1. Marcus says

    For a person running for the highest elected office in the land, Herman Cain seems to have a rather tenuous understanding how of how our federal government works, namely that there are some matters in which the legislative branch is subordinate to the judicial branch and that other than encouraging or helping draft a constitutional amendment, there’s no way for the president to “overturn” a Supreme Court ruling.

  2. say what says


    pssttttttt Herman

    pssssst there is no overturning a supreme Court ruling except by the Supreme Court itself overturning an earlier supreme court ruling and they generally do not like doing that

  3. RBearSAT says

    This is further reason why Cain is unfit to lead this country as president. Not having a fundamental understanding of how our Republic operates should negate any reason to vote for him. I mean, even 8th civics students get this stuff. Cain is either a) really clueless when it comes to the Constitution (not a big document, BTW) or b) loves to grandstand to people who also don’t understand the Constitution. I’m sorry, but this is getting ridiculous.

  4. Paul R says

    This is a man who brags about not knowing the names and leaders of other countries. He’s poorly educated in matters of governance and a poster child for the GOP’s inability to find worthwhile candidates. He makes Sarah Palin look like a scholar.

    The obvious thing is that Cain wouldn’t be getting an iota of attention had the US not elected a partly African-American president in 2008. No one wants to mention it for fear of sounding racist, but it’s the truth. (For the record, 2 of my 3 long-term relationships have been with African-Americans.)

    He thinks that he can be the right-wing counterpoint to Obama, but Obama would slaughter him in a debate. The GOP is simply killing itself in the presidential setup. No one can respect such a stupid man. He makes Bush (the shrub) look erudite. How he became the CEO of any company is beyond my understanding. But then again, until he came around, I didn’t know that Godfather’s Pizza still existed. Shrub was (somehow) likable to a lot of people despite being a moron. This guy has zero charisma, and so no chance.

  5. Christopher says

    Let’s not forget ‘historian’ Gingrich who says he would have Congress pass a version of DOMA that cannot be appealed to the Supreme Court. WTF?? These people just make it up as they go along.

  6. kit says

    If my employers had had to pay out tens of thousands of dollars to settle sexual harassment claims against me, I might try to lie low instead of making big self-righteous pronouncements about the “defense of marriage.” But then, if I was running for POTUS, I might have studied up on just exactly how the US government works. (And, finally, if I was running a bogus presidential campaign just to drum up business as a public speaker, I would learn how to put a sentence together so that it makes sense…)

  7. Bob says

    Isn’t what he is proposing akin to anarchy? If a presidential candidate is proposing overturning the supreme court, he is basically saying he would stage a coup. And no one has called him on this?

  8. say what says

    christopher did you hear the latest from gingrich?

    Child labor laws are stupid

    I guess back to 12 yr olds with black lung disease working in coal mines and 10 yrs olds getting their fingers ripped off by factory machines.

  9. Michaelandfred says

    It just insults all of us as Americans that this group of ignorant stooges as what is on offer to be the next president of the United States. Republican or not, everyone should be embarrassed by these fools. It’s like the Republican clown car has rolled in and its limitless in how many morons can fall out of it.

  10. says

    Since he’s a repug he doesn’t have to be right, he just has to say things the average American believes and wants to hear.

    What he probably doesn’t realize is that over 50% of Americans now support marriage equality, but since they don’t vote as much as the haters this position is probably a slight net positive for him.

  11. says

    This isn’t exactly a case of Cain being ignorant of what’s in the Constitution or making yet another gaffe, which is clear if you watch the debate. He’s appealing to a conservative theory that Congress can limit the jurisdiction of the courts under Art. III, Sect. 2. All of the candidates were talking about this, with Gingrich adding in that he wanted to abolish a particular district court in Texas that gave a ruling he didn’t agree with. It may be constitutional, I really don’t know. I also don’t know if this has ever been done before, especially in essentially erasing a ruling by SCOTUS.

  12. moony says

    What Cain said was so outrageously asinine that even the panel of republican candidates, most of whom are more vehemently anti-gay than he himself is, were left speechless.

  13. Cassandra says

    Hypothesis: Cain’s campaign has support among Republicans because he is living their stereotype of an African American man:

    over-sexed, accused of groping multiple women
    uncouth, ignorant, prone to saying completely ridiculous things, and apparently devoid of critical thinking skills.

    For some Republicans, the answer to the image of an articulate, well educated African American man such as Obama (for all his faults) is to rally behind the equivalent of a minstrel show clown.

  14. says

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  15. mmike1969 says

    What a moron. What part of separation of powers does this uneducated t-bagger wanna-be does not understand?

    RWNJ’s are severely lacking in knowledge of their government and quite frankly, I believe we should restrict their voting ability. Idiot voters are a danger to decent Americans and to America! Think of the children! Who’s with me on this?!?

  16. Jack M says

    Cain will have to settle to going back to his title as the Godfather of Pizza; he hasn’t got a chance to succeed at anything else with a tiny brain like that.

  17. anon says

    Candidates say these things all the time when desperate for votes. It never actually happens because the AG says no or the WH council says no or a political adviser says no or they were just lying.

  18. says

    Marcus, the scotus can have their rulings undone in certain cases, primarily when their rulings are based on statute and not con law, which is actually a bigger chunk of their cases than most would realize. Cases based on con law could also be repealed if their was a constitutional amendmend. There are also plenty of examples of the scotus being ignored, threatened or worse, depending on the decision.

    For example, after FDR passed basic child labor laws and elements of the New Deal and the very conservative court repealed them, FDR threatened to “pack the court,” adding enough new members to turn the majority into a minority, to undo those decisions. It never quite came down to that as enough of the majority decided to resign to avoid it – allowing FDR the chance to get most of those bills through again.

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