Another ‘A-List Dallas’ Cast Member Says He Was Attacked by Gays


Brandon mentioned this briefly in his round-up last night.

Levi Crocker, a cast member on LOGO's A-List: Dallas, tweeted a picture of a head wound over the weekend and reported that he had been assaulted at an Oklahoma City gay bar, claiming that it was because of his participation in the reality show.


Wrote Crocker:

"I got jumped in the middle of a bar in OKC, 4 guys, one busted a barstool onu head…I'm fine, I finished the fight. I'll never forget that feeling tho. They weren't straight guys bullying me,they were gays…It's sad when str8 people are mean to someone gay. But for someone (or 4 ppl) from the gay community to attack me because of a show is??????"

In recent weeks, Crocker's castmate Taylor Garrett has also alleged attacks on him by members of the gay community.

In mid-October Garrett reported that a rock was thrown through one of his windows with a note attached attacking him for being a Republican. A month later Garrett said he was attacked again by a vandal who scratched "F**k Coulter" into the side of his car and pushed him to the ground.

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  1. Chip says

    I don’t care how hard these reality guys try to get me to watch their show, I’m not going to. Save your injuries, guys.

  2. AedanCRoberts says

    I have to agree with the first two responders.

    These stories simply don’t add up to anything beyond stories and sensationalism to shore up ratings. People have already brought up the obvious when it comes to these attacks- namely why was this not being tweeted from the hospital? Or more to the point- where is the police report about this. Am I honestly supposed to believe that these self-riteous media whores wouldn’t have filed a police report if all this was actually 100% true?

    The whole thing reeks of ratings ploy. Too many elements of these stories simply don’t add up. And I’m getting sick of reading about these stories on gay news blogs. I just wish A-List would just . . . Stop.

  3. AggieCowboy says

    My guess is that he was being an ass and trying to use his celebrity status to elevate himself above Floyd, the gay mayor of OKC.

    I’ll have to get the skinny from Floyd.

  4. jason says

    I don’t care what the motivation was for these assaults. The assailants need to be caught and punished. It really is as simple as that.

  5. Gay American says

    well I dont know IF a Fight occurred or not…tho, Im not medical expert..that blood looks like jelly (isnt blood usually darker?)….tho I don’t condone Fighting….especially between gays….and I saw an advertisement for thier ashow- where they’re going to a GOP Fund-raiser….? REALLY???? Any Gay guy that’s a Republican, and Votes GOP (esp. now with these GOP gay haters) as bad a Jews for hitler, or a black person wrking for the KKK…don’t watch thier show and refuse too…(they’re typical cliche’ “I got mine $$$,too bad for you” queens”)

  6. JimmyD says

    Is this the third assault or crime against a ‘cast’member of this show that is going to go unprosecuted?

  7. says

    If he got beat up by a bunch of fairies, that sucks. And is beautiful imagery. But still. Sucks.

    If he’s doing it to get people to somehow take notice of his show because they too don’t fit in to some main stream gay type, I don’t know how successful that effort would be since the actual show is on Logo and surrounded by Absolut ads performed by RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants.

    However. I have something better.

    Here, it’s a man teaching a wolf pup to howl:

  8. Rowan says

    Let’s say for arguments sake that this REALLy happened. And let’s say he then went to the hospital and filed a police report straight afterwards.

    What is his problem?

    You get this ALL the time with female, black and gay right wingers. They despise and insult the idea of community existing. They NEVER support the minority groups they come from. Vote against politicians who support these minority groups because the politician are not pro money. They belittle affirmative action and ANYTHING the government puts in place to support their minority, completely ignoring the millions of people born struggling that is their minority and would really get by with this support.

    BUT when it suits them, because these people are snakes, they use the ‘but I am black, he’s been racist to me’ , ‘the male pundits on the left are bullying me because I am a women’ and ‘but I thought we were supposed to be a gay community? Looking out for each other?’

    See a pattern here. No one deserves to be attacked but damn Mr Crocker if your sociopathic ilk don’t deserve it. You have NEVER done any activism towards to the gay community, so why the hell should they be there for you?

  9. Chas says

    Have you seen this show? It will make you want to gay bash all of them. They are horrible people. All of them, except that poor girl on the show. She actually tries to treat them all like real people that should be held accountable for their actions, but fails.

    They are awful. Since they clearly had no parenting in their lives, maybe the gay community can beat them into acting like functioning adults.

  10. Sean says

    Just one of a handful of “stories” Towleroad insist on covering that I would prefer not to aware of. Seems like utter BS!

  11. The Milkman says

    I know these bars. Grew up in the area. It’s not at all uncommon to have a fight break out between drunken Okies at a bar, gay or straight. Just because you got a bar stool thrown at you doesn’t mean that you were attacked because of a television show… especially when you look like this guy (and we all know the automatic deference that the physically pretty receive in our watering holes). Chances are he was drunk and acting the fool, came across another who was doing the same, and things got out of hand.

  12. JWL says

    This entire story balances on the thin possibility that four whole people watch the show and were able to recognize this fool in a bar. That in itself seems ridiculous to me.

  13. JWL says

    This is a guy so desperate for attention that he has already accidentally “leaked” his nude shot. You are not Kim Kardashian…oh wait, that is exactly what you are.

  14. Rovex says

    Surely the whole point of this show is to make gay people look bad. It obviously has right wing backers and intentions.

  15. Taylor says

    I wanna see a pic of that wound today! There should be a nice scab to show off…if indeed there’s a scab at all.

  16. Francis says

    You know what, I’m going to break away from the pack and say that ultimately, if these attacks are real and these men are being harassed and physically attacked for being on this show, that is absolutely unacceptable, and it’s not acceptable to diminish what these men are going through if that is true. Period. No-one should be attacked for what is ultimately a very petty reason. And I think it’s offensive that people would be so callous towards these guys without knowing if these attacks are true or not.

    With all of that said, do I support these guys? Not really. I don’t think they are portraying our community in a good light, I don’t like the fact they are Republicans and support a political party that systematically discriminates against our community. I do think they’re attention craving. But none of this means they deserve to be attacked, or that it’s funny, that’s it’s OK, or that they’re lying about being attacked. We should show a little more decency than to be so vicious.

  17. says

    Did he seriously not file a police report over this???

    Obviously he should have or still should. This is assault.

    I have to go read his other tweets, but I didn’t see any suggestion it could be tied to the show.

  18. anon says

    You get the impression watching this show that gay life in Dallas is just one big party with very nasty people invited.

  19. say what says

    might have happened

    But due to fellow cast mate garretts past

    1- false claim of house window being smashed by a rock thrown……glass broken outward instead of inward and not calling the police till days later though tweeted it seconds after supposed incident

    2- car incident, the police report states Garrett refused to allow the police to look at the evidence/ car

    Well…….I feel for the guy if it really happened but garrette has already cried wolf 2 times which ruins it for the rest of the cast mates

  20. Dariel says

    I guess they thought he was a braying donkey when he was laughing and tried to run him out of the place, and, I guess he found out that he isn’t as ‘hot’ as those trifiling Dallas ‘men’ have lead him to think he is! Just all hot messes, but, that’s Logo for ya!

  21. ant says

    Of course if this happened as stated the attackers should be found and punished.

    I just haven’t seen anything yet to convince me any of these so-called “attacks” are anything but marketing ploys. Sadly, these guys like Levi Crock and the producers at Logo seem just low enough to perpetrate that kind of hoax.

  22. Roger says

    Obviously we have to hear both sides, but it seems like the first reaction is the blame the supposed victim? Very sad.

  23. Chris in Irvine says

    What does LOGO say about these “attacks”? Weren’t they happy when the other guy (Taylor something?) brought up Ann Coulter in the picture, for ratings?

  24. AggieCowboy says

    Update from Floyd (very reliable source):

    Attack probably had nothing to do with A-List and more to do with excessive alcohol consumption. It was a group of guys that have been causing problems at Tramps for the last few months, not the regulars, some of the regulars even defended Crocker (but did he bother to mention that???). No mention of a barstool being involved.

    Haven’t seen Che’s posts about the incident, but imagine they’re an accurate account as well. Trust Floyd and Che Lucci over Crocker.

  25. uu says

    he’s always wasted in the episodes I’ve seen. starting fights, being rude, etc. ….sounds like just a drunken brawl.

  26. Inquiring Mind... says


    Per Lloyd via his post on

    Floyd Martin · Yukon, Oklahoma
    Ray Fleming: no , there wasn’t a police report filed. Oklahoma City Gay bars have a long and sometimes troubling past with the OKC POlice. In 1982, one of our bar-owners sued the city for a million dollars because OKCPD were beating up bar patrons and writing clubs false tickets. We won, but with the provision that they not come to the Gay bars unless we call them, so we normally try to handle things ourselves, which is what happened in this case apparantly

  27. Fenrox says

    Ok, fine, it’s a real assault. Since it’s from (allegedly) gay people, to a gay person, isn’t it just a bar fight? Isn’t it just one of the most common things in the world? Isn’t it, in no way, news?

    All crimes are hate crimes.

  28. Inquiring Mind... says

    …. Again Che’ Lucci’s posts ….

    Those can be read at…

    or at Levi’s Facebook page & Che’ Lucci’s Facebook page.

    Che’ Lucci is the co-founder of the Tramps Facebook page and was present at the time.


    Che Lucci
    what an interesting thanksgiving to say the least. thankyou to all the wonderful cooks who brought delicious food to Tramps Okc yesterday. yum. and it seems the A-List Dallas cant leave its drama in Dallas. The bar brawl in the bar last night was unnecessary, everybody knows youre a cutie Levi but apparently the attitude is not.
    Friday 11/25 at 12:03pm

    Che Lucci Im just mad cuz my two good friends were ganged up on. I could care less about Levi lol
    Friday at 1:34pm

  29. Inquiring Mind... says


    Yep, it’s probably news to some because:

    1) It comes on the heels of Taylor Garrett’s reported attack by the “hateful-gay-left” and theGoProud/Ann Coulter PR… &

    2) The way Levi tweeted it was like 4 people ganged up on only him due to him being an A-List cast member.

  30. Cassandra says

    Levi’s ass-umption that this attack has anything to do with ‘the gays’ because it happened in a gay bar, is naive.

    Homophobic het men have been going into gay bars and picking fights for decades.

    But there’s not nearly as much publicity in saying four straight men bashed him in a gay bar. There’s nothing to work up the Repug’s and the homophobes sense of ‘I told you those people were no good’.

  31. Hollywood, CA says

    Well, from the only 1 episode I ever watched(lie). it didn’t seem like Levi had much of a filter. And Gay, Straight, Bi, what-have-you, if you say the wrong thing to the wrong person… CRACK upside that good head. I have seen a beat down in a gay bar, straight bar, black bar, white bar… you just never know.

    If all these guys were gay, they should be ashamed. Fighting within minority groups only hurts our cause.

  32. Drew says

    it looks like the head of the flamer he was dating in the last episode. judging by his behavior on the show, i doubt these guys started a fight with him for no reason. im guessing, like taylor, no police report was filed.

  33. foobar says

    If there’s one thing the “gay community” won’t tolerate it’s dissent from the Official Narrative.

  34. Bruce says

    I don’t know what happened in that bar if anything did, but the wound looks real to me and even if he was drunk and acting like a jerk like he likes to do so what you don’t hit a guy over the head. Levi is young good looking and full of himself so what he’s having fun while he can. So what if Taylor wants to be a republican just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I have to be democrat. Thats why I live in America be cause I have the right to vote however I want you don’t have to like it but I wouldn’t persecute someone for it. These guys are all trying to make a name for them selfs. Why not? The show it entertaining to me it makes me laugh. It doesn’t make me want to move to dallas. I don’t think they represent the whole gay community. Let them have their 15 minutes of fame.

  35. Terry says

    I think it’s terrible that this happens.It’s NOT bad enough that straight people r ignorant. Now gays abuse each other out of jealousy .I’m straight and I don’t NO get it.

  36. sue says

    Wow… I am so sorry to hear about this. I sure hope you are ok Levi! I just love all you guys and Ashley too, of course!

    Stay safe.. Perhaps production should provide ya’ll all with more security. Hire some bodyguards damnit! You guys are more and more famous and its going to continue. Jealous, bitchy people will try to rob your shine and you couldn’t be more brave than to allow all of us a view into some of the realities you have faced. I have found the nuclear family rejection or acceptance stories from Philip, James and Chase very interesting and critically important.

    I sure hope this series continues and all players continue. Its a great show! I will continue to support you all and hope you all stay safe!

  37. JacobOKC says

    This is why I don’t frequent the gay clubs. There are too many bitter, angry, jealous, alcoholic, drug addicted gays that will lash out at anyone better looking or more successful. Gay men are truly disgusting, especially in OKC.