1. Kenneth H. says

    Why is he honored that she appeared on his show? She has said some really horrible and unforgivable things about gay Americans and is actively involved in stripping them of all rights. Would a bigot who expresses similar views about other minority groups be invited? I think not.

  2. Craig says


    He has to say that because of decorum and fear of reprisal regardless of his feelings. Most Republican commentators have said horrible things about blacks and gays for years and have happily been invited back to spew their hate.

    Look at Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan. How many times can Coulter declare her hatred and contempt for others and still be considered an acceptable guest? Apparently, an infinite number of times! Pat Buchanan is a known racist, anti-Semite, and homophobe who not only appears regularly on MSNBC but also promotes his books on neo-Nazi radio programs.

    The reality is that hatred of minorities is part of the Republican DNA, it’s either expressed tacitly or directly, but it’s accepted. They might trot out an Uncle Tom minority like the head of GOProud or Herman Cain, but every one in the media knows the score: their bigotry reflects millions of Republicans (and some Democrats, etc.).

  3. Kyle says

    Wow… Jimmy Fallon and Michele Bachmann. Must have been an amazing show. Those two are super interesting people. This is all sarcasm.

  4. mike/ says

    @MT – that was my 1st reaction also – Why?

    does anyone really think that Bachmann knew what was going on? she always seems to be in this foggy world of make-believe;

    AND if anyone thinks that little ‘word’ exercise wasn’t rehearsed/preplanned, i hear the Brooklyn Bridge is up for resale – water included…

  5. Scott says

    Yeah- I rarely watch Jimmy- nowhere near as funny as Kimmel. Def won’t now.

    @ least he could’ve been as brave as Leno and called Bachmann out on her hateful idiocy.


  6. anon says

    He’s right, she never lies. She may not live in the real world, but she always speaks what she means.

  7. says

    This is a startling case of complete and total sell-out. Not only did Fallon praise her husband, he told viewers to pick up her book because it’s “a good read.”

    Adios, Jimmy. There’s still integrity in the world; it’s just missing from you.

  8. walter says

    i used to watch jimmy fallon pretty regularly
    but that is a thing in the past. dumbass michele probably didn’t even know the song. cheers to the roots for the showing the balls to make a statement against her hate speech.

  9. Mercutio says

    You guys are pathetic. Jimmy never makes fun of gays. He is a warm, sympathetic, funny host who is gracious to his guests. He is truly a class act. Why should he take a gratuitous dig at someone he has invited on his show? That is simply ridiculous ans Mack’s of what Leno does with Simmons. We are forever talking about kindness and how the world mistreats us. Show som class.

  10. mld says

    guarantee you a publicist tweeted it anyway. regardless, its total b.s., history wont be kind to those who ‘pal’ed around’ with bigots