1. luminum says

    Hold fast. Let everyone see the kind of monsters are out there, especially those who believe that LGBTs are “over protected” and that anti-gay bigots are the real victims.

  2. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    Pathologicals and Prejudice

    In The Anatomy of Prejudices Elizabeth Young-Bruehl looks at such “primary prejudices” as sexism, racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. She argues that they fall into one or another combination of categories: obsessional, hysterical, or narcissistic.

    Obsessional (Malcontent) prejudice, by her definition, sees its objects as omnipresent conspirators or enemies set on one’s destruction, who therefore must be eliminated.

    Hysterical (Histrionic) prejudice interprets the hated individuals as “other, as inferior, and as sexually threatening”. Racism is the best example of hysterical prejudice.

    Narcissistic prejudice “cannot tolerate the idea that there exist people who are not like them”. She argues that homophobia alone fits all these categories, and this might help account for its persistence and prevalence.
    –Vannessa Baird, The No-Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity, pg 72

  3. Pete n SFO says

    I’m sure the HOA will fine them for not covering it up as well.

    I think I’d have to throw BBQs every weekend and invite as many gays as possible.

    Invite the nice neighbors to join in & remind everyone it’s usually the guys with the tiniest penises that engage is this kind of cowardly, misguided, bullshiz.

    Pity them. 😉

  4. Continuum says

    Totally agree.

    Stop calling these crimes “bullying”.

    These crimes are vandalism, physical assaults, destruction of property, intimindation.

    When you call someone a name, that’s bullying.

    When you beat the living crap out of them it’s a crime. It’s assault. It’s battery.

    By terming some of these crimes “bullying” you trivialize the nature of the offense.

  5. uffda says

    If they don’t pick up after their dogs they’re sleezes (and sort of look like it) with neighbors that are sick of them, plus someone who’s so sick of them that they’ve put up the most offensive grafitti they can think of. This a matter of be smart about, not stubborn. If they can’t cooperate they should clearly get out.

  6. Stalcom says

    @uffda: They sort of look like “sleezes”? First of all, you seem to know enough about this couple from a minute-long video to conclude that they are “sleezes”, and second, it’s spelled “sleazes”.

    We have no way of knowing whether the accusations of the couple not picking up their dog’s poop are true or not, and if the neighbors didn’t actually see which dog left the poop, it’s easy for them to just blame dog owners they happen to dislike personally.

  7. MKe says

    They should make one of those NOM Marriage Anti Defamation videos. But I suppose there would be no point since they weren’t even provoking anyone politically before this happened.

  8. Dawn says

    Local news Interviewed the women and they stated they pick up after their Great Dane and Mastiff all the time and they state the HOA sent someone over to “cover up” the writing by just painting white over it, so they had a volunteer come over and spend the time to take it off, properly.

    My partner and I live a few miles from this and we find that we get dirty looks here where we live, but mostly from International Men who are used to a certain female culture. Personally, we haven’t had any issues and our complex owner’s are very nice towards us. That is why this type of thing makes the news each time, most people in Denver metro are “live and let live”

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