1. Francis says

    Absolutely, positively awful what Burke has, and still is having to go through. So sad, to see an innocent persons’ face in tatters and broken down, solely because he happens to be gay in a conservative area. It’s really a shame. I hope he has a strong support system and also everyone should do what they can to send messages to him personally, and let him know a lot of people care for him and his well-being and that he has a lot of support.

    What cannot happen is for this crime not to be elevated to hate crime status. This is a hate crime and the attackers need to be charged accordingly. We as a community have to keep the pressure on and make sure justice is served here.

  2. RBearSAT says

    This truly does qualify as a hate crime, in my opinion. I’m especially moved by Burnett’s attitude and actions now. For now he’s just doing what it takes to return to a healed state of being and letting the justice system do its work. Let’s hope that justice system does the right thing.

  3. Danny says

    God bless Mr Burnett, who sounds like he has a spiritual practice that has truly taught him, Easy Does it and One Day at a Time. Even Live and Let Live. What a guy. Damn.

    And he’s right about the other thing too: it isn’t his place to determine what the three attackers need or what corrective to apply. They have to live with the consequences of their choice. It’s going to be very uncomfortable for them for a good while, i reckon.

  4. Bobby says

    The local bubbas are trying to dodge responsibility for simply charging it as a hate crime by pawning it off to the grand jury to decide that. If you’d like to contact the mayor to remind him that the world is watching the backwaters of Reno, Texas, please feel free to do so at:

    William (Buddy) Heuberger, Mayor
    160 Blackburn St
    Reno, TX 75462

    Only ongoing attention and pressure will compel them to do the right thing. This is good old East Texas after all.

  5. Paul R says

    Stop praying and start taking action. I’m glad he’s received support, but his mythical god isn’t the solution. He’s his own solution. Fight, fight, and make them pay.

    At least they got $250K bails. Good luck coming up with $25K to get out. (I’ll never understand why bail bonds are set at 10% of the amount.)

  6. RBearSAT says

    Paul R tell you what. You deal with this however you want to deal with it but let Burnett deal with these things in his own way. You weren’t there and probably didn’t have to undergo the ordeal he did so I think that one point says enough for how much your opinion really counts on this one.

  7. John says

    I hope these three repressed homophobic homosexuals get all their secret fantasies fulfilled in prison. They will each be bitches’ to their respective bubbas for sure.

  8. Greg says

    Oookay. Here we go again. Stop clutching your pearls and saying “oh so sad” and listen the F up.





  9. says

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  10. B says

    greg and jerzee: Please tell me how this guy could physically defend himself when three guys are assaulting him at the same time? How people can be so ignorant, I do not know. Even if he had a gun, you don’t know how are where the first blow to him happened and if he dropped the gun, you can bet he’d be dead right now. Please, do the world (or at least this blog) a favor and think fully before you comment.

  11. says

    There is a rapidly growing Men’s movement in the Austin TX (& surrounding) region called “g0ys” – spelled w. a zer0 (G00GLE ’em). Lots of men from the area are getting involved to confront issues like this.

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