1. Zlick says

    When I was looking into a trip to NYC to coincide with his appearance in the show, it seemed he was only stepping into role for a couple of weeks. That seemed really odd, and not quite worth his effort. Did I get that wrong?

  2. Strepsi says

    @ ZLICK – Yes you got it wrong, it’s totally worth his effort. It’s the Broad Way… and see his name above the title? Worth it.

    Win for the producers because a Glee star is exactly the right demographic for younger audience and Daniel Radcliffe fans they’ve built the show for.

    Win for Criss because he makes a Broadway debut in a starring role with limited risk, while Glee is in between season halves.

    Win for us because it’s a great show: I’ve seen it with Radcliffe (fantastic) and I’m going to see it AGAIN.

  3. charcus says

    Darren has so much freaking charisma and talent it’s unreal.He looks absolutely gorgeous, he has such a beautiful face and bod i’m totally mesmerized by him.I wish him the best of luck on his Broadway run (not that he needs it)and hope he has fun while doing it.Wish i could be there to support him.

  4. Andy says

    I’m so glad for him, I remember watching his youtube vids way back when (even before a Very Potter Musical, so basically he was a complete unknown) and thinking that he’d make it someday. Listening to him sing Disney princess songs without changing the gender won him a spot in my heart facsimile! 😉

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