1. Mark says

    I’m sorry. People are saying he’s drunk in this video but I think he took pills and maybe he had something to drink as well. His campaign probably gave him something to calm him down and he wasn’t used to it. He’s not drunk here he is high as a kite though.

  2. chad says

    I hope she’s right, I agree with her assessment but, I am not so sure the voting public will see his behaviour as anything more than “folksy” and down to earth.


  3. oliver says

    I agree with Mark. He’s not drunk. If he were drunk he’d be more sloppy and slurred speach. He appears high on somethink like pain pills with a shot (or two) of vodka thrown in for good measure.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Is it possible he was giddy at the thought of bringing Cain down by tipping off Politico about the sexual harassment cases??? He was at his giddiest when bringing up Cain.

  5. Bob R says

    The comparison between Perry and Dean is important and telling. Dean’s campaign ended because of an exuberant “scream”, taken out of context and amplified by a corrupt media and political enemies out to prevent a progressive like Dean from getting into the WH.

    This is the same corrupt media, but the political operatives have a different agenda. They want to get Perry, or Cain into the WH where they can control the demise of what is left of American society. So, the destruction of Dean’s political future was and will remain totally different from that of Perry’s. Why? Because the appearance of insanity (Dean’s scream) in a Democrat is very different than the actual insanity of a Republican. One is unacceptable, the other will be excused or even justified.

    The fact that Bachman, Gingrich, Santorum, Cain and Perry have made it this far in a run for the MOST POWERFUL OFFICE on the planet and continue on in that quest, shows a large segment of our political system and society is not just defective, but totally insane as well.

  6. jamal49 says

    Too bad he’s a republican and a conservative and an evangelical. He’s almost cute here. Almost. Whew! Boy(girl?)friend is, um, definitely in a very “happy” place. I swear he clutches that jar of maple syrup as if it’s the Oscar. “I’d like to thank all the trees who made this possible….”.

    Go Rick! HOME TO TEXAS!

  7. say what says

    heck a day later he did another interview eher he held his tax card upside down, noticed he was holding it upside down, continued holding it upside down and saying how wonderful his flat tax and the tax card were

    his crayness isn’t a 1 time thing

    romney though a flip flopping robot is smart to stay away from cameras at the moment and keep his mouth shut. Stay out of the spotlight while cain and perry implode

  8. Acronym Jim says

    Unlike Bush, I’d totally have a beer with Perry. I wouldn’t vote for him in a million years, but he looks like he’d be the life of the party. That is, a non-political party.

  9. djcchicago says

    This will not turn off his base — this is how he speeks. They are used to it and don’t care. Have we so soon forgotten what it was like to sit for a half hour and listen to W? Just like this. He won twice.

  10. BreckRoy says

    Rick Perry is a jerk who shouldn’t be in charge of a Dairy Queen, but I don’t understand why the campaign won’t just explain this away and get on with it. Perry had back surgery a little while ago and is no doubt still on pain pills or muscle relaxers. Mix those with even a few sips of alcohol and you can get what you see here pretty easily. So why not just say that instead of trying to pretend its “liberals” out to get you? It’s pretty clear something is “off” here, so why not just offer the reasonable (and proably true) explanation and move on?

  11. shanesville says

    Rachel Maddow is wrong, unfortunately. This will not make the public opinion rounds. His campaign will not be sunk by this virtually unnoticed speech.
    @BOB R’s comment is spot-on. Devious crafting in the R party will determine how this all plays out. If they can get it together to allow Romney the nomination, Obama’s in for a difficult fight against the only real politician in the bunch.

  12. say what says

    shanesvill not exactly

    romney looses by 4 in head to head polls vs obama

    better than the other repubs..perry and cain are in double diget losses

    so 4& win for Obama at the moment is tight/tough but not a difficult fight

    especially since 3/4 of the general population doesn’t even know Romney is a mormon yet per polls. Once the public learns he is associated with the annoying missionaries that come knocking on people’s doors that 4& gap most likely will grow

  13. Hollywood, CA says

    I agree, he is TOTALLY HIGH, but kinda cute if he was your uncle at Thanksgiving and you could giggle at his nonesense.

    “Na Na Na Na
    Na Na Na Na
    Hey Hey Hey
    You’re HIGH!

    “Na Na Na Na
    Na Na Na Na
    Hey Hey Hey


  14. Happy Tripping? says

    I would like to see the audience reaction to all that. I wonder what they had to say on the way home.

    Obviously, Perry got hold of some bad syrup before his speech, you know, how when maple syrup ferments and its sugars rearrange themselves into LSD.

  15. gr8guyca says

    While this was going on, I don’t know if it would be more fun to watch the Perry staffers cringing or the Romney staffers high-fiving.

    But the Cain story may have been the juicier story of the day and deflected attention away from this. If there is anything that the press corps love more than a gaffe, it is a sex story with legs. Cain, of course, helped the story by lying/changing his story.

    What’s incorrect is the analogy to Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill. That was a “he said/she said” story that was left to be judged by the Congressmen and the public. In this case, the decision was already made by the lawyers for the Restaurant Association. They were presented with the facts and they decided that he had done something bad enough that it warranted a settlement.

    The public doesn’t have to hear both sides and decide. The allegation was already deemed credible enough at the time.

    What Herman Cain didn’t realize – and what even the most experienced candidates don’t understand – is that when the white-hot spotlight of the
    presidential campaign hits you, EVERYTHING that you have ever done in your life will come back to haunt you. Drunk driving tickets, drug use, sexual affairs, overdue library books – it all comes out.

    Sometimes the candidates can weather the storm – Clinton did with Hillary by his side – sometimes they don’t. In this case, Herman is toast. Or, perhaps, pizza.

  16. walter says

    scary part is during all of the repuks killing themselves off sarah palin is being totally quiet. she at the last minute will ride foward to save the repuks from sure defeat as the only one not bloodied by the primary fight and offer herself up for the nomination.

  17. mark says

    I’m not a fan of Perry. And am a fan of Rachel Maddow…y­et this doesn’t increase my esteem for her. It does however make me seriously question her judgment.

    In the following sense: Does Rachel do the bit with the syrup bottle because she has an issue with a man who has emotions that read as silly or effeminate­? Or feels that we should?

    Personally I have no issue with a man who has emotions that are not gender normative.

    So to me what she is up in that report doesn’t reflect well on her…and there are much better reasons not to vote for Perry.

  18. why bother says

    These are all the best comments ever.

    Yeah, he is strangely cute and appealing, all skanked out like that. He has a gay face.

    Don’t take anything for granted. Push for Mr Obama, cuz we don’t want ANY of these “alternatives” in power.

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