Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Special

LadyGagaDragCropThe Thanksgiving Special: A wholesome hour or two in which known, beloved characters explore themes of patriotism and filial togetherness. See "This Is America, Charlie Brown" and All In The Famiky: "The Little Atheist."

Obviously, this is very much Lady Gaga's bag. "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving" will feature Mother Monster and Katie Couric co-hosting a 90-minute special in which Gaga will perform for an "intimate" audience of "friends and family," and Couric will interview Gaga re: Gaga. Gaga will talk about Catholic school, family, New York, and food. According to

In addition to her new single, "Marry the Night," and other songs from Born This Way ("You and I," "The Edge of Glory"), Gaga will perform "White Christmas" and her duet with Tony Bennett, "The Lady Is a Tramp." Chef Art Smith will also drop in to share some recipes on the special, including his holiday classic, deep-fried turkey and waffles.

"A Very Gaga Thanksgiving" airs November 24th, on ABC.


  1. Autarchic says

    I’m really not sure how I feel about this. It feels like it could be Gagalactic mistake. Part of the Gaga Mystique is the fact that her tacky is ironic, not moronic.

    Home spun, Katie Couric and Art Smith?

    Corn This Way?


  2. says

    Anything GaGA, and I’ll watch it. AND, I’m 45 w/a son. Whom will NOT be watching it. She is not ‘selling out’, she is doing what she does best: Doing something no one would expect her to do. And I’m sure it shall be fantastic. As always. What other ‘pop-star, celebrity gains access to the President of the United States just by asking for it? Give me a break. If you knew GaGa at all, you should know this already. :/


  3. Gregoire says

    Absurdity defined. Cannot wait. It’ll be like gay Christmas and the biggest glitter trainwreck in history.

  4. nicholas john vinyard says

    hello love you lady gaga waht up not much here i will like to gave you my nummer is 1660- 584-1242- the 1378 call me piz

    think you so much