she/it/they sit around and watch some old dude raping a 10-year-old boy?

    Religion is the biggest bunch of crap invented by humans.

  9. Caliban says

    I was expecting this.

    How much do you want to bet that the tough guy ex-quarterback who walked away and didn’t do a da*n thing about Sandusky raping a 10 year old boy would have thrown a fit if he walked in on two consenting athletes doing exactly the same thing? I bet he, Paterno, and all the other sports “heroes” associated with Penn State football would have wasted no time getting rid of gay players but they aided and abetted a predatory pedophile.

    How’s that for irony?

  10. Bart says

    Never let the facts get in the way of the religious right’s false truth. Sandusky was a married man. With children. Thus it makes him a hetrosexual pedophile with a lust for black male children.

    Let’s bet that Sandusky voted Republican and was very conservative and upright and anti-gay. But then again, most of these anti-homosexual fellows are hiding their perversions.

  11. the woodrow says


    I said basically the same thing. I feel the intense moral outrage has more to do with the homosexual nature than what it should be based on… children were molested. Look at when a female teacher molests a male student. Do all of the other teachers, vice principals, principals and school board members who knew or should have known get fired? When a man preys on young girls does the media get whipped into such a frenzy?

    Most schools have a policy that everthing gets reported internally only. Violating this policy and protocol can result in sanctions or termination. However, this is not an excuse, they should have followed it through and even threatened to take it public if the school did nothing. What bogggles my brain is McQueary witnessed the rape, made no attemt to stop it, told no one til the next day, never reported it to the police and no charges or sanctions have been brought on him. He is still a coach.

    If society didn’t place such a stigma on homosexuality maybe these kids would have come forward sooner. Molesting children is about power not their gender.

  12. Mort says

    “He can’t be gay. He’s married” is an amazingly naive observation. How many married men with children spend their evenings demonstrating their wide stances in men’s room stalls?

    We have no way of knowing what Sandusky’s sexual orientation really is. (He probably doesn’t know himself.) All we know is that he’s (allegedly) an evil schmuck.

  13. Bobby In Seattle says

    @ Mort –

    If you are an adult male that is attracted to and have sex with other adult males, then your sexual orientation is gay. If you’re an adult male that sleeps with minors and children, regardless of sex, then you are a pedophile.

    It’s just that simple. Something Petey fails and refuses to understand.

  14. anon says

    Pistol Pete is trying to make the most of the situation to suit his agenda. I don’t think he knows really what his agenda is, because there is no there there for him to aspire to (outlawing sodomy won’t really solve anything from his perspective). To be cynical, he probably has no real agenda other than getting publicity and letting the gravy train roll on for yet another day with this.

  15. tommyz says

    The sad part about this is that another happy heterosexual couple were allowed to adopt kids and then turned out to be a festering pit. The tragedy to the children is what matters – not FRC or others attempts to use this for the own advantage.

    Molesting children has nothing to do with gay or straight – its about pedophilia, power and control.

  16. Ezam says

    10 to 20% of North Americans were sexually abused as children. If molestation truly led to homosexuality as people like Pete claim, shouldn’t gays and lesbians be around a fifth or sixth of the population?

  17. craig fox says

    Has anyone done any research on the connection, if any, between the funding of the attacks on the education system over the last 20 years [ via attacks on teacher salaries, eliminating education funding for almost every activity- – not just music and art, but math and science, and the push for “vouchers” which is actually just a way to funnel state funds into religious schools] ;

    The resulting population that cannot distinguish fact from fantasy- – that cannot tell the difference between the celebrity who achieved fame by accomplishments , and the celebrity who is famous for being famous- – a la Paris Hilton or the Kardashians.; and that believes in magic ? These are people that know so little, that they don’t even understand what climate change means. They have no idea why anyone would have any interest in Europe, or the middle east, or anywhere outside of their neighborhood and Hollywood.
    The end result is an electorate and candidates who cannot distinguish fact from fiction and who can be manipulated into doing whatever the new “feudal lords” want them to do.

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