Mugabe Condemns UK PM David Cameron’s ‘Satanic’ Plan to Cut Aid to Countries That Don’t Support Gay Rights

MugabeUK Prime Minister David Cameron last month threatened to slash one type of bilateral aid known as general budget support to countries that refuse to reform laws which criminalize homosexuality.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe isn't having it, the Telegraph reports:

Mr Mugabe, 87, said the concept was "stupid" and that homosexuality was inconsistent with African and Christian values.
His view will garner much sympathy both at home and elsewhere in Africa, where homosexuality is frequently a taboo subject and outspoken opposition to it a vote-winner.

Cameron"It becomes worse and Satanic when you get a prime minister like Cameron saying countries that want British aid should accept homosexuality," he said. "To come with that diabolical suggestion to our people is a stupid offer."

Speaking to a group of young people at a community event in a mining town in Zimbabwe's Midlands region, he added that it was "impossible for John to marry Jack or Maria to marry Theresa".

"Do not get tempted into that (homosexuality). You are young people. We will punish you severely," he was quoted as saying in the state-run Herald newspaper. "It is condemned by nature. It is condemned by insects and that is why I have said they are worse than pigs and dogs."

Uganda, Ghana, and Malawi are among the countries that have already responded with anger to the PM's proposed cuts.


  1. Jere says

    So there’s a difference of opinion…either these countries want British money or they don’t. If they want it, fine…comply with the requirements. If they don’t, fine…I’m sure British taxpayers are just as happy to have their money go elsewhere. More countries, including the US, need to step up and follow suit.

  2. says

    Screw Uganda. Give them nothing. Kudos to Britain. Now put pressure on American politicians and let’s stop ALL funding to ANY country that discriminates – especially South Africa. You want to kill gay people? You can’t do it with American money or aid.

  3. yonquersconquers says

    Mugabe has been feeding on his own people and turning his bread basket nation into a basket case for decades. He just bit the hand, it remains to be seen if Cameron has the sense to withdraw it.

  4. JNSM says

    I say let’s not just cut aid to those countries, but capture the scumbags that control them and execute them for crimes against humanity.

  5. corvidae says

    Yay! As a British tax payer, I don’t want my money to support governments (that’s what this fund does) that don’t support gay people, and I hope a lot of people in the UK feel the same.
    As for humanitarian aid, I would never suggest starving people for gay rights, which is why I think this decision is so well thought out(which is unusual in politics).

  6. Rovex says

    Since Africa loves our old outdated British colonial laws so much maybe we should invade again so that they will accept our more modern laws. Sound reasonable?

  7. Paul B. says

    I’m old enough to remember a time when blacks in the u.s. were considered “animals”…or at best two-thirds human…and the other third…whatever! How does a black man who’s spent at least half his life being told he’s not fully human ever justify referring to us as “pigs & dogs”? It astounds me that those of us who have been underdogs for so long can rise up and then immediately turn around and want to make others suffer the same fate.
    Humans have convinced ourselves that we’re elevated from other species…but this behavior reminds me…only about 3% of us are!!!

  8. jamal49 says

    Uh, that’s a new one for me. “It is condemned by insects….” Leave it to some African despot to come up with that one.

  9. VSo says

    While you’re here, Rev Shitz, I mean, Spitz, why not click through some of the ads. We know you want to.

  10. Black Mamba says

    They want to use the bible to justify their own bigotry, let’s turn the tables & use Lev. 25:44 to enslave them ALL! I’m not a racist but I’d like to see their reaction when confronted with it!

  11. disgusted american says

    Hey about You take that crucifix and sit and rotate on it….then shove that man-made madeup buybull up your ass

  12. Mel Smith says

    Ok, now you guys clearly see the similarities between racism and homophobia. And these people(Mugabe and others) are out the realm of decency and common sense.

    That language is clearly genocide incitement language. With all the poverty and oppression in Africa, I will not be surprised to see a mass campaign to exterminate gays. I took a genocide course in college. Look at the recent arrests of gays in Cameroon.

  13. Mel Smith says

    Do a quick google Internet search. Mugabe is using the same type of language that the Hutu extremists used against the Tutsis. One million people were killed in that genocide.

  14. Paul R says

    Mugabe is a kleptocrat who has starved his people, at times causing annual inflation in Zimbabwe to rise above 1,000 percent. I don’t see any point in responding to him on anything. I just hope that when he dies, his people have someone better to take his place.

    I see even less point in responding to the occasional posts on this site from supposedly religious people who “somehow” stumble on this site and repeat the same ignorant things ad nauseum. Ignore them.

    The same goes for several gay commenters who have pet theories that they spew on endless posts regardless of the relevance. Recognize that some people simply want attention, positive or negative, and will needle you to get it. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

  15. ophu says

    This gay man says that Mugabe will be plucked from his high office just as Hussein, Gathafi and Al-Assad all were. He is on the wrong side of history and will be remembered as a thief and a dictator who persecuted his own people. Down with all tyrants.

  16. J. Smith says

    Paul R, can you be more specific about certain people on this site that have “pet theories”? I’m just curious.

  17. Henry says

    This goes to the “young people” Mugabe addressed: God loves you as you are, homosexual or not, otherwise He wouldn’t have put you here on this earth. Do you think Mugabe, or any pastor, preacher or elder really have the right to tell you what is “consistent with African values”? Do you think they really have the right to “punish you severely”? Do you really think referring to fellow humans as “worse than pigs and dogs”, and treating them–fellow human beings–as such is in any way consistent with how Jesus would treat them? Robert Mugabe got one thing right–you are young people. The time has come for you to change human rights to be truly consistent with African and/or Christian values, not Mugabe’s values. His time is over!

  18. Henry says

    Let me put things another way…to all people including Africans: as an example, let’s put the bible and “African values” aside for the moment and let me ask: if you were homosexual (or Hutu, or a woman, or a mixture)–can’t help it, just being who you are–would you want to be treated as homosexuals (or Hutus, or women, etc.) are being treated/have been treated?

  19. Tommy says

    At 87 years old, we know that this abominable piece of animal excrement will be gone before long. I think that’s actually too bad because he is a magnificent symbol of the bloodied hand of Christianity, of the hypocrites who demand that their despicable works of darkness be confused for spiritual enlightenment. And those who think like he does will continue to get louder and angrier as the world-at-large attempts to inch away from xenophobia. Like wild animals whose packs are aging and dwindling in numbers, these agents of darkness will continue to foam at the mouth as their hatred increasingly becomes a relic from an old world. They can end their attempts to wrangle all of life to their own twisted purposes or they can watch themselves slowly die off. Life is constant change, and it does not wait for anyone to catch up. The only thing these hypocrites confirm with their hateful ranting is their understanding that the days of their relevance are numbered.