GLAAD Launches Campaign to Make Your Relatives Uncomfortable This Thanksgiving


Let Aunt Betty chew on something besides her turkey leg, suggests GLAAD:

We've all had those Thanksgiving dinners where Aunt Betty decides this is the perfect time to discuss a year's worth of ailments and medical treatments. Well, you know what?  If she can talk about her podiatrist, you can talk about your partner. 

The fact is, while you're scarfing down mashed potatoes and staying silent while everyone else at the table is freely speaking their minds, you're missing a golden opportunity to make real, honest progress by talking about your life, and the things you care about.  It's okay if Aunt Betty feels a little awkward at first, it's important for her to know that someone she loves cares deeply about LGBT equality.


  1. uffda says

    Kinda funny, kinda lame but mostly poignant since everyone knows that the family holiday season is like bare knuckled fight night. Best wishes everyone with Aunt Betty, your a-hole brother, sad dad and broken mother. Things will get better in the spring.

  2. says

    If the American Family is about love and understanding, then it makes sense to Come Out. Coming Out, after all, is about understanding and love and truth.

    Some advice from my mother and father:

  3. says

    oh….and to anyone who can’t understand how to Come Out, or talk about being Gay, without talking about your “sex life” i present this:

    seriously. I’ve been fully 100% Out to everyone, family included, since I was a teenager. We dont’ talk about the sex I’m having. I’m not sure why “I don’t need to talk about my sexlife” is still being passed off as an excuse for not Coming Out…..

  4. luminum says

    If it’s the perfect time to talk about your aunt’s colon polyp, I’m sure they can handle talking about the guy you’re dating.

  5. Bobo says

    It may be hard being gay in 2011, but you know what else is hard? Being old and widowed…and subjected to the smug, self-indulgent superiority of your smartass gay nephew.

    Ageism and elitism might be a catchy way to market your message, but if your message is ostensibly about tolerance, you’re contradicting yourself.

    Poor Aunt Betty. Tell your nephew–and GLAAD–to go suck a D!