1. Hollywood, CA says

    18 years old, 20 years in State Penn… it may not be the right decision (meaning he should have received life), but I can’t believe it’s going to be pleasant. I can only assume that the thing he seemed most afraid of is going to happen to him over and over and over and over behind bars.

    At the VERY least, Larry King died quickly and hopfully without pain. This sociopath is going to feel pain and misery like no other…

    Everybody loses.

  2. AnonymousJack says

    Given that they did NOT offer credit for time served, his sentence will ultimately be 24 years. Given that this was a child, I can most certainly live with this, as the King family can. So many children are warped by their environments and some of the most damaged are the most susceptible to being turned into destruction machines by the hate of the adults around them. There was no way a child was going to get life or the death penalty in this case in this state with these circumstances (see that statements of the first jury that ended up hanging) so this is pretty much as bad as it was going to get, I think, in terms of a sentence. Also, when he gets out, he’ll be 38-39, probably only have a high school education (if he chooses to complete that) and have spent all of his adult life behind bars. Life as any of us would know or want it, ended for this kid the day he committed the murder. Yes, he’s not dead as King is, but I don’t use that expression lightly. His life will be a living hell he will ultimately learn to “survive” but he will not thrive and may eventually destroy himself the way he destroyed King. IF he rehabilitates, I would be overjoyed as I do think his hate comes from his environment, so it’s a positive if he rehabilitates over two decades, or a neutral if his life ended the day of the murder. Either way, I can live with it.

    Also – re: the teachers “encouraging” King. I’ve often wondered if they were truly encouraging him to embrace who he was or if they found his behavior amusing. I prefer adults in life to be more of the “Burt” on GLEE variety, where they both encourage and support a young person on who they are, but also help them to see the world as it is and understand that every one of us has to dial back certain things in a professional or academic environment. I never bought the ridiculous argument that King was a predator, but his “teacher-encouraged” behavior was more extreme than average. I wondered if the teachers thought the flamboyant kid was funny and encouraged him to camp it up. If so, I agree with the father, they should consider their responsiblity (albeit small) in an environment that spun out of control without their even noticing. If their hearts were in teh right place, then more power to them. At least King was accepted and nurtured by adults in his life before it was so cruelly snuffed out.

  3. Ambrose says

    Why is this moral principle so hard for folks to get through their heads: Larry King’s “effeminate behavior” IN NO WAY justifies the violence against him. The teachers’ not discouraging him from dressing and acting as he wanted IN NO WAY makes them responsible for the violence against him. The guilt is McInnerny’s. Period.

  4. sal says

    no justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame on the lawyer for blaming the dead(!!!!) kid and shame on the father for in a way blaming the teachers for letting his son be who he is

  5. Jerry6 says

    Unfortunately, Brandon’s parents can not be sentenced as co-conspirators even tho, as Rogers And Hammerstein wrote in “South Pacific” (In Part)- “You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear; You’ve got to be taught from year to year; You’ve got to be taught Before it’s too late; Before you are 6 or 7 or 8; To hate all the people your relatives hate; You’ve got to be carefully taught.”

  6. snowisfun says

    Do Lawrence King’s sympathizers see anything wrong with Lawrence King masturbating in front of others on 1 occasion (touching himself) & asking other boys for sex in the lockerroom? I agree that this case was manslaughter because the lesbian VP Joy Epstein refused to expel Lawrence King when the complaints were made about Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct.

    Lawrence King had no right to repeatedly propose after he was told no. Any1 who sees nothing wrong with Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct has something wrong with them. The jurors who voted for manslaughther said that they considered Lawrence King’s anti-social acts & the school not expelling him when the complaints were made. I admit that I’m against gay/lesbian activiteis & believe it’s comparable to crack smoking & while getting shot in the head twice is excessive, the fact is that Lawrence King (cobra) had no right to behave the way he did & there’s no need for the students to tolerate Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct.

  7. Jake says

    Hope this MURDER dies in prison. Larry King being feminine was a beautiful thing he should have been PROUD OF. Brandon will now ROT in jail where every homophobe belongs!

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