Chaz Bono Proposes To Girlfriend

WATCH HERE as Chaz Bono proposes to girlriend Jennifer Elia atop Seattle's Space Needle. (Sorry I couldn't embed the vid. That function's disabled.)

Chaz has a new special, Being Chaz, airing tonight on OWN. From People:

The one-hour special … documents the couple's good times and their bad times, like when Bono faced backlash for being the first transgender contestant to compete on Dancing [With The Stars].

"People feel so angry that Chaz is entering their television," a tearful Elia says in another clip … "People who make change get shot, and I don't think that's worth it. … This is insane. It's not worth doing a show if you're going to get shot."


  1. Mary says

    Is Chaz officially a man yet, or in the process of becoming one? I’m not certain whether his marriage would fall into the “same sex marriage” category or the “traditional marriage” category. I suppose that if he lives in California he and Jennifer would have to go to another state to marry. Also, since Jennifer is now with a man does this mean she isn’t a lesbian anymore?

    Not trying to be funny or anti-gay here, just genuinely curious. I feel for Chaz and wish him the best.

  2. Rosetta Stone says

    Chaz doesn’t seem to be good husband material. He makes his girlfriend feel bad all the time and is demanding a pre-nup. This marriage is doomed to failure because Chaz is just not husband material and he doesn’t seem to love his girlfriend. Chaz is always growling at Jennifer.

  3. Gregv says

    @Mary: Jennifer has never claimed to be “a lesbian.”. She is bisexual. She also loves Chaz for the person he is, so the relationshipisn’t all about body parts.
    If the couple were to live in a country without any legal sex discrimination, such as Canada, there would be no need to classify them as a same- or mixed-sex couple to determine whether they have rights or not. I wish the United States would get to that point. We shouldn’t need to classify peoPle that way any more than we classify whether they are a tall or a short couple or a left-handed or right-handed couple.
    As far as I understand, there is right now a mish-mash of laws in different states. In some states, Chaz is ONLY allowed to marry a man and in some, he is only allowed to marry a woman while in only a few (Massachusetts, Iowa, etc.) can he get a marriage licence regardless.
    I’m not clear on whether the federal government would deny them rights (as it does to married couples who are of the same sex) before the re-designation of his sex or afterward (Maybe someone who knows federal law better can answer that).
    It just seems so backward to me that in this day, any government agency wants to take a look down anyone’s pants before deciding whether they deserve the same rights as others.

  4. DuzntSmellRite says

    Most of us are so over it. Its tawdry, smelly and old with a thick layer of desperation all over it. Worst of all, this is all you got Chaz. What are you gonna do next to get on television? Could it be…procreation? The next Barbara Walter’s Special!!! The problem is, you MAKE us feel sorry for you. You don’t let us get there on our own. Its painful to watch your constant glaring need for attention and approval and how you have stooped to self exploitation in the most personal yet egotistical way. ICK! All in the guise of educating the public via a “documentary”. This is NOT respectful, its disgustingly sad. And why is OWN getting involved in this? Someone has to have some class, and I am disappointed in OWN for even touching this show. What’s next….Creepy Doug Hutchinson and his scary “teen” bride Courtney Stodden – next on OWN! Trash!!!

  5. Dr.Theopolis says

    Sad that once he identified as gay (pre-op) but NOW that he’s the “right” gender (for him, and for the government) he can legally marry his girlfriend – the same girl who stood by him when Chaz was a she.
    I’d be more impressed if he vowed to get married when everyone, gay or straight, had the same rights in California and the rest of the states.

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