1. JimmyD says

    Soooo… does this slag have ANY other platform to run on? I know she doesn’t have a chance… ever… but even she has to realize there’s more to the world than her gay hate.

  2. moony says

    @Michael: Okay please explain this to me because I don’t understand this- is it suddenly okay to make horrible anti-gay comments about a person, such as Marcus Bachmann, as long as that person is against gay rights?
    Are you saying he isn’t a real man because he appears gay/effeminate?
    I despise those two as much as any gay man and I certainly see the irony in an anti-gay effeminate man, but using anti-gay remarks seems pretty hypocritical to me.

  3. says

    no, Moony. He’s not a real man because he’s a cowardly little wimp whose balls haven’t dropped. he’s not a real man, not because he exhibits any behaviors associated with gayness or effeminacy, but because he’s a cowardly little wimp about his own personal truths.

    he’s a boy who makes up lies about others in order to cover his own ass.

    he’s not gay. he’s a closeted homosexual. there’s a difference. he doesn’t have the orbs to be gay.

    a real man owns his life. a little boy lies and makes excuses.

  4. Thom says

    Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for liberals to resort to anti-gay insults with cases like Marcus Bachmann.

    I think he’s a disgusting self hating human being but I wouldn’t start to insult him because of the way he talks and acts.

  5. graphicjack says

    “I don’t stand for the proposition that marriage can include people of different sexes or multiples on either side.”

    Am I reading this right, or did she just say she’s against “opposite/different” sex marriage? Once again, this bozo can’t even string a sentence together. Obviously she meant she’s against same-sex marriage, but that’s not what she said. The lights are on, but there’s no one home.

  6. octobercountry says

    Maybe someone should remind her that marriage as described in her Bible is ALL ABOUT “multiples”—-and her God didn’t have a single negative thing to say about polygamy—seems like he was all for it.

  7. oliver says

    Michelle and her people know she doesn’t have a chance in hell but they’re positioning her brand (a la Ricky Scrotum) for future *paid* speaking engagements and books. They’ve learned from Sarah that there’s lots of money in peddling poo

  8. Todd says

    Bachmann’s debased base will never vote for Romney anyways. She has fallen off the edge of sanity and will fade as did Palin. That said, I enjoy watching GOP Planet…very analogous to Animal Planet. The GOP episodes are about a nasty pack of hyenas, half of which get national coverage, the other half skulk in the background. Bachmann is a dingo who thinks she’s a hyena. She’s nipping at their hindquarters. Soon enough they’ll pounce on her too and oust her from the pack and she’ll be yipping from the sidelines.

  9. says

    “God” wasn’t married to Mary when he raped her with his invisible cock. Christianity is built about a genocidal pedophile who sanctioned polygamy and incest. But of course Mrs. Bachman and her adorable “husband” have never sat around and thought about the gross aspects of their religion.

  10. SeanR says

    Credentials? Don’t make me laugh!She lacks the credentials to clean the WH toilets. Stop reporting on this stupid,ignorant troll.

  11. Puck says

    I guess she can use the Kartrashien marriage as well as various other Hollywood, and political types as paragons of matrimonial bliss….she is a whack job. Remember the old saying.. “she who doth protest too much”

  12. anon says

    One man and one woman, but please don’t specify what type of man (cough–Marcus–cough) or what type of woman. Yes, that’s the ticket.

  13. Rob says

    “I don’t stand for the proposition that marriage can include people of different sexes.” :) She is fun, she can’t even correctly phrase the few thoughts that rattle around behind the crazy eyes. The more there are like her, the more idiotic the gay-hating is revealed to be.

  14. FunMe says

    If that what she believes about marriage, then why is she practicing “marriage between a woman and a gay man”?

  15. says

    Not so strangely, a major Tea Party activist, such as they are, one Ned Ryun, has told her to call it quits in a very public way — precisely because of her gay obsession. Just like a major Republican magazine American Spectator has questioned: “what is with Rick Santorum’s gay obsession?” And National Review, another major Republican journal, has said “let the gay thing alone, so far gay marriage hasn’t done anything; maybe it makes no difference after all.” And added: “and certainly don’t blame gays for the state of marriage if they aren’t married at all.” Yep, the rational, economic focused Right is waking up.

    But really now, pick on the lady’s ideas and qualifications, not her very personhood or her husband’s. Must we destroy folks to be happy in politics?