San Antonio Student Says She Was Beaten by Two Men Because She’s a Lesbian: VIDEO


There have been WAY too many stories like this lately.

Kristen Cooper, a student at the University of Texas San Antonio says she was beaten by two men who grabbed her and dragged her into their truck while she was waiting for a ride outside a Halloween party. The men, she said, began punching her, KENS5 reports.

“It was bad, it hurt really bad, it was like full fist and I tried to fight them off, but I couldn’t,” said Cooper.
Cooper said the men eventually dropped her off near 1604. Without a phone she claims she walked along the roadway until someone spotted her and called 911. Cooper said the only thing the men knew about her was that she was gay and during the beating she claims they were calling her anti-homosexual slurs.

Sorry, video embed not working. Watch it HERE.


  1. Francis says

    There have been too many stories like this lately. The sad thing is, that this is the way it’s always been, hate crime incidents are extremely common country-wide. It’s also no coincidence most of these major incidents have happened in more conservative areas in the country, like Texas, Utah. Hate crimes tragically happen everywhere but they’re more random and overall less common in more accepting areas. The true number of LGBT people getting beaten in hate crimes in a state like Texas is something much, much worse than we could imagine since most don’t even report their incidents to the police in these areas due to risk of backlash.

    My best wishes go out to Ms. Cooper and I hope the attackers are caught and charged with a hate crime.

  2. Francis says

    Also, just to add, it’s going to get worse before it gets better, sad to say. The more open and out there our community is, and the more homosexuality is out there as an issue in the country, the more backlash there will be from those who can’t handle it. Especially in places like San Antonio, Texas. But even in NYC there was an uptick in hate crimes as the marriage equality issue was put on the forefront. All cities have their crime, Minneapolis, one of the highest gay-populated cities, there was a hate crime a month ago by a pack of thugs who have committed robberies and thefts across the city. In WEHO there have been several muggings lately. The difference is all about whether a culture accepts this hate and this crime as OK or not. And in places like Texas, it’s accepted as OK, so it’s going to continue.

    Now more than ever we have to be strong and be brave as a community and stand for each other. Also, always have some sort of protection on yourself at all times.

  3. Craig says

    The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report on Hate Crime Statistics for 2010 will be released in the next couple of weeks. It will be the first report covering a full year since the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr Hate Crime Prevention Act was enacted, so it will be the first to include crimes based on gender identity. While the FBI’s numbers in previous years have shown hate crimes in general have declined in the last few years, the rate for anti-LGB crimes have remained fairly flat. I will not be surprised to see this year’s report show an increase due in part to better reporting of such anti-LGBT hate crimes and in part because I get the sense they are actually increasing, the last desperate attempts by the bigots to fight back against our equality because they see their inevitable defeat on the horizon or closer.

    I’ll also note that in the 737 days since the Hate Crime prevent Act was signed into law, we have not had a single indictment or prosecution for an anti-LGBT hate crime by the DOJ, but they have seen fit to bring cases based on race, ethnicity and mental disability.

  4. Francis says

    The numbers speak for themselves. We are the biggest targets for abuse in this country by a WIDE margin. Whether it be physical violence, harassment, abuse in schools by students and/or teachers, by family. We are the #1 at risk group in the United States, and there is nothing to indicate that will change anytime soon, so therefore we need to all be on guard, be safe and have protection on you at all times, a cellphone at hand to call police if you feel danger commencing, and most important, we have to be strong and stand up for our right to live. Now, more than EVER, now that we have a voice and are more out than before, and our issues are gaining social awareness, we have to protect our turf. This is a war we’re up against and we have to be determined to come out as victors, and that means not backing down in the face of extreme hatred.

  5. Rod says

    As a life-long San Antonio resident, I can tell you that SA is a big city that feels like a small town. By that I mean that people here are generally nicer than in most cities this size. Due to the ethnic makeup and hispanic influence, it also tends to be fairly liberal. The fact that this happened here is actually quite shocking.

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