UPDATED: George Michael’s Condition Worsens


Recent news reports on George Michael's health are pretty grim. Yesterday, Andy reported that the star was hospitalized in Austria for severe pneumonia. Today, we have this, from The Vienna Times:

Doctors treating singer George Michael on the 13th floor of the Vienna AKH general hospital say his condition has worsened overnight … He was taken by ambulance to the city's top Rudolfiner private hospital in the 19th district of the city, where a decision was taken to move him to the main general hospital – the AKH.

The hospital refused to say why the star was moved but it is believed it was decided that the singer's condition was so acute that it would be better if he was moved to the AKH – the biggest in Europe and where many of the continent's top medical experts are based because of the advanced facilities it offers for research as well as treatment.

… [Michael] is currently in intensive care on the 13th floor of the red tower as a result of heart problems believed to be caused by the shortage of oxygen caused by his pneumonia.

On Thursday afternoon he was fitted into a special full-body bed designed to keep all the pressure off his lungs and to help them to function – so far without any sign of improvement.

UPDATE: Not all sources are in agreement on the state of Michael's health. The Daily Mail quotes doctors from the Medical University of Vienna saying Michael's "condition has stabilised and he is responding to treatment."

Here's hoping. But even if the doctors' optimistic assessments are true, the 48-year-old singer will be unable to complete his Symphonica tour, of which 14 dates remain. The doctors offer no estimates of the length of Michael's recovery, but insist that for however long it lasts, "complete rest and peace and quiet are mandatory."


  1. says

    This does not bode well. Pneumonia is a terrible illness. I really hope he rallies and pulls through.

    C’mon, George – you can beat this!!!!

  2. says

    I swear we were just looking at pics of him at some hotel in Italy with some hot guy. How did this all happen so fast?

    What a shame.

  3. True Words says

    Some of that semen he has been ingesting went into his lungs and there you are! Nuff said, George has been HIV+ for years and coupled with POOR choices such as drugs and drinking his condition has been made worse. He is NOT young when you look at the HORRIBLE way he has treated his body over the years…get well because your pain George is NOT mine nor my empathy…there are countless numbers of people who have crippling diseases with LESS resources than this man and he has not learned.

  4. Joe says

    Semen, when ingested, doesn’t move to the lungs any more than a roast beef sandwich will. Get a brain, and a moral compass, moron.

  5. Genevieve says

    @truewords: what an idiot and uneducated person you are! Please go live in a cave..where you belong! Stop saying stupid things about GM! caveman!

  6. Bobby says

    @Brian – I’m with you on that. Sure, the provocation is hard to resist. But not feeding it is the best course of action.

    Pneumonia is no laughing matter. I had it last winter and it lasted a full five months. I hope he gets well. No one should have to suffer through that illness.

  7. redball says

    he’s too young for pneumonia…my understanding is that it almost exclusively affects the elderly & people with compromised immune systems. :( :(

  8. Jerry says

    Not true Joe, last year I ate a roast beef sammich real quick and it went right to my lungs and that coupled with my “dangerous” lifestyle nearly killed me. Thank god there are some guys like True to help show my the away from my gay semen and roast beef filled ways!

  9. sparks says

    I had a friend who acquired double septic pneumonia earlier this year. After a few days he seemed to be improving, they took him off the ventilator, and within a day he was back on it as his condition took a turn for the worse. The next day he passed away.

    My friend was 23, healthy, and didn’t mess with drugs.

    Pneumonia isn’t just a killer of elderly and immune-suppressed people.

  10. JamesR says

    So sad and painful – I hope he recovers quickly. Pneumonia can strike whenever, whomever, seemingly. There is a vaccine for some types – though he probably got that. We take our lungs for granted. Like we take common decency for granted ’til a troll or two reminds us that the poor ins spirit will always be among us. Though it could be anything, precaution for those who would do as I hope George did would be to nuke your pot – I have had doctors recommend this to friends too – microwave for 30 seconds was what I heard, ten here: http://www.thebody.com/content/art5021.html – whatever won’t ruin the weed. Mold is everywhere but directly inhaled is unnecessary. Just saying. GET WELL SOON George.

  11. shirl says

    god bless,my prayers to you george, i have many good memories listening and dancing to your music.hang tough and get better

  12. oliver says

    I just saw him live a couple of months ago here in Barcelona for his Symphonica show and he was at the top of his game- brilliant.
    Best wishes George!

  13. Mary says

    Now is not the time for anyone to debate anything socio-political or say “he did it to himself.” George Michael would probably not like me very much, but I’ve still enjoyed his music over the years. And seeing people lose someone they love is heartbreaking. And no one should die this young. I’m praying for you, George.

  14. jason says

    I would just hope that he hasn’t been promiscuous and spending his free time in those ghastly saunas and sex clubs with poor circulation and God-knows different types of bacterial spores floating in the air.

    In any case, get well, George.

  15. uffda says

    Most celebrities are unexceptional people put in place by unmerited marketing and by immature audiences, some are standouts by any measure regardless of their area of expertise. For talent George is somewhere inbetween with a very low score for exemplary leadership. I hope he recovers at least long enough to improve his life and image… and this is entirely possible as witnessed by many who have shadowed death’s door, recovered as wiser beings and gone on to become greatly inspired and inspiring people.

  16. Tim says

    I am sorry. I always thought George was a cool guy. If he really is HIV, it will be a tuff fight. Best to George.

  17. says

    NO ONE should have a judgmental attitude towards ANYONE else! Each person on this Earth has a spiritual journey that is unique to him or her. To judge a person solely by that person’s actions and behaviors does nothing but degrade your own spiritual health. I have also heard that Michael is HIV-positive. Unfortunately, pneumonia is much more harsh on the immunocompromised. I treat a lot of HIV-positive patients who have progressed to AIDS and who are battling for their lives against PCP and other pneumonic processes. It is a very tough fight. He is definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. ron says

    No doubt it is AIDS related illness, not condemning him for that specifically, but the fact he refused admit it, as well as refused to admit to his homosexuality until forced – the man is a coward and a drug abusing degenerate.

  19. jason says

    Most people with pneumonia do not have HIV. Stop portraying it as a HIV-linked illness. It isn’t. Pneumonia will generally strike anybody with a compromised immune system regardless of whether they have HIV or not.

    As for my earlier comments about saunas and sex clubs, they stand. I have a male acquaintance who would frequent these horrible places for a number of years. He would get the flu frequently. Once he stopped going, his health improved immediately.

    If you want to commit suicide, go right ahead and visit these horrible places.

  20. matt says

    One suspects that many of you are simply agent provocateurs who love to fling controversial, inappropriate remarks about because you can. It is also my belief, based somewhat on reading remarks for a long time on blogs, that gay men in particular can be cruel, judgmental and bitchy, because, well, because you can. So here it is, a story about a man with a sudden illness, and he is treated to a fury of remarks, many, bewildering and stunningly cruel. How it is a pleasure to announce, with glee, that GM might have AIDS, and deserves this illness, really, you tired queens, is beneath contempt. You have systematically condemned generations of gay men who lost their lives to an extremely unpleasant disease, and NO, no one deserved it, and no one deserves it, not even George Michael. You may not like him or his music. That’s your business. But when you get scholars who tell us that George’s talent is “inbetween”(sic), that is an opinion.

  21. ron says

    Looks like he is going to pull a Rock Hudson/Freddie Mercury…deny, deny, deny, then on his deathbed, yes, I have AIDS.

  22. jason says

    I find a lot of your comments to be hypocritical in the extreme. As a community, you stopped buying George’s records after he came out. Instead, you bought records from AutoTuned fake bisexual women like Britney Spears and Katy Perry. Shame on the gay community.

    You are an utterly hypocritical community. You cry out for celebrities to come out of the closet yet you stop buying their records once they do it. Shame on you creepy gays.

  23. Paul says

    The Vienna Times is NOT a great source – believe me.
    I wish GM the best – he seems like a great person.

  24. ron says

    Way back in the 1980’s, a decade of terror for gays, George Michael could have been a role model, but no. In the ’90’s it still wasn’t too late, and he could have been a role model for the HIV positive, but, again, no. Now forced out of the closet, relevant to no one, and on his death bed, it’s a bit too late, when so many true role models have come forward, for gays to now respect George Michael. He is the poster boy for celebrity selfishness.

  25. Alex says

    I had no idea George Micheal was so sick (he has AIDS?). Either way, I hope he gets better. I work with vulnerable populations and pneumonia has been the death of many of my residents. =/

  26. says

    Pneumosistis pneumonia is the SPECIFIC variety of pneumonia that’s AIDS-related.

    When AIDs first appeared doctros treated patients they thought had regular pneumonia, not relaizing the specifics of this strain. As a result people were treated and released only to drop dead days later. (This is precisely what happened to Hibiscus of The Cocketttes.)Once it was identified proper measures were taken.

    Clearly George Michael is getting proper treatment for regular peneumonia. I wouldn’t trust press repoerts at this stage as being an openly gay public figure inspires sensationalism.

    And even worse it brings out the trolls who have squatted on this site.

    George Michael has led a multi-facted, often wild life.

    I wish him well.

  27. says

    So sad…come on, George! You’ve got the strength to pull through!

    sidebar: some of you people are pathetic. to automatically start speculating about things that don’t really concern you is really quite sad.

  28. booka says

    I can’t believe what i read here. There are some really awful people in this world,totally lacking in compassion, with such fetid self validating opinions. I truly hope that each one of you mean spirited jerks suffers the same fate that you so glibly pronounce on this talented, struggling soul.

  29. Beau says

    Screw all the haters, they say the most incredulous, hateful things for a few minutes of attention. Envious, and jealous because they have zip, zero, zilch. It’s my sincerest wish that George gets well, and makes a full recovery.

  30. Got Yer Choices Right Here says

    I suppose all of the judgmental people commenting on here would live far away from cities – because cities have lots of carcinogens – and become strict vegetarians, as well as live a nearly stress-free life, and I hope to God you exercise every day…because if you get cancer or heart disease, it’s your own damn fault and you know it.

  31. Cheryl says

    My prayers go out to George for a fast and full recovery. I’ve been a GM fan since the early days of Wham! and am very saddened to hear this. Don’t stop fighting this George, we want you back on the stage singing very soon!

  32. DeeperStill says

    Some of you evil queens makes me sick!

    The “gay community” doesn’t exist, clearly. There’s good people. And then there’s pathetic, lowlife morons such as you twisted f*cks….

  33. CarlottaVonFunkenhowzer says

    Good lord, I’d rather pass a kidney stone than be considered one of Ron’s friends.

  34. Frank says

    I’ve been woking in medicine for eight years now, and I can tell you that pneumonia does not automatically = HIV positive. You can have pneumonia at any age and in any state of health, it just takes that right set of circumstances. Stop the speculation and the rumours. Eveyone is entitled to their privacy medically. In the United States that right is protected under penalty of law. If he is seriosly ill and he wants us to know about it, then he’ll release a statement. If he is and he doesn’t, then that’s none of our business. Get a life people and stop getting so wrapped up in the lives of others.

  35. JJ Robins says

    Now i’m a RT. This sounds very much like pneumocystis cariniii. That very stubborn and drug resistant fungal infection that affects people with HIV. Hope he recovers.

  36. XUSMCVET says

    Umm, True Words, and how would YOU know his HIV status? Something tells me you’re full of it!

  37. JJ Robins says

    I don’t know if he has HIV or Not. And frankly i dont care. But i have treated multiple patients with the same case. Additional, you dont transfer a patient to a advanced facility just for regular pneumonia.