‘Glee’ Going All The Way [SPOILERS]

According to Ausiello, the show "finds two of the show’s supercouples — Rachel and Finn, and Kurt and Blaine — going all the way."


No sooner does Grant Gustin’s gay Warbler debut than he sets his sights on Blaine. And what he wants, I suspect he’ll get: He’s got charisma to spare and tons of chemistry with Darren Criss. Fun fact: He’s not the only obstacle to Klaine sex — the other is Kurt’s wardrobe. Specifically, “All of his layers.”

When Sebastian invites Kurt and Blaine out to local gay haunt Scandal, Kurt runs into his old nemesis at the bar. Apparently, transferring to a new school has done wonders for the bully’s disposition. He’s mellowed out considerably and coming to grips with his sexuality. It’s my favorite scene of the episode and should fire up those Kurt-Karofsky ‘shippers out there (and I know you’re out there).

More from Ausiello at TV Line.

Entertainment Weekly's Tim Stack also writes up the episode:

"It’s all handled very delicately and is incredibly moving. I can’t think of another network series that’s taken a teenage gay relationship so far or been so progressive. The moment is instigated when another teen, Warbler member Sebastian (Grant Gustin), aggressively pursues Blaine. The trio actually have a very amusing triple date to West Lima’s only gay bar Scandals and run into none other than Karofsky (Max Adler). Look for a great moment between Karofsky and Kurt."


  1. terry says

    this show is one reason the world thinks
    Americans are stupid. They see 25 yr olds still in high school. I wish they would consider using actual teens. As for gay characters…the usual stereotypes. Add to that the fact that they get an occasional kiss while the heterosexual kids are screwing everyone and you can no longer suspend disbelief. the show is on its way out with lame storylines and songs that break out of nowhere like a bad Bollywood movie.

  2. Xavier says

    Beg to differ. I live in Europe and this show actually puts the cool back in the US; it is uplifting and makes people want to visit the US. The “stupid” factor is reinforced when you see overweight tourists speaking loudly and dressed for the gym while not working out; or with shows like Bridezilla, the Playboy mansion and the thousands of reality shows, the home shopping network, and the Janet Jackson booby scandal… Just sayin’…

  3. Hob Nob says

    @Terry. Why would the world think Americans are stupid for a decision made by the show’s casting directors to use actors in their 20’s. Generalize much? And Grant Gustin’s character was brought in specifically to defy gay stereotypes. Also, if the gay kids were screwing everyone while the heterosexual kids got an occasional kiss, you’d be complaining that was stereotypical. There just no pleasing some people.

  4. Artie says

    @ Terry,

    Kurt, Blaine and Karofsky represent a very wide spectrum among gay men, from fashionista to football jock; that’s hardly stereotyping. The handling of their relationships *is* groundbreaking. Could that be your real complaint? You actually preferred the twentieth century?

  5. Artie says

    @ Anon,

    When I was in high school, they had “juice bars”, where no alcohol was sold or permitted on the premises. Some bars even had “non-alcohol” nights, when all alcohol was locked up. Juice bars were very popular with high school kids, at least in the Chicago area. I’m not really sure what the screenwriters of Glee have in mind. I’m as curious as you are.

  6. LiamB says

    From what I heard previously, it’s an actual bar, not a kiddie bar. Not sure how, but it was intimated that they get in through false means, fake id or some such.

  7. Sancho says

    I wonder if we’ll get any hints concerninig exactly what sex act(s) will define “going all the way” for Kurt and Blaine. After all, there’s no mystery what that means for a straight couple like Rachel and Finn, but the definition of “having sex” for two guys is not culturally defined so narrowly.

    Oh, and I’m looking forward to a few conservative talking heads totally exploding in response to this!

  8. Mike says

    I have never understood the fascination with spoilers. Whatever happened to just watching the show? It used to be a form of nerd braggadocio. “Hey, I’m better than you. I know what’s going to happen on Buffy 6 months from now and you don’t.” Now everybody does it. What gives?

  9. Sancho says

    I also want to chime in that I think the quality of the plotting on GLEE has improved this year. We’ve got a number of ongoing substantial plot trajectories beyond the usual “will the Glee Club go to Regionals/Nationals?”, like the congressional race, the Quinn/Puck/Shelby plot, the school president election, the new Kurt/Blaine/Sebastian triangle, etc. These plot lines also seem to have internal continuity so far, which is a nice change from last year, when the single biggest problem was that the writers wouldn’t have recognized continuity if they tripped over it – not only did plot lines randomly appear and then disappear, the writers seemed to constantly reboot the characters at will, depending on what songs they wanted to do in any given episode.

  10. Zlick says

    Maybe the fact that they break into song every 4 minutes like a Bollywood musical, or musicals of old, gives ANYONE WITH A BRAIN the needed clue that this is a purposefully skewed artistic interpretation of reality, and not a depiction of reality. Much like, let me see, ALL MUSICALS. And while I don’t find it convincing, it’s also a tried/true tradition to use older actors as teens because, well, let’s face it … it’s harder (not impossible) to find teens who can act.

    The 16 minutes of high school drama wedged in between the 28 minutes of song on each episode are – oh noes – full of stereotypical high school drama! That they manage, at the same time, to present such a great range of gay characters and situations is astounding and admirable in the extreme. That this is a show on non-cable TV, much less on FOX, is amazing!

    It’s ok if you don’t get it or if it’s not your thing. Don’t watch. That simple.

  11. gr8guyca says

    I thought what made the Blaine character interesting was that he looked just like the other Dalton boys. They were dressed the same way and gave the lesson to straight people, “See, gay guys can look and act just like straight guys.” Now that Blaine is in a public school, he is dressing more like Kurt. He now ‘reads’ as a gay character. Why is he so much more styled than Finn or the other guys? The character is now affirming the gay stereotype – gay guys are different looking from straight guys.

  12. Spencer says


    All the other boy are on the football team. When Sam was on the show he dressed the same way before he joined the football team. It wouldn’t make sense for him to dress like Finn or the other boys.

  13. Chris says

    Er, how are gay guys on a triple date going to a gay bar “progressive”? Like, I don’t expect more from this drama, but people need to stop praising it for qualities it doesn’t have.

  14. GregV says

    I went to the bars with my buddies all the time when I was in high school (even ordered drinks and pretended to enjoy the female strippers) and never got asked for ID (since I could pass for an adult at that age), so it doesn’t seem far fetched to me that they could get into a bar.

    I don’t think the idea that the gay characters are all a sterotype can be taken seriously. The )so-far) four gay characters on the show (Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Karofsky) could hardly be more different from each other.

    @Sancho: I don’t even know if anyone uses the term “go all the way” anymore, and I wondered the same thing you did.
    Back in the ’50’s or so, I think it was assumed that nice girls waited until their wedding night, and then went “all the way,” which meant coitus in the missionary position. Any other kind of sexual activity between men and women, let alone men and men, was assumed to never happen for anyone (which never has been reality).
    Gay people have always set their own standards, so the “ultimate” intimacy is whatever it is for me or you or Kurt or Blaine.
    For me, the first time I kissed a male was the huge milestone. It felt like something I had been dreaming of for as long as I could remember, and I felt I had lost my “virgin” status.
    Getting into someone’s pants (and whatever variation of sex that might lead to) might feel less or more intimate than a kiss to any given couple, including Kurt and Blaine.

  15. Charlie says

    I’m 34 so I don’t watch this show, which is patently for young people. VERY young people. I hope they like it and it’s nice that it has a healthy message about being nice to gay people. But the characters have all the sexual charisma of aerosol cheeze. Harry Potter with bad music instead of magic. I’m watching Breaking Bad, True Blood and Game of Thrones. Those have actual gay people in them, kicking ass and having sex.

  16. RichB in PS says

    I watch for the talent as a refreshing alternative to the too many so called reality shows – hope intro to the supposed sex will not ruin an otherwise good show imprinted with the Murphy thumb print.

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