1. Gregoire says

    That was such a fantastic display of sets, lights and costumes that you really didn’t even need Lady Gaga in there at all!

  2. Lance says

    First thing I thought too @Hartzprod. Love Janet. I think I would like Gaga more if her songs were good. I love what she stands for though so I’m torn.

  3. JWL says

    that was boring to you guys? I think shes got some great energy, but then again Im not a jaded old queen yet.

  4. hartzprod says

    @JWL She laid on the ground for 2 minutes all covered up, stood there for 2 minutes, then whipped her hair around for 40 seconds. Yes, it was boring.

  5. Jeff says

    Why do people have to talk smack even when they CLEARLY know that it’s Lady Gaga?

    Just don’t click “jump” and move one?

  6. Bryan says

    HARTZPROD: it all depends on what you want really, I LOVED the visuals and her vocals were on point, so from my pov, I didn’t really need much more, therefore I loved the performance as a whole.

    But you already sound like one of those people who intentionally click on articles to bash or troll anything about Gaga, so the first part of this reply is probably wasted on you.

  7. Paul R says

    Great vocals, but aside from the fire there wasn’t all that much spectacle to the show. She does have fierce dancers, though.

  8. Brian D says

    For pretty much all her Judas performances, which were more dance-oriented, her vocals were totally compromised. To be honest, given the vocal power of the studio version of MTN, I’m glad she allotted most of her energy to singing. And besides, the clothing and set were visually stunning — the way the headpiece reflected the stage lights in the beginning was brilliant. I also really liked the backing vocals in the final dance segment, made the finish much more climactic.