1. says

    well this makes perfect sense. because as everyone well knows the only issue of concern in Nigera is “what to do with all the gays” – as everything else: finances, jobs, health, education, crime rates, violence, safety, etc are just fine and dandy.

    right? this is why there’s such focus on Them Gays, right? Because it’s a veritable Utopia, with the exception of Those Darn Homosexuals?


  2. Paul R says

    The bill doesn’t make sense even if you hate gays. It’s not like same-sex marriage is legal anyway. And why do witnesses face heavier penalties than the couples?

  3. BrainsB says

    Nigeria is a country that wasted all its resources on graft, leaving the general population with an illiteracy rate of 88% and the formerly oil wealthy country, bankrupt!

    And this is what they waste their time doing!!!!

    Nigeria is a disgrace!

  4. RALPHE IBE says

    What Aid from the US would make us act stupidly and foolishly in Nigeria? YOU CAN CALL OUR SENATE NAMES. YOU ARE NOT BETTER WITH ALL THE POVERTY AND JOBLESSNESS HITTING THE USA. Very soon the US Senate will succumb to a bill permitting Animals like Dogs and Goats wedding their citizens because their fundamental human rights should not be infringed upon. Very soon Mothers and fathers in the US would seek to marry their blood and foster children because of the so called fundamental human rights. Very soon blood brothers and blood sisters will seek for a bill to be passed by the United State Senate to marry one another all in the name of fundamental human rights!
    Keep Religion aside Gays and Lesbians are deviants with all their supporters. This is Africa; keep your aids to yourself. WE WILL NOT FALL INTO YOUR ERRORS IN THE USA. With all the Aids where is the US economy heading to. When you threw morals out of your schools and embraced wicked and loose lives, what do you expect to reap? It is surprising that when presidential candidates are found or “discovered” to have lived past immoral sexual lives it becomes a national issue. However on the other side permission is granted for men to wed men, women to wed women and we see nothing wrong in that. What confusion and hypocrisy? VERY SOON MEN WILL SEEK TO WED CATS, DOGS, GOATS, CHIMPS, IT WILL SURELY HAPPEN IN THE ONLY GREAT AND FREE HUMAN RIGHTS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    Do you really want Africans to behave like those Europeans who were Nazis? You’d really like committing genocide? I thought you were better than that. There is no moral high ground when you are imprisoning and murdering people who’ve done no harm.

  6. Davies says

    If The US and others are not happy about the Anti-Gay law in Nigeria, and they claim homosexuality is a human right, then they should enact laws in their country allowing Polygamy. Since people have the right to choose how to relate sexually and have the right to love and to be loved. Nigeria does not need your aid. 3 Million Barrels of Oil per day isn’t a joke…

  7. Davies says

    By the way Its 14 years in Jail for any one engaging in Gay marriage and 10years in prison for perpetrators..