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Jeremy Renner 'Nauseated' by Attention to His Personal Life: Details


Jeremy Renner is disgusted by unwanted attention to his personal life and his housemate and best friend Kristoffer Winters, whom he refers to as his "brother", according to Details:

It's not surprising that in Renner's dating vacuum, the worst bottom-feeding websites have suggested there's something more to his relationship with his pal and sometime housemate Winters. The unwanted attention nauseates him, even as he understands its causes. "I don't pay attention to that horseshit. Build 'em up to bring 'em down?" he says of celebrity culture. "I'm not going on that train, my son. I'm not going on that train. I'll walk. I'll take a bike." He lets out a laugh that sounds like a lawn mower starting up. "I'd rather just not be popular."

Renner doesn't date because he doesn't have time:

When Renner says he's given up his life for his job, this is what he means: "I never dated, because I couldn't afford to date. I didn't even have electricity. You try to put a positive spin on it, like, 'Hey, this is so sexy—look at all these candles!' But I loved what I was doing. The sacrifices I made in personal relationships had the biggest effect on my life. Even now, any woman would take a No. 2 seat to my job."

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  1. "I'd rather just not be popular." ... well, an attitude like this really helps. Keep it up and you'll get your wish.

    Posted by: marshallt | Nov 22, 2011 11:00:23 AM

  2. I find it interesting that HE is not quoted saying it nauseates him, that is DETAILS saying so.

    And why is DETAILS saying it's so horrible and such a "bottom-feeding" kind of thing to do to speculate about someone's sexuality? It's what happens with all stars—people lust after them or DON'T lust after them, use them as cultural touchstones, gossip about them. There is absolutely nothing more negative about wondering if Renner is gay than there is wondering about Brangelina's family life or wondering WTF is up with the Kardashians or wondering if Justin Bieber might have fathered someone's baby.

    DETAILS is just sucking up to Renner because they wanted him for their magazine; they're a part of celebrity culture, too, and if anything should be called bottom-feeders for not daring to question their celebrities more and instead just capitalizing on them passively.

    Posted by: Matthew Rettenmund | Nov 22, 2011 11:00:49 AM

  3. To be fair, HE never said it nauseated or disgusted him. Those are the words of the article's writer.

    In fact, he seems to suggest that simply the attention in general that celebrities receive is what bothers him--nothing at all about the gay rumors.

    Posted by: Jon | Nov 22, 2011 11:05:01 AM

  4. he is not any busier than any other actor in Hollywood who is married or dating. What a stupid line..."too busy"

    Posted by: Mike | Nov 22, 2011 11:06:35 AM

  5. DETAILS nauseates me.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Nov 22, 2011 11:11:17 AM

  6. So, 'Details' magazine thinks it is 'the worst bottom-feeding' for someone to speculate that Renner might be gay?

    Would 'Details' magazine think that it's 'the worst bottom-feeding' for someone to speculate he is heterosexual?

    Renner may or may not be gay.

    But 'Details' magazine certainly seems to think Renner's answer to that question would render him more valuable depending on his response.

    Which is yet another reason to never purchase their publication.

    Posted by: Bill | Nov 22, 2011 11:16:52 AM

  7. okay
    1.MATTHEW RETTENMUND i luv what you said
    2.Details thank you for telling me what kinda trash you are,you have been dismissed

    Posted by: sal | Nov 22, 2011 11:23:31 AM

  8. Details is worthless and clearly homophobic. It's okay for them to speculate on what actor is dating which actress but the minute it is same-sex it's "disgusting." Plus, I thought Renner was out. Now he is back in the closet thanks to the Hollywood machine? THAT'S disgusting.

    Posted by: FernLaPlante | Nov 22, 2011 11:25:35 AM

  9. I read Details once. It contains one or two articles and 100 pages of ads. Great magazine!


    Posted by: MikeInSanJose | Nov 22, 2011 11:26:20 AM

  10. Who?

    Posted by: realitythink | Nov 22, 2011 11:27:37 AM

  11. Who is he?

    Posted by: Charley | Nov 22, 2011 11:27:41 AM

  12. what a great post! thank you for sharing this information!

    Posted by: resume writers | Nov 22, 2011 11:29:24 AM

  13. who is he?

    Posted by: gaylib | Nov 22, 2011 11:33:03 AM

  14. I don't think Details is homophobic; I think it's just poorly written. Every issue has at least one article of specific gay content, there's tons of worthless, overpriced, long fashion spreads, and many of the staff are gay. But it's an awful magazine.

    Still, Renner is more at fault here. Saying he's too busy, living with a guy who spells his name Kristoffer, and basically saying he's not interested in women *might* be why people speculate that he's gay.

    Posted by: Paul R | Nov 22, 2011 11:33:04 AM

  15. Details is a magazine for resentful homosexuals who still desperately (and incorrectly) think that they can pass for "straight metrosexuals"

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Nov 22, 2011 11:38:53 AM

  16. Plus, hello—anyone who is "too busy" to date is either gay and lying or is protecting a teen-heartthrob status and lying. Renner is not a teen heartthrob.

    Posted by: Matthew Rettenmund | Nov 22, 2011 11:43:10 AM

  17. Haven't really liked Renner's films, but he seems like a cool enough guy. Not necessarily likeable, but cool enough, gay or not. I've known plenty of guys like Renner. Some were gay, some weren't. Let him live his life the way he sees to.

    As for the attention and unwanted speculation......a lot of actors complain when it's happening, and miss it when it's gone. If you're being talked about, it's because people know who you are. But it's a little bit sensational for the item to be headlined as it is, Andy. Makes him sound worse than anything he actually said. That kind of sensationalism would piss me off too.

    Also, the bottom-feeding website in question was Perez Hilton's, and if that's not bottom-feeding, then the concept is meaningless.

    Posted by: Little French Bulldog | Nov 22, 2011 11:45:11 AM

  18. I'm surprised no one's commented on what Jeremy actually said. It's true that society's obsession with celebrity is a sick arrangement of bring them up to tear them down. US weekly, Inside Edition, Details, Michael K, etc - there's a whole industry around trashing celebrities and it IS nauseating. Good for him for calling it out and doing whatever he can to avoid it. What happened to just letting an actor be an actor and judging him on his work? (not that that has ever really happened, I guess)

    Posted by: Aron | Nov 22, 2011 11:49:09 AM

  19. i don't think anything that either Renner or Details said is in any way homophobic. maybe the "bottom feeding" they are talking about is simply how the tabloid industry in general makes billions of dollars from turning every private detail of a celebrity's life into public knowledge, whether it's their sexuality, the clothes they wore to the grocery store or the diapers their children wear.

    if anything, this Towleroad post is poorly written, not the Details article. anyone catch the original headline? it's still part of the URL... "Jeremy Renner Nauseated By Gay Rumors" it's yet another post on this site where a quote is taken completely out of context and twisted into an insinuation that someone is a homophobe. this site is a great resource for our community, but posts like this just incite anger where none is warranted. headlines that are clearly written to get people riled up and garner a high volume of clicks make Towleroad no better than the Gawkers and Perezes of the internet.

    Posted by: Chris | Nov 22, 2011 11:53:22 AM

  20. DETAILS and Esquire magazine should be used as toilet paper by every gay man in the world. Both are homophobic rags that cater to the creepy meterosexual "straight" man.

    Posted by: Kyle | Nov 22, 2011 12:00:33 PM

  21. Isn't Jeremy Renner 900 years old? Seriously.

    Posted by: Kyle | Nov 22, 2011 12:07:25 PM

  22. Aron, so gay rumors are okay and nauseating? It's okay to view them as insults and put-downs?

    Tell us what Details and Renner really meant. I'm curious.

    Posted by: Kyle | Nov 22, 2011 12:10:10 PM

  23. @Kyle He was born in 1971... is that 900? lol

    Posted by: Nate | Nov 22, 2011 12:12:05 PM

  24. Adam Sachs is a worthless, miserable human being. He's the author. Tell him that:

    Posted by: G | Nov 22, 2011 12:12:58 PM

  25. @Nate

    I would say so, yes. ;)

    Posted by: Kyle | Nov 22, 2011 12:13:59 PM

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