Fake Kardashian Marriage Battle Now Includes Homophobic Bullying

Gay-hating has now been dragged into the fake Kardashian marriage, Life & Style reports:

KartrashianLife & Style has learned that Kris is particularly concerned about explosive footage of him bullying Kim's best friend Jonathan Cheban — scenes that stand to tarnish Kris' wholesome Midwestern image. "Midway through the season, Kris starts bullying Kim's best friend, Jonathan Cheban, about his sexuality," shares a Kim pal. "Jonathan isn't gay, but Kris accuses him of being gay and criticizes him for it in a really homophobic way. Jonathan is really upset."

As is Kim. "Kris used the word 'gay' as an insult, to try and hurt Jonathan," an E! insider tells Life & Style. "He's the lowest of the low bullying someone like this."

While it's too late for him to stop the premiere from airing, Kris has retained lawyer Lee Hutton III and is trying his hardest to prevent the most inflammatory moments from being broadcast.


  1. Jane says

    Kim, give it up. It’s just too obvious. People sign the petition at boycottkimDOTcomFORWARDSLASHpetition
    165,000+ signatures (with comments) already

    This is pathetic!!

  2. ajjanthony says

    I wish all press outlets would stop with the inane minute by minute updates on the Kardashians. There are plenty of talented, hardworking people in Hollywood that could use the press time – not these idiots.

  3. Esther Blodgett says

    All Kris has to do to keep sympathy is keep his mouth shut. “No comment” will work wonders.

    He might be able to play ball, but once he starts to think…

  4. MKe says

    I’ve seen that Jonathon guy before and he is atrocious. So I can see why he would be annoyed. It would be nice if he would be creative and find insults that can’t be directed towards gays, but its probably not that offensive.

  5. Jerry6 says

    Right now I believe that the award for most unbelievable scripted TV show of the season is a tie between the Kardashians and the Republican Presidential candidate series.

  6. Tyron says

    It just goes to show you that money does not prevent one from being considered trash. I’d say that Kris must have some major issues since he his marriage didn’t even last 3 months – maybe his homophobia is based on a fear that people might think he is gay – especially now.

  7. says

    Jay Z and Beyonce named their youngster “Blue” and it has been confirmed that Kanye and Kim will name her child “Black” as soon as the kids hit puberty, they will give a duet entitled “Black & Blue”

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