1. Mark Gerhard says

    A very tiny window of opportunity opened up to pass ENDA. It lasted just 2 years, in which the Dems held both Houses of Congress and the White House and even enjoyed a super-majority in the US Senate. All the votes were there to pass a law that would protect all workers in 30 states from sexual orientation discrimination. Yet, despite the fact that we have been working for a law to protect us against workplace discrimination for nearly 40 years, we let the window close.


    The reason for this catastrophic failure is that our unelected leaders at HRC and other groups are more concerned about adhering to the bogus, politically correct concept of “LGBT” and care more about bizarre issues like transsexual bathroom usage than they do about gay rights.

    ENDA would have passed if it had simply been introduced in the same form that it was first introduced in 1994. Because of “LGBT” it became stuffed with “transgender”
    items that Congress didn’t understand and was in no mood to pass. Our groups chose to deny millions of gay people job protection because they cared more about showing “solidarity” with a group of people who are predominantly not gay and who contribute virtually nothing to the gay movement. Now, the window will remain closed for years, maybe decades. If any of you get fired and find that you have no legal recourse, you can thank your “LGBT” leaders for your

  2. Paul R says

    @VwDavy: But the thing is about rights, is that they often have to be legislated. Otherwise certain people don’t have rights.

    Sorry, but I don’t understand your comment at all. Are you saying we should trust in the eternal goodwill of our fellow citizens? And then believing that it exists?

  3. jason says

    Sorry, Barney, but you failed. You and your fellow Democrats had a majority in both the House and Senate and still failed to pass ENDA.

    I’m not going to be held hostage by the false hope offered by Democrats seeking re-election. I won’t be voting for any of them next year.

  4. jason says

    Mark Gerhard,

    So true. I’ve always said that political correctness by gay leaders will end up killing the gay rights movement. It’s already happening.

  5. MDK says

    Jason, so you expect the Republicans to do a better job fighting for LGBT rights? Have some sense, please. A disappointing friend is much better than your worst enemy.

  6. ravewulf says

    May I remind you that, while the Democrats may not get the results we would like to see, at least they aren’t the side that is actively working against us to kill all of our rights.

  7. mcNnyc says

    @ Mark…you are mostly correct in you summary EXCEPT that it was all the OTHER LGBT(LMNOP) groups that slammed HRC for trying to pass the bill as you described it.
    It was Barney Frank who said that it would not pass with a gender identity at that time he and HRC were condemned for the strategy that would have passed ENDA at the time.
    End so….we have no protection in employment.
    and Frankly…Frank has really never been a gay activist.
    He has been a well respected and accomplished gay politician and Congressman and for that he deserves credit.

  8. Mark Gerhard says

    Sorry, my criticism was directed at the gay orgs, not at Barney Frank. Frank correctly told us then and he says again in this video that the bill could not pass stuffed with gender identity provisions. He was honest and he tried to do the right thing. Our orgs were more concerned appearing politically correct than getting the bill passed.

  9. Redebbm says

    I hope we haven’t seen the last of him when he leaves congress, and surely we need someone else like him in the House. The right has vilified him for years, and through it all he comes out proud of it. Going to miss you Congressman!

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