1. Wayne says

    Have either of you ever seen Marilyn outside of a photo? I think Michelle is spot on and, while everyone in Hollywood seems to be ready to hand the Oscar to Meryl, again, my vote goes to Miss Williams.

  2. Bosie says

    Marilyn had a very unique speech sound, and sexiness doesn’t mean anything…Michelle seems to give life to marilyn by making her a real person and not the myth or idea we have of her…but a real person

  3. Gregoire says

    When playing a person of such iconic stature, the first mistake is to be too much like the stereotypes. Performances of that nature have no depth and no place to go.

    Purists criticized Marion Cotillard’s portrayal of Edith Piaf at first, but in context of the film, it’s perfect. I’m dying to see this film and Michelle Wiliams is always terrific.

  4. Seattle Mike says

    Color me skeptical. There’s nothing sexy at all about the Heatwave clip. And that silhouette pose she strikes at the piano is just all kinds of awkward. I really like Michelle, but I just don’t get this.

  5. Matt says

    Sorry, but that was not convincing. Michelle is a fine actress and I’m sure she will give a good performance in the film, but when it comes to capturing Marilyn’s essence, she falls flat. The person who captures Marilyn’s aura best is Jimmy James, a gay man.

  6. marica says

    Jimmy James is the best MM impersonator IMO. As for Michelle, nevermind that the figure, hair and make up are just not quite there, based on that trailer alone, she fails to capture Marilyn’s mannerisms and speech pattern…I have seen plenty of interview footage of MM without the trappings of the characters she played on screen and if that is what Michelle was looking to recreate in this movie, she still falls flat. MM did not have a British twang btw. Plus I don’t see much appeal in a portrayal of a fictional episode of MM’s life, which this seems to be.

  7. FunMe says

    Lame. Movie won’t work.

    And the guy wearing a 2011 haircut … yeah he’s cute, but he’s not Marilyn Monroe era.

    I am certainly not going to see that movie. Yawn.

  8. Elle says

    My goodness they totally miscast her. She doesnt have the vulnerability, femininity and charisma Monroe had. She doesnt evne have the figure. Monroe had a certain kind of sauciness to her, a look – Michelle Williams just cannot do it. She looks like a butcher’s wife dressed as Monroe. They should have cast someone like Jamie King for the part. In fact i can think of a host of actresses who could have done a better job. What a total fail.

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