1. Paul R says

    How could any person who lives in the US and is 200 years old not know what macaroni and cheese is? His senility is so apparent. It’s only served in at least a quarter of U.S. restaurants serving traditional U.S. food, especially in the South and Midwest.

    And how could any self-respecting woman concede his point and claim that it’s “a black thing”? Mind-boggling.

    Not to mention, as much as I dislike Condi Rice, it was equally baffling for the interviewer to call her “sister.” I guess they’ve both sold themselves out to work for born-again white men who likely don’t respect them.

  2. Rob Schendel says

    I grew up on Mac and Cheese, and I’m not black.
    Wouldn’t you think Robertson would at least be acquainted with the dish, from watching television commercials? (“It’s the cheesiest”).
    How out of touch can one man be?

  3. Jim says

    He knows what Mac & Cheese is, he was commenting on eating it as part of Thanksgiving dinner. Mind you, it was still a stupid remark. I am white and my family had M&C as a side at Thanksgiving! I still make it every year for Thanksgiving dinner.

  4. oneway says

    Oh give me a break, hyperventilators!

    There a thousand things about which to jump on Robertson’s case. This is not one of them.

  5. say what says


    mac & cheese is more like a poor white trash thing and or poor white college kids eat in their dorm room

    In other words what most of the poor schleps who send Pat their hard earned money eat

  6. BEAHBEAH says

    Ummmm… excuse me? Mac & Cheese is a white trash thing? You can take a flying leap.

    Maybe Kraft Macaroni & Cheese… but most people bake homemade mac and cheese for holidays. And it is a staple for MILLIONS of people, not to mention gourmet mac and cheese is at quite a few upscale restaurants. Ugh… what a classist/snobbish statement.

    As for Pat Robertson, he’s an idiot if he thinks its a black thing. But he’s out of touch regarding pretty much any form of reality, so no surprise.

  7. sleepy bear says

    all i want for xmas is falwell to claw his way up from hell and drag his buddy back down with him… choking on his own vile juices, et al.

  8. Rick says

    Yo, Derrick, Say What, and Kev:

    Tell this damn cracker that greens and fatback is what black folk eat on Thanksgiving Day, not macaroni!

  9. say what says

    LOL rick

    Im white

    Collored greens are a southern thing white or black. I actually have a pot in the fridge at the moment. Cooked up with ham (fat back will kill ya) onions and a bit of apple cider vinegar

    Collored greens, corn bread, fried okra wether poor or not white or black doesn’t matter all that matters is if your southern= then you have eaten them

    Heck everyone in the south was poor though once. After the civil war a crow couldn’t fly over georgia without packing its own lunch let alone it ended up somebodys lunch. narry a crow or squirrel could be found in the south during reconstruction

    They even used to go into the old salt houses and boil dirt then strain the water and let it evaporate to collect the salt drippings

    The whole south was extremely poor for a long time

  10. Crow Mistress says

    Strange. My family has Mac and Cheese all the time. And we have not got an ounce of ‘black’ in us. WTF? A black thing? Seriously I never think of people as black, red, yellow, etc. We are all the same but with different hangups in life. And as for food… food is food. Why does it get stereotyped as a ‘color’ food?

  11. Mike says

    Bobn, Pat Robertson is from Lexington in western Virginia. It’s about 30 minutes from where my grandparents are from. Think Walton’s Mountain and you have that kind of area in your mind. One of the hickest places in the world, and the only way people feel better about justifying living there is saying they’re from “westERN Virginia,” not “West Virginia,” because they’re oh-so-worse.

  12. gregory brown says

    I will go to the end of any line of folks that try to defend this smirking doofus.
    Nonetheless: “growing up” in Iowa with mainly farm folks and small town people as relatives, we never had M%C for any special occasion. My Grandma made it from scratch sometimes, and my Mom (who is the only woman I know who could ruin fish sticks, roasts and oatmeal with equal ability) gave us the Kraft stuff sometimes because there wasn’t a bunch of money available.
    It wasn’t until years later that I enjoyed the really tasty stuff made by the parents and families of Black friends.
    And I have to add that calling something “mac and cheese” seems to fit with the corporate realignment that rechristened “Kentucky Fried Chicken” as “KFC”, with ads featuring black actors representing consumers.

  13. Mary says

    Several people here have said what I was going to post – namely, that Robertson wasn’t saying anything racist but was merely surprised at people who eat Mac and cheese at Thanksgiving and wondered whether blacks had mac and cheese as a special part of their Thanksgiving menu. I’m sure he knows what the dish mac and cheese IS! But at any rate, he seems to have a knack for offending everyone – left and right. Many conservatives gave up on him when he endorsed Giuliani 3 years ago. I was totally perplexed by his actions and chalked it up to senility.

    But I’ll show you how naive people can be about various ethnic food traditions. My family is Italian-American. We always ate macaroni and meatballs on Christmas. I was 27 before I learned that most Americans ate turkey on this day. It never occurred to me to wonder what the non-Italian portion of the U.S. had as its Christmas culinary staple. It’s true!

  14. Paul R says

    @Mary: sorry, but you still got it wrong. No offense, but turkey is for Thanksgiving. Christmas is traditionally celebrated with ham, beef, or even fondue. No one I’ve ever known, of any ethnicity, eats turkey on Christmas because they’re so damn tired of the leftovers from Thanksgiving.

  15. says

    @Paul R: German-Texan here, and we always have turkey at the late December winter solstice Pagan holiday dinner. And venison if my uncle killed any. And tamales because it’s Texas.

    Alas, no Mac & Cheese at any holiday though (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  16. Ella says

    @Paul-My family is from the islands and we have turkey on Christmas, along with ham, and rice and beans, and curry chicken….fish…

    Our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner table is a mish-mash of EVERYTHING. Because islanders love to eat. And since our families are usually so large, we need a lot of it. We don’t sit around a table and eat because there is no room. It’s buffet style and then we park it in front of the television

    I’m not so bothered by Pattinson’s comment because the man is an idiot. I can’t get my blood-pressure up every time he or another conservative says something dumb. My real problem is with the chick next to him who was like, “Yeah, it is a black thing!” Even then I can’t get too rankled because she’s obviously an idiot too. She called Connie Rice “girlfriend” You aren’t interviewing Lady Gaga and this isn’t TRL, honey. Lock it up.

  17. Kevin says

    Add me to those who grew up with turkey for both thanksgiving and christmas. Also on the menu, dressing, cranberries (home made and canned), sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, black olives, baby dill pickles, sauerkraut, pumpkin pie. Oh, and jello salad. My family were farm people from northern Illinois. The sauerkraut was an addition for friends from Maryland who celebrated both holidays with us every year.

    Add me, also, to the people who think the world would be a better place without Pat Robertson and others like him.

  18. Art Voigt says

    Paul R

    Just because you did not have turkey for XMAS doesn’t mean there aren’t people who have it a regular basis.

    My republican hateful step data would call yo a communist if you didn’t have turkey BOTH holidays.

    Personally, I prefer Duck though.

  19. says

    From Rick; Tell this damn cracker that greens and fatback is what black folk eat on Thanksgiving Day, not macaroni!???WTF!?!

    Posted by: Rick | Nov 23, 2011 3:38:37 PM

    If this is that same Rick who always have something negative to say about Blacks and effiminate Gays. He wasn’t trying to be funny. He was being hateful as ususal. I don’t know anyone today who uses FATBACK!

    I hope you choke on a green bean caserole!

  20. Adam says

    as a canadian i am thoroughly offended by pat robertson. kraft dinner is the national meal of your largest trading partner and you dont know that? well you could knock me down with a feather.

  21. Paul R says

    To all who eat turkey at Christmas, I apologize. I’ve lived in several major US cities and shared Thanksgiving and Christmas meals with all sorts of people, and it’s often difficult to even find whole turkeys around Christmas—this has been true on both US coasts and even once in the Midwest.

    And as I mentioned, my family has fondue every Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner….a rather odd tradition that I’m guessing is a holdover of our northern German roots (meaning, almost Swiss). By the same token, I know plenty of people who refuse to eat turkey on Thanksgiving because they want to be different. So they have scallops, crab, duck, tofurkey, or whatever. I should have clarified that turkey isn’t the traditional Xmas animal eaten, but it’s certainly not something I would scorn. I’m all for people enjoying what they enjoy and following traditions. (But please brine the turkey, otherwise it gets dry too easily.)

  22. Rowan says

    If he says “what’s this Mac and cheese?” ,how is that saying why do you have it for thanksgiving?

    In the UK, turkey is what you should eat for Christmas Paul R.

  23. Mary says

    I don’t know if this means anything, but I was just watching an episode of “Everybody Hates Chris” and he was assigned to make the Mac and Cheese on Thanksgiving. It was treated as though it was a staple of Thanksgiving dinner, although they didn’t state or imply anything about it being specifically an African-American tradition.