Manuel Rodriguez, Jr.: My Opponent Might Be Gay, So Vote For Me

Take a good look at the above. That's a slice of a campaign advertisement from Houston Independent School District trustee Manuel Rodriguez, Jr., who's running for his job against Ramiro Fonseca — a man who, who knows, could be gay. And Manuel Rodriguez, Jr., who knows, could be a small-minded cur whose permnent abode is the moral low road; who exhibits contempt for certain kinds of families in his district, and who deserves to be whipped out of office by the first semi-competent mammal with half an urge to run against him. Hard to tell! Political ads can be so misleading!

[HT: Dallas Voice]


  1. Carlos says

    Thank you for posting this! For years people like Manuel Rodriguez, Jr. have been trying to shame out Latinos, like myself, for being truthful to ourselves. With pieces like this, it’s time to turn the tables, without guilt, on the behavior of certain people.

  2. Mike in Chicagoland says

    It’s an interesting tactic. He doesn’t have any kids! He fights for gay rights, not kids! He is not going to fight for kids, just the gays! The pointing at LGBT rights will get the bigot vote. The pointing at his lack of fighting for kids thus far will get the idiot vote.

  3. Joseph says

    I met Ramiro Fonseca a week ago; he seems like a great guy who cares about kids (surprise!…) and he can also put together a proper sentence – unlike this moron. The Houston Chronicle just retracted its endorsement of Rodriguez because of his homophobia. Hoping this fool goes down on Tuesday!

  4. Donald says

    Are the written comments in the story from the Dallas Voice or Towleroad? Either way someone needs a proofreader… “And Manuel Rodriguez, Jr., who knows, could be a small-minded cur whose permnent abode is the moral low rode”

    I know these fools can raise our blood pressure, but…

  5. TJ says

    Bald-faced, unapologetic bigotry – indicative of how intrenched and justified these beliefs are- and the focus is on a spelling error? Maybe the little horror is easier to process than the bigger one?

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