Evansville, Indiana Passes LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Evansville, Indiana just got a lot more progressive:

EvansvilleAge, sexual orientation and gender identity were categories added Monday night to Evansville’s nondiscrimination code by a unanimous vote of council members. Other categories included in the code include race, religion, color, disability, ancestry and national origin.

The ordinance, amended during Monday night’s City Council meeting, provides for equal opportunity for all citizens in the areas education, employment, access to public conveniences and accommodations and the purchase or rental of real property. The approved ordinance also defined sexual orientation as being male or female sexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, real or perceived, by orientation or practice.

Tri-State Alliance President Wally Paynter said his organization had worked with the city’s Department of Human Relations to make the changes a reality.

Evansville adds sexual orientation to nondiscrimination ordinance [courier press]


  1. Gregv says

    It’s great they’re deciding to be more inclusive in their protections. But unless there’s a misprint here, this strikes me as a really odd definition designed by a committee that isn’t familiar with the conventional meaning of the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”
    The way it’s worded her, if it’s accurate, not only confuses being male or female with orientation, but also would be the first instance I’ve seen where such a law potentially protects males or females while potentially excluding people who might be considered neither gender or in-between genders.
    It also would exclude heterosexuals or even asexuals by naming only
    two orientations. It would be like making a law that says that religion shall be construed as Jewish or Amish and race shall be defined as black or white.
    It should be enough to say that everyone’s real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity shall not be grounds for discrimination.

  2. Travis says

    Too bad where I live in Nashville the LGBT non-discrimination policy was destroyed by a radical, right-wing Republican majority in the Tennessee State Legislature. They thought it “would be bad business policy” to allow for non-discrimination under the guise of creating uniform business practices in government bodies throughout the state. Pathetic…good for Evansville, IN though.

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