1. mcNnyc says

    MAny of us remember who the police were BEFORE 9/11.
    Nothing has changed.
    We have only armed them with better weapons and terrorist training and that is what we see.

    Amazing to see where our veterans stand—with the right to protest, assemble and liberty.

    Shame of the NYPD thugs

  2. Mike says

    I sympathize with the majority of the NYPD, who seem to be just trying to maintain peace, as well as with the protesters. What a clusterfuck this has all become. If you really think about it, the Wall Street bigwigs are looking down on this insanity knowing full-well nothing has yet changed. The lower- and middle-class are squabbling amongst themselves so far.

    Honestly, it’s heartbreaking. We’re looking at a generation of frustrated citizens who don’t know what to do.

  3. hk says

    people need to stop blaming the NYPD. these guys have families, they dont want to be here. they are trying to provide for their families and do the job they have been told to do – among chaos.

  4. diligent says

    @HK So if your boss instructed you to start beating your clients with clubs… you’d do it? And everyone else watching it happen is supposed to say… “HK was doing his job… he’s got a family to feed”?

  5. Joel says

    I work at a tech company in the Financial District. Several of my co-work were violently physically assaulted on their way to work this morning by the OWS protesters. One guy was punched and heckled by the protestors as “WORKER!” It was ridiculous. We have nothing to do with Wall St, but proximity. And we work at a tech company, so we don’t look like Wall Streeter’s either. I have no sympathy for these protesters. Perhaps there were instances of overreaction by the cops, but I think the NYPD was doing its job today. I wish you would post entries about the violence perpetrated by the OWSers, because I personally witnessed it.

  6. Jesus says

    @Lisa G, yes, they were providing service as corporate mercenaries.

    And @Joel, I’m sorry some people attacked you who you assume are aligned (and may very well be) with the OWS movement. However, this does not represent the total opinion or motives of the movement, as you might well know, since groups like OWS are made up of so many people that there is no way to control who joins and what they advocate. However, if the NYPD were doing its job today, it would be protecting the rights of citizens, not trampling all over them in the interest of maintaining “decorum”.

  7. Joel says

    @Jesus. There is no assuming. Beyond doubt they were OWL protesters. They had their signs and buttons on. It was as obvious who they were as it was to tell who was a cop. It was That clear. And they did not attack me. It was my co-workers. And I too am sorry they did it because for my office everyone’s opinion of the OWL change today. We are outraged.

  8. Ren says

    Joel: How do we even know this happened? Do you really expect for people on the Net to just take your word for it? Did you file a formal complaint? Did you speak to a police officer? Do you have any photos of any ‘injuries’ resulting from this alleged altercation? Do you have any witnesses who are willing to provide their own proof of what they may or may not have seen? This is how things work on the net. I’m surprised that no one has brought up this issue already.

  9. Bob R says

    @Diligent: That was what the SS and German Police tried to use as an excuse. “We were following orders, just doing our jobs. If we didn’t do it, someone else would. We had to feed our families.” There are professional ways of handling civil unrest and they don’t involve blatant acts of brutality, mindless club swinging and rampant use of pepper spray, etc. From all reports, except for a few anecdotes from people like Joel, (the exception as opposed to the rule) these are peaceful protests.

    They have not only the RIGHT but the DUTY to protest and petition the government if they have a grievance. That is guaranteed by the Constitution. It is not a privilege that requires permits and pre-determines where and when protesters can demonstrate and can be revoked when the government doesn’t like the crowd. That’s Orwellian BS. Those that are strict Constitutionalists should read the document they so frequently incorrectly cite.

    Police brutality should be documented and legally prosecuted in the courts. Learn from the Civil Rights protests of the ’60’s. Go limp, make them carry you. Clog the courts by demanding your rights to counsel and speedy trial.

    Personally, I think the NYPD is trying to instigate violence from the protesters. Perhaps those that harassed Joel’s guy were in fact police operatives or political opposition (like a Breitbart, O’Keefe operation) designed to discredit OWS? The incidents of police brutality far outnumber reports of violent protesters by BIG margins.

    This movement is not going to go away anytime soon. I hope it doesn’t ever turn violent, but if it does, the 1% will be on the losing end, just due to sheer numbers. Until the bankers and Wall Street thieves are prosecuted and brought to trial for their economic crimes against humanity, the fight for economic and social justice must go on. I am the 99%. I support OWS.

  10. Joel says

    @Ren. You are absolutely correct. Purely anecdotal. Not proof. Welcome to the internet. There’s no way to prove either one of us aren’t 6th grade girls in Brazil.

    But I will tell you it was outside the Starbucks at Beaver and Broad. I work in a pre-war on Broad across from the old Goldman Sachs in gay owned tech company and there’s a LGTB not for profit in my building as well. There are no wall st related companies in the building I know of in our building.

    I believe this would be valid in DC I would even consider joining in. But I don’t think it is going to be effective by directly protesting on wall st.

  11. DG99 says

    Protesters mantra is civil disobedience, to go limp and make it difficult to be arrested. If you sit/lay down, the police are supposed to say “oh, he/she is laying down, no they arent under arrest anymore”? No… if you will not move under your own power, you will be moved. And that was her choice, not theirs.

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