1. Paul R says

    I don’t see anything offensive about what the mother says. She seems incredibly supportive. The quotation about “silly things” could be interpreted many ways.

  2. Paul R says

    The actors for those Glenn Beck “skits” seem embarrassed. That’s at the level of a junior high presentation. Cripes. Minutes of my life wasted forever.

  3. Barbara says

    Huston’s Mom seems an extremely supportive parent, which is terrific. My only criticism is that she sounds so certain that as long as a parent listens, is tuned in to their child a suicide can be prevented. I don’t know if that is true. I am sure there are parents out there who may take issue believing that they “knew” their child well and were horrified & heartbroken when their child took his or her own life.

  4. says

    “(Though his mum said something on the second page that s might strike some readers as impolitic. Thoughts?)”

    Brandon, what’s up with the oblique reference? I have no idea what you’re trying to stir up. I see nothing “impolitic” in the article. Express an opinion or don’t, please. Making others do it for you doesn’t make your post more objective.

  5. says

    Goodness! Fadi Fawaz is a gorgeous hunk! Google him! No wonder George is getting better!

    Chad Overstreet – aka “trout mouth” – is very handsome too.

  6. Kenneth H. says

    I haven’t heard of someone referred to as “lover” in quite a long time. I miss that term.

  7. Mark says

    George’s lover is super hot and there’s some porn with him in out there for those inclined to find it.

    Regarding the comment: “If you’re not in tune with your child, and you can’t tell that something’s going on with them, that’s when you end up with suicide”. Even if you are in tune with your child, you can’t always tell that something is wrong with them.

  8. Mary says

    So glad to hear that George Michael is getting better. Hey, when Towleroad readers pray, God listens!

  9. True Words says

    here are some pics and movies for you to enjoy of George’s “lover”…I doubt they are dating…more likely Michael called up the number advertised in some magazine and set up a long term purchase of his hustling services for the trip.

  10. Jay says

    You do realize, don’t you, that the odious Joseph Epstein, whose book on gossip you seem to be plugging, is the author of perhaps the most homophobic essay ever published in the pages of Harper’s, back in the 1970s, in which he said that if he could he would wipe homosexuality off the face of the earth. It sparked on the first zaps by the Gay Activist Alliance. He was later fired from his long-time position as editor of American Scholar (the Phi Beta Kappa journal) because he refused to allow writers to use the term “gay” instead of homosexual in their articles for the magazine. He is one of the ugliest and meanest homophobes imaginable, and you are promoting him here?

  11. True Words says

    here are some links to aide readers regarding Mr. Epstein:

    A lot has happened in the thirty-two years since “Homo/Hetero” appeared, most notably the AIDS epidemic — which one might imagined have delighted Epstein as it briefly seemed destined to make his wish of same-sex obliteration come true. But it didn’t. And neither has the relentless well-funded campaigning of the “Religious” Right. Not that that’s stopped them, or anyone else whose words echo Epstein’s. So it comes as no surprise that he’s disinclined to extend any regrets. “As a Jew,” he tells Rutten, “I think one of the sweeter Jewish decisions is that a decent person ought not to add to the hatred and horror of the world. When that essay has been badly greeted, I have hated it for that reason.” In other words he hates getting caught. For the only change in Epstein’s modus operandi since 1970 is in his tone. It’s reserved, casual, nowhere calling for our deaths — but stealthily contemptuous nonetheless.

  12. Tim NC says

    hmmmm…. last week it was being reported that the guy on the hotel balcony with George Michael was porn star Isaac Mazar. Now it’s being reported that the same man (based on internet pics) is celebrity hair stylist Fadi Fawaz. So, which is it?

  13. Acronym Jim says

    Tim NC, from what I’ve seen, it’s both. Times are tough. Sometimes one has to work more than one job to get by.;-)

  14. jamal49 says

    The continuing deterioration of TW. OK, I give. Just what were the mother’s “impolitic thoughts”?

  15. DB says

    I can’t believe you used the 1950’s term ‘lover’. This implies an adulterous relationship involving sex but not love.