Tonight, Queer Rising Will Occupy Times Square

TimesSquareWhere do queer homeless kids go on Xmas? That's what the ginormous billboard above Times Square's Forever 21 will ask passersby beginning at 6 p.m., as Queer Rising stages a demonstration below. The billboard will also offer the curious a phone number to call, if they really want to know about the unlucky kids' holiday plans: "Cuomo: 518-474-8390."

The homeless youth population is disproportionately made up of LGBT folk. And what scant resources are availible to them are chronically under-funded and under-licensed.


  1. says

    What do homeless LGBT kids do during the holidays? When they’re not struggling to survive, they watch shameless aggregations like Queer Rising exploit them for publicity purposes. If they have Internet access, they might also see RadicaLiberal blogs like Towleroad encourage the world to label them with a hateful slur. What a lovely seasonal gift (not)! Stop cynically hijacking the homelessness issue, and stop unloading “reclaimed” hate speech on gender-neutral youngsters!!!

  2. says

    Hey Stuffy, you remind me of the kids in my high school who were against everything but weren’t FOR anything.

    congrats. you’re as useful as tits on a fish.

    and what word are you talking about, anyway? Does someone have their panties in a bunch because they don’t like the word “Queer”?

  3. jason says

    I think most of these so-called queer youth are homeless by choice.

    Haven’t we got better causes to fight for than to be part of some silly occupy movement based on identity politics? Sheesh, we are definitely going downhill in terms of our idealism.

  4. says

    Jason, there’s so much that you refuse to know that it’s pathetic.

    we get it. you cut off your own balls so that your parents wouldnt’ disown you. your apathy is disgusting.

  5. Eugene (QR Co-Founding Member) says

    To quote my sociology teacher from college: “You are NEVER entitled to an opinion. You’re entitled to an INFORMED opinion.”

    That said, tonight at the Queer Rising action in Times Square, we are distributing a flyer that reads the following. Once you’ve let it all sink in, tell me again what you have a problem with.


    A report by the Center for American Progress (2010) indicated that over 100,000 LGBTQ youth are homeless on the streets of the USA. Even in a place as accepting as NYC, an LGBT teen is
    8-TIMES MORE LIKELY to become homeless than a straight teen.

    Last year, Governor Cuomo SLASHED NY’s support for homeless youth programs by 50%! There are nearly 4,000 homeless youths on the streets of New York, and almost 1,600 identify as LGBTQ… Yet ONLY 200 SHELTER BEDS are available to them!

    Queer Rising – with 35 other LGBTQ organizations in NYC – endorses the “Campaign for Homeless Youth,” which demands an additional $3-million per year in funding for the creation of 100 youth shelter beds.


  6. jason says

    Little Kiwi,

    Gay men would be better off fighting homophobia at the social level. Go and fight the bisexual double standard in the media, a double standard which insults male-male sexuality. Go and fight women who fake their bisexuality in order to titillate sleazy straight guys. Go and protest in front of black churches that preach hatred against gay men daily. These are the real issues we should be fighting against.

    But, as we know, gay men are gutless cowards. They are too lame to take on women and blacks. Stick to your version of political correctness and then go and ejoy a drink in your segregated bars and clubs.

  7. Rick says

    “gender-neutral youngsters”

    @Stuffed Animal What is a “gender-neutral youngster”? One with both a penis and a vagina? One who has had his or her genitals whacked off completely?

    Or just a mentally and emotionally screwed up basket-case like Kiwi?

  8. jason says

    If you have a psychological problem, I can understand you calling yourself “gender-neutral”. We in the GLBT community shouldn’t be elevating psychological problems to the level of our noble gay rights cause.

  9. DB says

    It is not acceptable for this group to use the offensive slur ‘queer’. All gay and pro-civil rights groups should protest this organization and the billboard company for using this heinous word. If they were called ‘N**ger Rising’, would the billboard company be airing their hate speech?

  10. says

    DB >> Queer can be used derogatorily like faggot.

    It’s also a non-combative, all-encompassing way of describing one’s sexual orientation. I don’t identify as queer (I’m fine with gay), but I always thought that queer was a label one didn’t have to explain or qualify. Or, at least, that’s my understanding. Maybe the times have changed and I didn’t get the memo.

  11. hey says

    I live in NYC and I could have some teens over for Thanksgiving, any ideas whom I could contact?

    ‘I think most of these so-called queer youth are homeless by choice’ I disagree.
    There are plenty of throw away teenagers on the street of all orientations. Sadly, there are alot of lousy parents out there.

  12. The pessimist says

    If there needs to be a protest for gay and lesbian homeless folk in the united states, we might as well be slave owners with ties to mother England. It’s 2011 people, wake UP and occupy Washington!

  13. says

    rick and jason, unlike you two boys i can put a face and name to not only my words and comments but the actual WORK that I do, and have done for more than a decade, to promote LGBT Equality.

    but hey, you two are more than free to fire off angry miserable rants about nothing from the confines of your online closets. you two treat the internet like a burqa.

  14. h says

    so let’s contribute a fraction of what we spend on drugs, alcohol, parties, clothes, etc., on these underfunded resources

  15. Ted says

    It is a disgrace that anyone would post a comment about LGBT youth being homeless “by choice.” You need to have your head examined – no, really. You’re just stupid. You ought to be compelled to live in their shoes for just a week. That would shut you up.

  16. Kevin Donohue says

    Dear Little Kiwi – please read Sassafras Lowrey’s “Kicked Out Anthology” or watch the movie “Queer Streets” and educate yourself a bit about this issue before making uniformed statements.

    I am also troubled by the link to the article on Sylvia’s Place. The above mentioned movie, “Queer Streets,” was filmed there, and several pieces in Sassafras’s book were written by clients. It is one thing to point out the deplorable lack of resources these kids get, it is another to write a sensationalistic and inaccurate article about an exceptional organization that has done a great deal in terms of both supporting homeless queer youth and educating the public about this epidemic.

    And yes, I said queer.